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New icon or button design wanted for LANDesk Software


At LANDesk we realize that every IT department is under pressure to reduce costs, reduce risk, and increase productivity; contin

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LANDesk Software

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At LANDesk we realize that every IT department is under pressure to reduce costs, reduce risk, and increase productivity; continually aligning IT to deliver business value. One of the key challenges lies in the growing chaos created by increasing mobility, heterogeneity, and more demanding end-user computing environments. This drives our customer-focused approach which is based on a single console, lightweight infrastructure, ITIL-based automation, and cross-platform support.

Thousands of customers worldwide actively use our proven solutions for systems lifecycle management, endpoint security management, and IT service management. LANDesk products are built upon our open Management Automation Platform, and research firms like Gartner and Forrester consistently rank LANDesk as an industry leader.

We are dedicated to being the best at enabling IT to deliver business value by gaining control of end-user computing.



Content details


We are looking for a set of 27 icons similar to that found within the iOS platform (see attached button bar graphic for example), with the exception of the small set of file type icons below. They will be used in the tool bar within (among other places) one of our new product that will launch at the end of the year. Below you will find a list of these icons, that will need the following sizes: 16x16 px and 32x32 px. All icons need to be done and submitted in a .png (with transparent backgrounds) format.

The following are 16X16 only, and need to be monochromatic with both a selected and non selected state (similar to iOS):

Keyboard (launches iOS keyboard)
Mouse Mode
Copy To (Tranfser File from one machine to another)
Monitor Control (lets user choose which monitor they are viewing on a machine that has more than 1 monitor)
Hints (visual/illustrated help)
End Session (Disconnect from the machine you are controlling)
CTRL+AlT+DLT (Keyboard Shortcut)
Function Key (allows users to see the F1 - F12 Keys)
Info Icon
Sleep State (Show that the machine is asleep)
Disconnected State (show that the machine is unavailable)
Start/Stop Chat
Highlight on screen (draw)
Remote Execute (Start the next script in the list to run)
View full remote screen
Fit to screen
Send a Special Key Sequence (lock keyboard or mouse)
Optimize Performance (changes the resolution so the app can run faster)

The following need to be delivered in both 16x16 px and 32x32 px sizes, which need to be in full color similar to the attached samples (These icons are depicting file types):

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