New icon for nuns fighting with monsters game


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This contest has finished. Congratulations to the winning designers nana7 , frambit !

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New icon for nuns fighting with monsters game


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An icon for a game. The premise of the game is nuns fighting some monsters. You can be as creative as you'd like, but some ideas would be to focus on nuns\nun carrying or aiming weapons (shotguns, machine guns, etc).  Anime style art may be suitable here.

The icon needs to look good at regular icon size and also when it's enlarged to 1024*1024. I expect to get the source files of the art work in addition to the png files, in popular sizes, from the person who wins the competition.

Please make sure your entries into the competition are all original artwork. Do not copy from the web or other apps...Any submissions that are lifted from other places will be reported to 99Designs, and copyright holders.

These would the resolutions I'll need, from the winning designer at the end of the competition:--1024x1024 (pixels)-512x512  -144x144-114x114 -72x72 -57x57   In addition to  the png images for these sizes, I would need the original layered source file\s so I can modify the image at a later date if I need to.