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These sandwich-loving superheroes are saving our day

Quiznos has long been a fan of our design community and their contests have regularly pulled impressive results. Last year they tasked designers with re-imagining their iconic toaster and awarded 15 fantastic illustrations. This time around, the hunt was on for original, sub-loving superheroes to fill their 2015 calendar and decorate the corporate office. Designers... Read More

December 13th By

3 ways to rethink nonprofit design

Nonprofit organizations don’t operate like for-profit organizations. Should they be designed like them? There are many reasonable questions a designer might encounter upon striking up a professional relationship with a not-for-profit company. What sort of hierarchy will best suit the website? Are there special rules for designing a nonprofit logo, as opposed to a for-profit one?... Read More

December 12th By

The votes are in… Here’s the results for Top 9 at 99!

The votes have been counted and coming out on top is CGSFN for his gothic and mysterious poster for a New Year’s Eve party! We love CGSFN’s consistent use and transformation of stock imagery to make designs that are entirely his own – something he more than proves here in this flyer. For his enchanting work, CGSFN... Read More

December 11th By

Free design classes to keep you learning through the New Year

The holiday break is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean you should slack on your design skills. We’ve rounded up some of the best free design classes and tutorials on the web to keep you sharp through the New Year. Whether you’re looking for something short and sweet or more conceptual, here’s some of the best logo classes... Read More

December 10th By

5 color palettes for the holiday season

The holiday season is a colorful time of year that presents the perfect opportunity to explore color from a design perspective. This article explores five holiday color palettes that break the traditional mold and push the envelope for seasonal colors while still retaining the holiday spirit. 1. Thanksgiving Most are familiar with the infamous Thanksgiving orange and... Read More

December 9th By

Greeting card designs to get you in the holiday spirit

What comes to mind when you design a card for the holidays? We recently ran a contest on 99designs asking for a modern, light-hearted greeting card design that we could mail to some of our most valued customers for the holidays. Designers flooded in with a wintry mix of stars, snowflakes, Santa hats and holiday decor that... Read More

December 6th By

And the Pantone Color of the Year is… Marsala!

Every year Pantone – the be-all-and-end-all in color authority – a color of the year that will define design decisions for the next twelve months and beyond. Yesterday, they finally announced the 2015 winner and it is… MARSALA! Also known as a fortified wine and often used to make chicken dishes, as well as mushroom cream sauces, marsala is... Read More

December 5th By

They’ve arrived… this month’s Top 9 at 99!

Top of the month to you! And you know what the top of the month brings with it… the Top 9 at 99! This month’s collection is an illustration-heavy dose of design in a variety of categories, showing that you can show your artistic side just about anywhere – and fine great success doing it. But who will be... Read More

December 4th By

6 ways to improve your design career path from 99U

Turning your creative energy into a successful career can be challenging. Whether you lack a design diploma or fall victim to some stubborn creativity myths, there are plenty of barriers that are trying to stop you from chasing your dream. This month, we’re featuring 6 great articles from 99U that tackle those issues and offer tips for... Read More

December 3rd By