Entry #6 - Flash animation design - by'sign

Aquent picked a winning design in their flash animation contest

For just $350, they received 37 designs from 25 designers.

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Halloween website theming contest


Custom Flash Animation package

Purchased for $350

(including 99designs fees)

By aquent
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Congratulations to the winner,'sign!
Brief Summary

Create a Halloween theme for Aquent's popular U.S. website with a fun Flash or animated GIF sequence. Cash prizes plus exposure to recruiters and fellow creative professionals.

Brand Name

Aquent (

Desired Color Scheme
See for color pallette
Desired Style
Halloween-themed -- fun, quirky, whimsical.
Accepted File Formats
Flash (swf/flv) or animated GIF

Aquent is the world’s leading marketing and creative staffing agency. For Halloween, we'll be theming the header of our U.S. website ( with a fun Flash/GIF sequence.

Our goal is to showcase our Halloween spirit while highlighting the design skills of the winning creative professional. Our judges will have a bias for humorous, quirky executions that demonstrate exceptional creativity. While ideas related to job searching and/or the workplace will be marginally favored, overall creativity is our primary criteria.

First prize: $275

Second prize: $75

Honorable mentions: Set of Adobe CS3 "Dynamic Learning" reference books from the Aquent Graphics Institute

If you'd like to participate, please begin by visiting our site, The area available for theming is the 710x57 section in the site's header area. Please note and respect our site's overall color and font standards.

Specific requirements:

  • sizing: 710x57 pixels
  • format: Flash or animated gif
  • creative mandatories: (1) Aquent logo present in its current size, location, and font, (2) creative harmony with website's orange/black/grey pallete, (3) no offensive, disparaging, or mean-spirited images/copy
  • send me a private message if you need additional design assets (e.g. logos, Pantone colors, etc.)

We can accommodate most prize payment scenarios - check, PayPal, money order, etc. Ask for details if this is a concern.

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