Button / GUI Design for Fast-Backup (Windows application)

Eric2050 picked a winning design in their icon or button contest. For just $599 they received 67 designs from 10 designers.

I love working with you guys. Well done.
- Eric Schwerzel

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Button / GUI Design for Fast-Backup (Windows application)


Design icons and a theme for the overall look of our software

Background information

Organization name

Acclaim Software Ltd

Description of the organization and its target audience

Fast Backup is a Windows program which is designed to copy data quickly to a removable drive (or another hard disk or computer).



Content details


Please make a great set of icons for Fast-Backup. For an idea of what we are looking for please go to…6/overview

We have just finished a contest for the website at…entries/27

You are welcome to change the layout to whatever you want, but a toolbar at the top seems to be the most logical. If you don't want to go with a toolbar you can look at…s/13212144

We need all the icons to have three versions:-
1) The normal icon
2) The "On Hover" icon (for when the mouse goes over it)
3) The "disabled" icon (in gray - when it is not valid to click it)

The "On Hover" icon could just have a subtle border around it when the user moves their mouse over it (or anything else).

Please also make a graphic for the Nag Screen. This is our "Selling" screen and where we need to encourage the user to upgrade to the Pro Version. We want it to look good. Please include selling words and graphics. We expect that most users will be using our software with removable drives (removable hard drives or USB sticks) so it might be good to include one or both of them. You can have lightning bolts or rockets to indicate speed.

We have included the screenshots of the Main Screen and the Nag Screen. There are four extra buttons we need for a cousin of this application.

There are icons to adjust the speed. The speeds are 100%. 75%, 50% and 25%. The user can increase or decrease the speed while it is running. It is neccessary because at 100% the computer (and network) could slow down to a crawl if you try to do anything else while the backup is running. You could make it into a widget of some kind - maybe a spin control or something -

You could also try fiddling around with the background and font colors. Should the Current Activity window be a green font on top of a very light green background (to indicate success). Should the Errors / Warnings window be a red font on top of a very light red window (to indicate problems). Should the Errors / Warnings window be green when empty but turn red when there is a problem. The website has a blue color scheme, so that might clash with red and green. The app can have a different color scheme if neccessary.

The View Log links open up the logs in Notepad.

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