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It’s time to vote for March’s Top 9 at 99!

It’s been another great month of creativity here on 99designs and we’re excited to showcase some of the best work we’ve seen in March! We love how diverse our designers’ skills are – and what better way to spotlight them than in our illustrious Top 9 at 99. From album covers and food trucks to... Read More

March 26th By

How to “sell” your designs to clients

A designer often knows when their design is a perfect fit for a client. They know when it will be successful in the real world and what it feels like to make that final tweak, relieving the fear of failure and triggering an adrenaline rush with nothing left to do but smile. But more often than not, clients... Read More

March 25th By

Vote for your favorite March Madness team logo

March Madness is in full swing as the NCAA takes over US airwaves with The Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four — all sorts of alliterative words that have become part of our everyday lexicon, even if you don’t watch college basketball. It’s no secret that branding is a huge part of American university sports and campus... Read More

March 24th By

8 standout ways to create a Facebook cover design

Pretty much the first stop in any company’s social media push is going to be their Facebook cover design. Determining a strategy for how to make a page memorable is what they’re going to strive for. And there are a lot of ways to do it. As a designer you’ve got to understand how these social media outlets... Read More

March 23rd By

Show your work! Captivating sketches from 99designers

As a designer, you can probably relate to the power that a process sketch provides. It’s a loose way to quickly stream ideas out of your consciousness and onto paper without the complications of mouse clicks or digital barriers. Here you can problem solve differently, explore options swiftly and generate tons of different concepts that... Read More

March 21st By

3 spring cleaning tricks to keep your typography fresh

The time for spring cleaning has arrived and for those with cluttered font library and messy typographic techniques, it is a perfect opportunity to clean up. This article takes on the task in 3 steps: cleaning out the font library, getting more from less fonts and polishing up typographic technique. 1. Clean up your font library Participating in design contests... Read More

March 20th By

Get inspired by these stunning Logo & Web designs!

It’s quite impressive what our designers can come up with – even if they’ve only just started using the Jimdo platform for our new Logo & Hosted Web category. Surely, Jimdo’s ease of use plays a big part, too. Below, we’ve picked 5 of the most popular Jimdo templates to showcase how 99designers are using their winning logo... Read More

March 19th By

Smashingbug makes PowerPoint designs shine

Didem Dönmez (aka Smashingbug) caught our eye with her outstanding PowerPoint designs. Her clean style and tight branding has captured the hearts of many clients on 99designs, bringing them back again and again. Here, we chat with this Istanbul-based freelance designer (and music producer!) about her creative career so far. Name: Didem Dönmez 99designs handle: smashingbug Location: Istanbul, Turkey CONTESTS... Read More

March 18th By

Now announcing our Logo & Hosted Website category

You’ve heard the buzz… Now we’re excited to welcome our latest category to 99designs! The Logo & Hosted Website category will help you expand your web design skills, be creative and earn more money – all without writing a single line of code. Logo & Web designers will focus on logo designs during the contest. At... Read More

March 17th By