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Shirtbot! The Shirt-Producing Robot needs an icon.


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By Blair186
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Congratulations to the winner, kariagekun!

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Description of business

We do professionally screen printed shirts, printed on demand, and drop-shipped to your customer.

Organization industry



Please take a look at our current logo at .

You can see the green robot there. I want to make a robot "icon" with more of a "3D" feel to it like most Mac App icons. For example, I've had an icon designed in the past for a software project - I also really like the icon used on

The catch is that while I want this robot to look a little more 3D like the shopify icon, it still needs to be able to be flattened to a single color and still look like a robot. In other words, I need a "mac app icon" that can also be screen printed or embroidered on a shirt or jacket in a single color and still look like a robot.

Notice how the shopify icon shopping bag looks nice and 3D, but if you added a single color overlay (e.g. in photoshop), you would still be able to tell it's a shopping bag.

The robot that I have up there already is a good starting point, but I need to make my robot materially different than this one. One thing I like about the existing robot is that it has a large, flat box chest/abdomen - I am going to have a video animator use this robot in a video where t-shirts are flying out of a hole in his chest - as if he is a shirt-producing robot.

Another thing I like about the existing one is that it is sort of "retro" looking.

The icon needs to be delivered in large dimensions of course. I can always scale down to make smaller later. Large means at least 3 inches wide at 300dpi (or perhaps I can vectorize later?).

I've attached the shopify logo and the current shirtbot logo.

Further requirements

I am not interested in an "iPhone" type icon, i.e. with a rounded square around it.  I am interested in a 3D object that stands alone.  

Really want to add some production value to our online shirt printing service with this graphic. Thank you!

Another NOTE:  This graphic will be used in the logo for the company, which will be placed atop each page of the website with a height of approximately 61px.  At this small a size, to have too much detail in the robot seems to keep people from instantly being able to see what it actually is.  See attached screenshot of internal preview of website homepage with sample logo using finalidea's entry.  This screenshot is solely for purposes of evaluating the design, this has not been published to the public.  

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