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MoniMeals offers recipes on "healthy comfort food" and ideas for eating nutritious and delicious foods without feeling deprived

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MoniMeals offers recipes on "healthy comfort food" and ideas for eating nutritious and delicious foods without feeling deprived. I am also a private fitness trainer, healthy chef, and cookbook writer. Moni Meals is a recipe blog I started 5 years ago. Mainly all healthy with a handful of decant recipes. I would like to have a meter rating to rate them.


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I want a graphic icon or "button" called "The Moni Meter" that I can use as a scale on my website The purpose of the icon is to show people who are using my recipes, a range in healthiness from "Delicious Healthy" to "Decadently Indulgent." (Titled just like that).
I don't think people should be deprived, but they also need to know when something is not an everyday choice. I see this sort of like a graphic you see on salsa jars to show Mild to Spicy. I'm picturing a fun, colorful graphic image (probably a vertical) with a scale from 1-5 - maybe coming out of an apple and transforming into something else, aybe a cupcake. I will rate every one of my 350 recipes on this scale, judging on overall nutrition (fat, fiber, sugar, etc - though I don't want to spell out all those things).
The MoniMeter will be placed within or alongside every recipe. Please be creative - my vibe is fun, vibrant, colorful, practical! I want both sides of the spectrums to be very hypnotizing so noone for example, is turned off by a decandant recipe ("will this make me fat") but rahter EXCITED and INSPIRED to make it! Excited and INSPIRED to make MANY of them! Same for all the "Deliciously Healthy" Recipes. I need a meter that speaks this and perhaps has 2 cute objects placed that represent both spectrums. (apple to cupcake) just for an example.

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