Master the “grunge” look with this step-by-step Photoshop tutorial


The grunge look is a popular trend characterized by its organic, realistic and rugged look. Designers don’t have to be extreme when trying to make designs look rugged — subtle visual elements are just as effective. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to achieve a rough effect using irregular textures on a simple black and white […]

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Coffee time: 10 designs brewed to perfection


Here at 99designs, we love coffee. From a foamy espresso to an iced chocolate latte, we can’t resist a good ol’ brew. In honor of our love for coffee, here’s a roundup of some of the most stimulating coffee inspired designs. Baker Coffee Co. Logo by black eight Foam it up with this simple cup […]

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News from the wide world of design, June 2012


There’s infinite inspiration to be found in the design community outside of 99. So join us in keeping up with some of the most interesting design developments going on in the news right now. Here’s a selection of design news that thrilled us in June: Apple’s newest creation: MacBook Pro with Retina display via Tech Ticks […]

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Typography trends in web design (and some goodies to get you started)


It’s generally unwise to claim there are trends in typography because good typefaces have a very long shelf life and staying power. Some of the most popular typefaces to date, like Helvetica, were invented decades ago. Some, like Baskerville, have been around for centuries in one form or another. But each design era is marked […]

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Top 9 at 99 results: June, 2012


The Top Designer and winner of the Inkling Pen is gusmedi — the fierce, purple and 1500 pound gorilla! The amount of detail incorporated in the face, hands, feet and hair really brings gusmedia’s illustration to life! Okay, not exactly real life although I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing a 1500 pound gorilla wearing jeans and a shirt. ;) Actually, the amount […]

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We ♥ Milton Glaser


A few weeks ago, we looked at one of the most influential graphic designers of the 20th century, Saul Bass. The next graphic design hero in our series, Milton Glaser, gives Bass a run for his money. This is the man behind I ♥ NY, after all. A young Milton Glaser beside his most famous creation […]

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Designer profile: MikeKirby


After years of exploring different facets of design, Mike Kirby found his niche — app icon design. Not only did he find it but he is dominating it! Want to know how? Check out his interview. You can also check out more of his awesome work at and follow him on twitter @I_Make_Icons where he tweets an icon a […]

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Top 9 at 99: June 2012


It’s no longer June, the month seemed to zoom. But that’s just fine, because there is another Top 9! We have chosen 9 designers we thought had killer wins from the following categories: Logo design Web design All other categories combined Now you get to vote for the designer you believe deserves Top Designer honors. The designer voted Top Designer will […]

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99designs homepage redesign contest winners

99designs homepage

The competition was fierce but the final results are in! Find out who won the 99designs homepage redesign contest.

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Cyrillic showcase: a look at awesome Slavic design


There’s no doubt about it — the Roman alphabet dominates the world of graphic design (and this blog, for obvious reasons). While this happens to be what the market requires, it does not mean that the Roman alphabet is the most interesting to look at. In fact, it’s starting to feel a little stale around […]

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