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Announcing the winner of the Chefrunde Studytour USA contest!

Once again, 99designs had the the great opportunity of hosting Chefrunde Studytour USA. The tour connects editors and executives from Germany’s leading media companies with Silicon Valley and San Francisco tech companies to share some of the latest and greatest media developments. To welcome participants to the 99designs office, we asked our designer community to... Read More

April 8th By

The 99designs guide to print-ready bleeds

“Bleed” is a part of the printers vocabulary – a word that digital designers are familiar with, but often never have to confront face to face the same way a press operator does. With that said, in the event a designer ignores the impending implications of a bleed in the design process, the printer can... Read More

April 7th By

8 design tips for high-converting landing pages

Designing an effective landing page takes a certain skill. Designers need to temporarily forget about their usual design approach and focus on the single most important goal of every landing page – conversion. Every design element is there to invite users in and motivate them to perform certain actions and direct their gaze to specific messages. The idea... Read More

Announcing April’s Creative Challengers!

We’ve rounded up our favorite Creative Challenger finalists for April. They may not have won the contest, but their work was so great that we want to give them one more chance to win! Vote for your favorite design in the comment section below and we’ll reward the winner with a 99designs t-shirt next month.... Read More

April 5th By

Design History: Get to know your ampersands

We see the symbol all of the time. Elegant, curved, infinitely malleable. But what’s the origin of the mysterious and ubiquitous ampersand? How can you choose which one is the best version to use? Read on to uncover all you wanted to know about this ancient tool of text: Origin of the ampersand Part 1... Read More

April 3rd By

March’s Top 9 prize goes to RaidenDesign!

It was another very tight race this month for March’s Top 9 at 99. Thanks to everyone that voted! In the end, RaidenDesign came out on top with his logo mascot variations for the client appreciation company, Circlefox. Showcasing many options, RaidenDesign helped the client envision his design as an app, icons, and in flat... Read More

April 2nd By

New to the game? 99U shares their top freelancing tips

Jumping full time into the freelance game can be pretty intimidating. This month, we’re rounding up some of the best articles from 99U to walk you through some starter steps to find solo success in the freelance industry. Learn how to pick up your first clients, avoid early pitfalls and make time for personal projects.... Read More

April 1st By

Spring cleaning: 15 logos that simplified in 2015

Just as each spring we emerge from hibernation and make an effort to tidy our winter dens, so businesses have occasion to reflect on their logos: “Can we clean up our mark a little? Are all of these colors, lines and letters really necessary, or is a streamline in order?” The first quarter of 2015 has proven... Read More

March 31st By

10 ways to improve client communication

Communication is often the most challenging aspect of working as a graphic designer. Clients can be demanding, distracted and emotional (perhaps not without good reason) and any successful designer will need to be prepared to handle it. Here are 10 tips to form a solid foundation in client communication. 1. Define the roles Photo from 1966... Read More

March 30th By