Help IPS Invoice Payment System with a new icon or button design

Invoice Payment Sys. picked a winning design in their icon or button contest. For just CA$599 they received 169 designs from 17 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

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Help IPS Invoice Payment System with a new icon or button design


We are a financial services company operating from Mississauga, Ontario

Background information

Organization name

IPS Invoice Payment System

Description of the organization and its target audience

We are a financial services company operating from Mississauga, Ontario. Most of our clients are small and medium sized companies that assign us their invoices for an early payment discount. This is an alternative financing method which helps clients plan their cash flow and finance their growth. The majority of our client portfolio is consisted of transportation companies, staffing and manufacturing, but we are looking to grow beyond these three niches. 


Accounting & Financial

Content details


*Note to all designers: do not include the name of the icon along with it as this helps me test the efficacy of the icons very easily.

We are currently updating most of our marketing material. We would like to see all illustration creative proposals to re-design our icons. You can perhaps make them 3D and/or animate them. No humour please.

Here are the 11 separate buttons we need:

1. Credit analysis--signifying part of our process where we inspect the creditworthiness of our clients' customers and make a decision if we can finance them or not

2. Deposit icon--communicating one of our added services--a Dedicated Deposit Box (a mailbox installed on clients' premises to deposit invoices overnight)

3. E-filing--communicating that we have a database of all of our clients' paperwork for all of their transactions and we make this available to them through online access

4.Follow-up--signifying that we ensure invoices have been delivered to the paying party and periodically follow up on any outstanding payments over the phone

5. Handling--signifying the step of our process where we take care of using mail and our corporate envelopes to deliver the relevant paperwork to our clients and payers

6. Invoice-analysis--symbolizing the step of our process where we thoroughly inspect our clients' submitted invoices and decide if they are complete and eligible to be moved on to the next step of the process

7.Invoice-paid--this needs to symbolize the process of trading an invoice for money for our customers. This icon is very important because it communicates an important benefit of our service

8.Online-reporting--this needs to communicate the idea that we are very sophisticated in how we use technology and we make several services available through an Internet-connected desktop or laptop for all of our clients.

9. Payment--this is the step where our clients get their payment 

10. Processing--this is the interim process that takes place in order for the entire transaction to happen.

11. Collections--this would be an icon representing that past due invoices will be taken to court if not paid within the terms of the invoice.

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