Design a new icon for a casual game

Teyon picked a winning design in their icon or button contest. For just $145 they received 31 designs from 8 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Design a new icon for a casual game


Android/iPhone game inspired by Lemmings and ChuChu Rocket!

Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

Android/iPhone game inspired by Lemmings and ChuChu Rocket!


Games & Recreational

Content details


The game will be a revamped version of Arctic Escape, with a new icon and title, among others. You can find the basic game info at the following location:

The mechanics used in the game is similar to Lemmings, so you place commands on the maps to steer a group of happy, but rather dumb penguins to let them escape from the location.

The icon together with a new name will have to make players curious about the game's content and encourage them to take time to see more details:
* It is good when all pieces of content are coherent and convey the same message.
* Penguins are an important part of the game (the icon, however, doesn't have to show them if you have a better idea not involving these animals)
* Anything showing the game's mechanics (commanding penguins), the goal (guiding penguins to safety) or reminding people about happy times spent on Lemmings is a plus (this is the approach that was used successfully for example in Cut the Rope)
* This is a casual puzzle game: relaxing, happy, bright and so should be the icon. Nothing unusual, as most top iPhone/Android games are designed that way. That being said it is still a kind of game where you need to think to figure out a solution and to finish all the levels.
* There are dozens of games published each day, so the icon should catch the eye of a viewer
* We don't like the current game's icon, don't use it as a reference point.
* Take a look at the App Store or Google Play and search for penguins. There are many games already, we need to stand out.

Technical details:
* We need the row image without rounded corners and gloss however you can make such a preview to better present your design
* The final image should be scalable from 512x512 down to 57x57 (PNG format). It should look best in 72x72. If you have a psd or an ai source file, we would like to get it as well, but it is not a must.
* It's a great plus when the icon looks still good after it is rescaled down to 57x57.

Good luck!

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