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Creative Challengers for July 2014

With so many great designs for each contest, we know its tough for contest holders to choose just one. Luckily, we have this roundup to share the talent hidden in each and every contest – and each and every submission. Vote for the winner of this month’s Creative Challengers by leaving a note in the comments... Read More

August 10th By

10 book cover designers on 99designs worth their salt

Book cover design isn’t easy. It requires a designer to capture the essence of a story in a single combination of words and images – then present it in a way that’s going to make that book stand out from any others on a shelf. Everyone knows that, despite what we’re told, we definitely judge... Read More

August 9th By

Iceland takes contemporary cues from its handicraft history

Steeped in a long and quiet artistic history, Iceland is relatively new to the graphic design scene. But with the country’s recent influx in interest and talent, the burgeoning industry is showing great promise. Similar in technique to their Scandinavian contemporaries, Icelandic design emphasizes simplicity and functionality. Utilizing traditional methods and materials, new artisans are... Read More

August 8th By

Introducing the finalists for July’s Top 9 at 99

What a month! Whether you were working hard or hardly working, these summer days seemed to have sped past. But time didn’t fly fast enough for us to overlook this month’s great designs. Now quick – take a look and cast a vote before time is up this week! July’s Top 9 at 99! ONIC. K99™... Read More

August 7th By

3 client-friendly ways to create text editable files

When your client asks for text editable files at the end of a design project, it can always be a bit tricky. You still want your document design to look professional after the client has handled the file, but most clients don’t have a working knowledge of professional software like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. It simply... Read More

August 6th By

5 essential tips for drafting your next design contract

If you enjoyed drafting contracts and negotiating terms, you probably would have gone to law school instead of becoming a designer. Little did you know you would end up having to play both parts. There’s no getting around it: If you want to protect yourself and your product in your freelance design work, you had... Read More

August 5th By

Rounding up the latest design news from July

You might be too old for school (or that sweet summer break is coming to a close), but these warm months still feel like a time of transition for everyone. The design world is no different. July heralded big brand changes, ground-breaking design, company expansions and so much more. Read on below for the juiciest bits... Read More

August 4th By

12 brilliant bicycle-themed designs from our community

We recently wrote a post on Copenhagen, bicycles and design and couldn’t get bikes out of our (collective) mind! In the spirit of all things bike-related, we’ve compiled some of the best bicycle-themed designs from our 99designs community. Scroll down for inspiring logos, t-shirts, websites and more – all themed after our favorite two-wheel mode of transportation!  Bamboo... Read More

August 2nd By

Our favorite July articles from 99U

99U is known for being a great inspirational resource for creative types. That’s why we’re teaming up with them once again to showcase some of our favorite articles off of their site. For July, that means interviews with legendary artists, tips for amping up your creative energy, and ways that big companies are solving big problems... Read More

August 1st By

14 famous graphic design companies from around the globe

In the competitive industry of graphic design, it can be difficult to establish a name brand. Nonetheless, there are a handful of design firms around the world that have managed to cut through the clutter and gain international prestige. Their roster of clients, impressive portfolio of work, prominence in local markets and international reach have made... Read More

July 31st By