Emotion Icons for Mobile Messaging App

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Contest title


Emotion Icons for Mobile Messaging App


Create Fun & Funky Emotion Icons

Background information

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Description of the organization and its target audience

Cnectd is a cross-platform messaging application for mobile devices. Cnectd provides real-time messaging with push notifications so that you can keep in touch with your family, friends and colleagues without paying the costs of SMS text messaging. See



Content details


We require emotion (emoji) styled icons for use within our mobile messaging application Cnectd (

I have attached a document which specifies the emotion icons we require and the corresponding symbol for each emotion (e.g. :) shows a 'Happy' emotion styled icon). We are looking for the 26 icons as specified in the attached document.

Please give us 6 sample designs as a first draft and await our feedback.

With the new high resolution screens becoming available the icons should be 64x64 pixels for use on super hi-def tablets. However; the icons may be scaled down to as small as 12x12 pixels so please ensure that the icons render properly at this resolution.
The icons must be static (no animation).

Designers are strongly encouraged to use their creativity to create a set of icons that are colorful, unique and fun.

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