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Introducing this month’s Creative Challengers!

It’s here again… this month’s Creative Challengers! While contests can only have one winner, these designers show that behind every winner, there are other amazing choices hiding behind the scenes – and they deserve their moments in the sun as well. So cheers to you, designers of whiskey labels, doughnut DIY kits, Secret Sandwich Societies (how do we... Read More

September 20th By

Announcing the winner of the Hershey logo contest!

For more than a century, The Hershey Company has delighted candy cravings around the world. With the announcement of their contemporary new logo, we couldn’t help but reach out to our community to see if they were also up for the challenge. So who’s the sweetest of the bunch? We’re excited to announce the winner of... Read More

September 19th By

The long road to Google’s material design

It was pretty awesome to have a car in the 70′s and 80’s. If you had a cool uncle or cousin, he might have owned a Chrysler with faux woodgrain panelling. Back in the early part of the century genuine wood panelling was reasonably common in car exteriors, but fell out of favor as metalworking... Read More

September 18th By

The challenge of branding across languages

If you asked for the most general definition of a logo, you’d probably get something like “a mark that stands for a company or product.” The implication is that it doesn’t matter what the mark is; anything could work. But then, can we assume the effect of a logo is universal—even across languages? Apparently not, based on... Read More

September 17th By

Create an awesome camera icon in Photoshop

I’m going to guide you through a step-by-step process for creating an awesome camera icon in Photoshop. This is a pretty easy guide to follow along with, so don’t be taken back by the number of steps. Most of the work will focus on how to work with simple layer styles. Let’s take a look at the end result before... Read More

September 16th By

The 99designs guide to critiquing graphic design

Design can be a solitary activity. You’ve probably found yourself sitting in front of a computer screen for hours toiling to create the perfect product for clients. It’s a good way to get tunnel vision and to slowly lose the context of your work. Good thing design can (and should) be more collaborative than that. Often... Read More

September 15th By

Highlights from our global community in Western and Southern Europe

This weekend we’re continuing to explore 99designs’ rich global community by highlighting our designers from Western and Southern Europe. In the upcoming weeks we’ll cover in Northern and Eastern Europe, The Americas, and Asia/Oceania as well. And don’t forget last week’s post on Africa and the Middle East. Get excited! Austria Designer: zoisam Contest: New print or packaging design wanted for Relevant Booking... Read More

September 13th By

2014’s hottest music festival designs for millenials

It doesn’t seem to matter what genre it caters to – music festival design tends to triumph bright color, bold fonts and standout graphics. From logos to merch, mobile apps to billboard ads, it’s all about marketing to millenials. These events are growing every year with more than 300 different large-scale music festivals around the world... Read More

September 12th By

Meet the finalists for this month’s Top 9 at 99!

Every month, Top 9 at 99 showcases the best of the best from 99designs’ winning entries. This August, it was nearly impossible to choose only 9 designs (you guys are all amazing!). Whether they were creating fashion tights or a full tech website, all of these designers demonstrated their impressive talent and ability to help each client visualize their designs in action. Be it... Read More

September 11th By

Join us in protecting a free and open internet

The internet is built on the idea that all data should be treated equally. This level playing field has made it possible for companies like 99designs to grow, and, with that, for small businesses and designers to make meaningful connections. In the U.S., the FCC is considering a plan that would allow internet service providers to grant... Read More

September 10th By