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99U talks creative collaboration and the importance of networking

Collaboration is one of the most important (and sometimes most difficult) aspects of working on a large project. The communication you have between your client and fellow team members can make or break the whole experience. This month, 99U breaks down the many different types of collaborations that can go into your work. From mentors... Read More

May 2nd By

5 fresh spring color palettes to inspire your next design

Spring is here and it couldn’t have arrived soon enough! The following palettes explore several spring color motifs such as pops of color and in-between hues. Hopefully this resource will help designers jump into spring with fresh color ideas. 1. Gentle awakening Winter is a muted season and in its wake comes the gentle awakening... Read More

May 1st By

Congratulations to April’s Top 9 winner, .adihb

You cast your vote and now we’re pleased to announce that the winner of April’s Top  at 99 is .adhib for the Palmer Vintage Motorcycle Show poster! The artful combination of mixed fonts, bold colors and vintage imagery captured the hearts our our community. As a token of our appreciation, we’re awarding .adhim with a... Read More

April 30th By

The evolution of World Expo design

This summer, a whole lot of people will descend upon Milan for the 2015 World Expo. If you have been any where near Italy this year, the news will come as no surprise: Andrea Puppa’s branding for the Expo has colored much of the peninsula in magenta, yellow and cyan. If you have not, then... Read More

April 29th By

Help 99designs donate to relief efforts in Nepal

As you know, Nepal was hit by a devastating 7.9 magnitude Earthquake on Saturday afternoon and is continuing to experience aftershocks up to a magnitude of 6.4. The death toll is approaching 5,000 with many more thousands injured. In support of our 99designs Nepali community, we encourage you to donate to the relief efforts in... Read More

April 28th By

10 grayscale designs to inspire you on a rainy day

With Spring comes gray skies and rainy days. These overcast moments offer sunshine-craving designers a good excuse to stay inside and work on the computer. In embrace of the rainy day mood, here are 10 grayscale designs that use the lack of color to an advantage! Brazil 2014 World Cup calendar (print and website): Team Karoshi Essem Design,... Read More

April 27th By

99designers take on the line art trend

With flat design and vintage trends capturing designers’ imagination for the past few years, it’s no surprise that line art, or line craft, is taking the design scene by storm. Casting off skeuomorphic textures for minimal, mono-weight lines, this trend takes the best aspects of retro style and simplifies it into charming graphics that will look great on anything. Stamp... Read More

April 25th By

A 99designs community tribute to April 25

April 25th is a special day for Australians. On this date, in 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers banded together to take over Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey to help the allied navies bring down the Ottoman Empire. The campaign took more than 8,000 Australian casualties and, 100 years on, the day is commemorated just as fiercely. As our own... Read More

April 24th By

It’s time to vote for April’s Top 9 at 99!

Month after month, we’re continuously impressed with the quality of work on 99designs. And what better way to celebrate the cream of the crop that with another Top 9 at 99? We’ve rounded up nine new designs that captured clients’– and designers’ – imaginations. Scroll on down and vote for your favorite. The winner with the most... Read More

April 23rd By

Happy Earth Day!

99designs is filled with Earth-friendly companies working to improve our planet. From organic and natural products to sustainable and “buy local” brands, there’s plenty of empowering designs to go around. See what some of our designers have been up to and how they shift their style (think: muted tones, lots of greens and handcrafted details) to reflect... Read More

April 22nd By