Top 9 at 99 results: June, 2012


The Top Designer and winner of the Inkling Pen is gusmedi — the fierce, purple and 1500 pound gorilla! The amount of detail incorporated in the face, hands, feet and hair really brings gusmedia’s illustration to life! Okay, not exactly real life although I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing a 1500 pound gorilla wearing jeans and a shirt. ;) Actually, the amount […]

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We ♥ Milton Glaser


A few weeks ago, we looked at one of the most influential graphic designers of the 20th century, Saul Bass. The next graphic design hero in our series, Milton Glaser, gives Bass a run for his money. This is the man behind I ♥ NY, after all. A young Milton Glaser beside his most famous creation […]

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Designer profile: MikeKirby


After years of exploring different facets of design, Mike Kirby found his niche — app icon design. Not only did he find it but he is dominating it! Want to know how? Check out his interview. You can also check out more of his awesome work at and follow him on twitter @I_Make_Icons where he tweets an icon a […]

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Top 9 at 99: June 2012


It’s no longer June, the month seemed to zoom. But that’s just fine, because there is another Top 9! We have chosen 9 designers we thought had killer wins from the following categories: Logo design Web design All other categories combined Now you get to vote for the designer you believe deserves Top Designer honors. The designer voted Top Designer will […]

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99designs homepage redesign contest winners

99designs homepage

The competition was fierce but the final results are in! Find out who won the 99designs homepage redesign contest.

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Cyrillic showcase: a look at awesome Slavic design


There’s no doubt about it — the Roman alphabet dominates the world of graphic design (and this blog, for obvious reasons). While this happens to be what the market requires, it does not mean that the Roman alphabet is the most interesting to look at. In fact, it’s starting to feel a little stale around […]

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Pattern inspiration from Batik: a century-old technique


As designers, we are in constant search of new skills, inspirations and ideas. A great way to expand our artistic horizons is by exploring other cultures and their art — in this case, their pattern designs! In Indonesia, a well-known technique that has been developed for centuries is Batik. Batik is patterned cloth made using a […]

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Rad design games and quizzes

Kern Me copy

Design doesn’t always have to be work! Become a master of design the fun way, with this collection of design games and quizzes. Typography Play Time via To The Point via Method Of Action via Method Of Action Test your color acuity via ColorMunki via Method Of Action Know Your Logos via Just Creative via Rob Cubbon […]

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Tips in Tweets: 10 best designer resources from June, 2012

musicians copy

At 99designs, we look far and wide to find and share the best designer resources on the web. Check out this collection of our best designer tips from twitter and don’t forget to give the authors of these posts a big thank if you found their article particularly useful. 10 Dazzling Designs Featuring Dead Musicians […]

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It’s all about the details: web design process in 7 steps


Web design is a bit like running a marathon. You are constantly perfecting your design until you reach the finish line and are greeted with a happy client. The design’s success depends on how well you combine elements — lines, fonts, colors and textures — to communicate a company’s mission. The attention to details is extremely important […]

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