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Joerg Meinhardt shares his Logo & Web insights

Recently, we chatted with Logo & Web designer Joerg Meinhardt, an Austrian graphic designer based in Vienna, whose recent logo design and web template work caught our eye! It comes as no surprise to us that he loves exploring the very basics of visual communication and have a deep passion for minimalism and corporate design. He’s... Read More

May 12th By

Time to vote for May’s Creative Challengers!

April showers bring May flowers… and a whole lot of spectacular designs! While Creative Challengers might not have won the first time around, we’re giving them one last shot by putting their work to a vote and asking you to pick the best. As always, the designer with the most votes will win a 99designs t-shirt. Scroll... Read More

May 9th By

Design a poster in the style of Saul Bass

Today marks Saul Bass’s birthday! So in his honor, we’re taking a look at his signature poster design style to help you understand what makes it unique and how you can duplicate it in Adobe illustrator. A good place to begin is by thinking about the mediums available in his time. Much of his work was created with cut... Read More

May 8th By

99designs’ tips for a successful Brand Identity Pack design

Helping a company come up with a branding strategy can be exciting and intimidating, all at once. It gives a designer the opportunity to make a great visual impact with a brand, but requires skills in logo, print and digital design. If you’ve been hesitating to join a 99designs Brand Identity Pack contest, here are a... Read More

May 7th By

The building blocks of a WordPress theme

WordPress templates are dynamic and, to a developer, are an art form. In a perfect world, designers would also be developers and vice versa – this way the coding and functionality would be conveyed in perfect harmony with the visual design. Unfortunately, both fields are intense and deep studies; people generally choose one or the... Read More

May 6th By

The dos and don’ts of design mockups

Mockups can be great. They make your design look more professional and help the client get an idea of what design can look like in real-world context. There are hundreds of resources out there to help you use or create your own, and that’s for a reason — they work. But there’s a dark side to the mockup.... Read More

May 5th By

Arthean’s identity & brand work keeps clients coming back for more

Zehra – or Arthean (as you probably know her) – has been an active designer on 99designs since 2012. Previously an architectural engineer, she found her creative niche in design and now works on brand and identity projects full time. Many of her winning designs have lead to long-term 1-to-1 projects on 99designs and enabled her to build an exceptional client portfolio (the client testimonials really... Read More

May 4th By

99U talks creative collaboration and the importance of networking

Collaboration is one of the most important (and sometimes most difficult) aspects of working on a large project. The communication you have between your client and fellow team members can make or break the whole experience. This month, 99U breaks down the many different types of collaborations that can go into your work. From mentors... Read More

May 2nd By

5 fresh spring color palettes to inspire your next design

Spring is here and it couldn’t have arrived soon enough! The following palettes explore several spring color motifs such as pops of color and in-between hues. Hopefully this resource will help designers jump into spring with fresh color ideas. 1. Gentle awakening Winter is a muted season and in its wake comes the gentle awakening... Read More

May 1st By