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5 landing page trends for 2015

Determining trends for one specific year isn’t easy. Trends tend to bleed together year after year. There’s never a hard distinction between the time people test out a technique in say, 2014, and start doing it en-masse in 2015. In landing page design, trends like minimalism, the use of flat design, videos, or even showcasing customers... Read More

March 10th By

Logo evolutions of the world’s biggest brands

Throughout design history, companies have always strived to keep their logos current or ahead of the curve. For several large companies, time has worked in their favor. Take Apple for example, whose 1976 apple symbol has lasted to date with nothing but a simple color change. On the other hand, companies such as Caterpillar, Shell and... Read More

March 9th By

10 women designers who #makeithappen

March 8 is International Women’s Day — we’ve been celebrating it here at 99designs for years. This year’s theme is #makeithappen, and our talented community of women designers are certainly doing that. The proportion of women in our community grows every day, and we’re thrilled to support them and show off their creative endeavors. Today is... Read More

March 8th By

Check out March’s Creative Challengers!

We’ve rounded up another monthly batch of Creative Challengers and need your help picking the best of the bunch! We’re giving these lucky designers a second shot at claiming a prize. Vote for your favorite design in the comments below and we’ll award the winner a 99designs t-shirt. Last month’s winner was Rakocevic Alexandar for his psychedelic poster illustration for Wicked... Read More

March 7th By

Design, in Holi color

The skies may still be grey in much of the world, but this Friday lots of folks will return home caked in pigment spanning the whole color spectrum, and that tells us that Spring is on the horizon. More specifically, it tells us that Holi is here—the Hindu celebration of the coming season and a festival of... Read More

March 6th By

Here’s the winner for February’s Top 9 at 99!

We’d like to give stevenmink a big round of applause for his fantastically charming t-shirt design for The I Love Dogs Site – and for winning your vote for this month’s Top 9 at 99! While there was some “ruff” competition, we certainly agree that any dog lover would want to get their hands on this sweet shirt. Congratulations,... Read More

March 5th By

4 mental approaches to mobile web design

As the landscape of the internet continues to expand into tablets and mobile phones, the ability to design across these browsing mediums becomes all the more valuable. With that said, designing for multiple devices is easier said than done and the scope can become overwhelming. This article breaks off a bite size piece by focusing... Read More

March 4th By

Click-worthy landing page designs from Dmitrij

It’s safe to say that Dmitrij Rassylnov, who goes by Dmitrij on 99designs, is an authority on web design—particularly landing pages. After winning 42 contests, you earn that designation. We had the opportunity to pick his brain about the web design process, and what most web designers are doing wrong. Plus, we catch up on... Read More

March 3rd By

How to transform illustrations into digital vectors

Vector art has become the industry standard in many areas of graphic design. As a result, many designers are now faced with the challenge of transforming either self-created or found art works into digital vector format. This article tackles how to find good public domain source images and transform them into digital vectors. The search... Read More

March 2nd By

Improve your work routine with these tips from 99U

Finding a creative routine that works for you can be a real challenge. Every person face different challenges with their workflow, but we can all admit to struggling with one crucial issue – you’ll hit a wall at some point. This month, we’ve rounded up some excellent articles from 99U that tackle this frustrating problem. Learn when to push yourself (and when to... Read More

February 28th By