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New icon or button design wanted for


Flight Plan icon for service and home page

Background information

Organization name

Description of the organization and its target audience

This is a startup designed to help small businesses measure and improve their performance through an online platform. We're professional, yet down to earth with our clients (that is ... small business customers with no more than $10 million in revenue and under 500 employees).

Our target audience is the small business owner.

The concept behind this is that every small business owner is a "pilot", and we see their business as their plane... to be maintained and flown to it's destination.



Content details


I need an icon that will quickly and simply convey the value of a service called "Flight Plan" (previously named "DestinationPoint"). Flight Plan is a service we work with the client to take into account their vision, aspirations, strengths, limitations, opportunities, and threats to create future business design or blueprint / strategy. This future blueprint / strategy essentially details where the client's company should aim to be in 3 years to 5 years. Accompanying this service will be a plan to take them from their current state (point A) to the future business design (point Z).

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