History of the polka dot: art, the cosmos and graphic design


Polka dots. As the only decorative motif worn by the universe itself, we think it merits a pretty serious showcase. In fact, the polka dot has a richer history than we ever imagined. Since first hitting the men’s fashion scene in mid-19th century England, the polka dot (which has no substantiated relation to the polka […]

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Most-liked designs in Gorillas with glasses contest


When app development company Gorillas with Glasses launched a contest on 99designs, they were looking for a “nerdy, funky and creative” design. I think it’s safe to say they got what they asked for and MORE. We asked 99designers to pick their favorites and tell us why for our most recent “like” challenge. Check out […]

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Turning sketches into vector art with Illustrator’s pen tool


Sketching is convenient. You can do it anywhere, at any time… which is great for designers “ah ha!” moments. Not only is it convenient, it’s an extremely important and beneficial stage of the design process. Okay, sketching… got it! But what do you do once you’ve created a solid drawing? One of the most important, basic tools in […]

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10 habits to help you master graphic design


Traditionally, we tend to think the only way to learn more is either through practice or theory. We do more, or we study more, and that’s about it. While this is essentially true, it’s worth noting that there is much more to learning than theory and practice. It’s the habits we create, day in and day out, […]

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Top 9 at 99 results: December 2012


It doesn’t matter if it’s before eleven or after eleven… any time of the day is prefect for DSKY’s “After Eleven” logo design. It’s the winner of December’s Top 9 at 99! And rightfully so, this logo design is beautiful. The delicate details of the clock, the peaceful moon and the ornamental stars all come […]

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99designs speaks the romance language, Italiano!


99designs speaks German, French and now, Italiano! That’s right, we’ve launched 99designs.it, our Italian-language site. We recognize how important it is for designers to communicate with customers using their native languages. So this is just the beginning… stay tuned in the coming months to see what other local-languages we learn to speak. In celebration of our new romance […]

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99designs meets up in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Ever been to Bangladesh? I have and what I’ve witnessed is a nation on the move. The inspiration for my visit was an invitation to speak at the 1-day Freelancer Conference in Dhaka organized by the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) and the Ministry of ICT as part of a “Digital World 2012” […]

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99designs community reaches 200,000 designers


If you like coffee or beer as much as we do, then pick up a glass, raise it high and cheers with us! We’ve hit a new milestone: there are over 200,000 graphic designers in our community (cheers, sip and be merry!). Our designer community is more active than ever, connecting with customers in 150 […]

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Top 9 at 99: December 2012


Time travel would be my super power. And at last! I have gained a smidgen of it. I’m taking us back to December 2012 because we HAVE to see, and vote on, the 9 great designs from this period. POOF, we’re back! 99designs needs your help — vote for the design you feel should be the ultimate […]

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Designing dance: The aesthetics of electronic music since the 1970s


You’ve had a long day of designing and you’re ready for a night on the town. While at the end of the day you might simply want to take off your designer hat and trade it for your dancing shoes, it is important to consider the importance that design has had on this musical style. […]

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