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How to get the most out of 1-to-1 projects

99designs is known for their design contests. But when a client knows exactly who he likes to work with, the contest format isn’t always the best way to go. Thus, the birth of 1-to-1 projects. You may have already heard about 1-to-1 projects from 99designs. It’s an online workspace where you  interact one-on-one with your... Read More

August 22nd By

10 must-have iPhone apps for designers

Every year brings better additions to the design community. This can be anything from new resources like textures and brushes to new design trends making the rounds. We even get an arsenal of new web and mobile applications every few weeks, which is making it a lot easier to get things done without being tied down... Read More

August 21st By

A look inside L.A.’s Architecture and Design Museum

Hollywood has long been a magnet not just for aspiring film stars but for the creative minded more generally: illustrators, advertisers, designers of all types. As a young city expanding at a vertiginous pace, postwar Los Angeles promised more than just economic opportunity for young commercial artists. In the words of designer Gere Kavanaugh: “When I... Read More

August 20th By

Creative projects that will change the way you look at signs

Signs are ubiquitous in our modern, metropolitan culture. Most of the time, their purpose is mundane – to sell or direct you to something like a burger and fries special or a parking lot. But they can also be seen as an artistic responsibility to the community at large. Artists around the world are utilizing... Read More

August 18th By

Get swept away with these 9 unique wedding invitations

The summer is coming to a close and we’ve seen a ton of fantastic couples getting hitched. Even better, they’re using 99designs to create their invites, thank-you cards and more. Take a look through our collection of 99designers’ unique wedding invitations, where each couple’s personality shines through to celebrate their special day. You’ll want to stay... Read More

August 16th By

The art of book series cover design

The emergence of e-books and other digital texts has forever changed the role of the traditional, printed copy. Today, the printed book’s physicality is a key distinguishing factor and principal selling point – which gives designers all the more reason to focus on the art of book cover design. It’s common for a group of books... Read More

August 15th By

JVM takes the gold in July’s Top 9 at 99!

Many people have websites, but not all of them have full-on illustrated pages. If you have got a designer like JVM, expect the best. That’s why he’s this month’s winner for Top 9 at 99! While JVM’s website design goes above and beyond with the sheer amount of illustration, all of our finalists for this... Read More

August 14th By

Highlights from the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014

What exactly is a Biennale (say: “bee-an-al-lei”)? It’s an enormous exhibition that takes place every two years with the scale and impact of a vintage World’s Fair. The event features a main show and subsidiary work from a huge array of creatives – typically focused on art or design. The Venice Biennale is the most famous... Read More

August 13th By

Gestalt principles and the psychology of design

The word “gestalt” gets thrown around a lot in design. Taken from the German word for “form” or “shape,” it often refers to the overall look of something that is greater than the sum of its parts. In psychology, gestalt refers to the basic principles that allow us to visually perceive order. These principles are fundamental building... Read More

August 12th By

Creative Challengers for July 2014

With so many great designs for each contest, we know its tough for contest holders to choose just one. Luckily, we have this roundup to share the talent hidden in each and every contest – and each and every submission. Vote for the winner of this month’s Creative Challengers by leaving a note in the comments... Read More

August 10th By