Create the next icon or button design for Henning Hoffmann

Henning@ChewyApps picked a winning design in their icon or button contest. For just CA$149 they received 66 designs from 12 designers.

I was really surprised by the value provided by 99designs. I got a high quality icon for a reasonable price.
- Henning@ChewyApps

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create the next icon or button design for Henning Hoffmann


I create iPhone apps in my spare time

Background information

Organization name

Henning Hoffmann

Description of the organization and its target audience

I create iPhone apps in my spare time.



Content details


I need a nice iPhone app icon that'll be in three resolutions - 512 x 512, 114 x 114, and 57 x 57. This is the main icon for the app that you see on the app store.

Note that I already have a concept for the icon. I need an artist to execute on that concept. I've attached an image that shows a rough idea of what I'm thinking. The icon will be a wooden planter containing a golden plant that might be glowing a little. The plant is of pure gold, so it'll be very shiny and reflective. (Edit: the plant can be combination green and gold, if it looks cool.) It will have one, two, or three large leaves. (Note that the leaves in my concept drawing aren't nearly large enough.)

The concept I'm going for here is of hope, vision, and personal growth. I really want the icon to have a feel-good feeling to it.

If you want an idea of other icons that I really like, here are a few:

It will only be one icon, but delivered in several files (see below).

Note that you can get exact dimensions of the icon again, with rounded corners, here: . Note that this PSD contains more than the 3 icons I need. Disregard the ones I don't care about.

What you need to deliver:

Four (4) files:

- one PNG of the icon at 512 x 512 resolution
- one PNG of the icon at 114 x 114 resolution
- one PNG of the icon at 57 x 57 resolution
- one PSD of the icon with the original art (with layers intact)

Thank-you very much for your time just for reading this brief. If you choose to submit an icon, thank-you for that as well!

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