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Congratulations to the winner, Hybrid_Design!
Organization name
Pixtamatic from Triple Dog Dare Studios
Description of the organization and its target audience

We build games and utilities for mobile devices


Games & Recreational


Our game studio will be releasing a small utility application for iOS and Android within the next couple of weeks. The app is called Pixtamatic and it allows you to enter text and easily create a picture incorporating that text, which you can then post to Twitter or Facebook from the app.

The practice of posting "pictures of words" to Facebook and Twitter is fairly popular, including inspirational quotes, political messages, funny memes, etc. Pixtamatic makes it easy to create and post these pictures from a mobile device. Simply type in your text and go. You can choose from a wide variety of backgrounds, fonts, text colors and size, etc. You can see a full screen preview of your picture. When you're finished, you can post to Twitter or Facebook, or save it on your device.

Triple Dog Dare Games is looking for an app icon for the iOS and Android versions of Pixtamatic. We will need this rendered at all icon sizes (from 512x512 for the app stores, all the way down).


The Pixtamatic app will be pretty much a one-off utility application, so it does not need to have any design relationship with Triple Dog Dare Games. We're just looking for cool app icon that hopefully communicates to some extent what the app does (makes words/text into pictures, and posts them).

Please review the screen shots of the app posted here to get an idea of how it look/works.

For the purpose of choosing a winning icon design, we'd like to see the 512x512 and the 57x57. Since this will be used for iOS, please indicate whether the icon is designed as "pre-rendered" or whether it is designed to have the default app store "gloss" applied.

For the final design, we will need the vector source files and rendered versions of all iOS and Android icon sizes (29, 36, 48, 50, 57, 58, 72, 96, 114, 512).

Good luck!

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