1960s era website icons

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1960s era website icons


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I'm looking to have 4 icons or small graphics designed for a website related to a book about the early 1960s. I'm looking for stylized icons representative of that era. I've attached some photos and scans of authentic examples from the era.

Each will be display in monochrome (black lines on transparent/white), and I'd like stylish line drawings without thick fill areas. I'd like nay sharp corners very subtly rounded. The general idea is something like this, but less cartoonish (and more stylish, for want of a better word):…st=556d431

Perspective: These should be 2D, flat drawings.

1. FILM: 1960s television camera on tripod side view. Example photos attached.
2. PHOTOS: 1960s camera with flash bulb. Example at:…petri4.jpg
3. AUDIO: Reel-to-reel tape recorder. Example at:…e_unit.jpg
4. "TOP SECRET" STAMP. Example scan attached (please don't include the strike-through line through the middle).

Delivery Format: I'd like these on a transparent background PNG24 so that they can be used on a lightly textured background if necessary.

Dimensions: Will most likely be displayed in a space 150px x 150px, but each shape does not necessarily need to be square (ie. it should just look good fitting within those dimensions).

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