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10 remarkable restaurant menus for your inspiration

Although restaurant menu design may be one of the lesser talked about mediums, they’re also one of the most important. Menus address one of the basic necessities of life: food. And beyond a necessity, food is something we enjoy immensely. A well-designed menu plays up a restaurant’s ambiance, excites the diner and adds to an overall pleasurable... Read More

June 10th By

The stories behind America’s national sports league logos

Imagine you designed a logo beloved by an entire country, that appeared everywhere on hats and jerseys and on television, and no one knew you had done it. Such was the fate of Jerry Dior, designer of the Major League Baseball (MLB) logo, for thirty years. Dior designed the logo in 1968 while working at the New... Read More

June 9th By

3 ways to steer clear of a generic logo

Boring. Tired. Uninspired. You wouldn’t use any of these words to describe your work, would you? Take a moment to ask yourself what you do want your logo to say? And then read on as we share three tips that will ensure your design conveys what you want it to – and is anything but ordinary. By investing a bit... Read More

Vote for June’s Creative Challengers!

It’s time for another round of Creative Challengers… While these designs may not have won in the first go-around, we’re giving them all a second chance for glory. Scroll down and vote for your favorite June nominee and we’ll announce the winner next month! Congratulations to Amabasnista for winning May’s Creative Challengers – we absolutely loved their Sailor’s Beard Oil labels.... Read More

June 6th By

99U’s tips for becoming your best work self

Every month we pull together some of our favorite articles from 99U to help inspire you in your career and creativity. This time around, we’ve set our focus on how to be the best you can be at work. Check out the articles below! The 4 types of productivity styles Within weeks of starting my... Read More

June 5th By

Let visual sound blow your mind

There’s something about sound that has captured humanity’s attention for thousands of years. It’s one of the five kinds of input we receive to be able to interact with one another and the world around us. It’s pretty much our central mode of communication. So it’s no surprise that some of the most creative minds... Read More

June 4th By

Contest Alert: Create a retro logo for a fun vintage bookseller

Like all of us here at 99designs, Andrea Tarwater understands the importance of high quality, one-of-a-kind design. Just check out her adorable Etsy site where she’s been building a lucrative business around vintage collectables. Andrea started her site in June 2010 and, since then, business has grown steadily. She’s got a serious eye for vintage and... Read More

June 3rd By

The past and future of design trends

In design, we talk a lot about trends, those changes in style and the direction of our industry. But why do trends happen, and how are they sourced and predicted? Is a trend defined by its newness, or are we at the point where everything we do is recycling a style previously used? The idea... Read More

June 2nd By

How to design a t-shirt with proportions in mind

A common workflow for t-shirt design is to open a new Illustrator or Photoshop file, create the artwork, place it in a t-shirt mockup file and hope for the best. Unfortunately this workflow can come at great consequence. T-shirts demand artwork in specific proportions and, if those proportions aren’t considered during the creative process, the final design may not look... Read More

June 1st By