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We want to connect you with the right clients

Exciting things are brewing here at 99designs! As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been working hard to improve the designer experience on our site. Our goal is to not only better connect you with clients, but help you maintain a long-lasting relationship with them afterwards. Building client relationships We respect that 99designs is a great way for designers... Read More

February 25th By

5 tips for designing a landing page CTA

CTA — it stands for “Call to Action”. When done right on your landing page, it is what’s going to convert visitors to users. A CTA can call for a lot of things. Lead generation, blog/social media/e-mail followers, customers for a direct sale or attendees for an event. They can be used on any page of a website... Read More

February 24th By

Embracing space in interaction design

Effective use of space in interaction design requires an understanding of aesthetics, functionality and human behavior. In fact, spatial design is the link between the more stylistic dimensions of language and visuals – and the more practical ones of responsiveness, time and user behavior. Space exists somewhere in the middle, dealing with issues on both sides of... Read More

February 23rd By

19 packaging designs that wrap it up perfectly

When it comes to packaging designs, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. From beer labels to cosmetics and coffees, each product deserves a special label to make it pop off the shelf. Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil label Designer: Martis Lupus Contest: Opportunity to create a minimalistic, refined product design Himmel Hünd beers Designer:... Read More

February 21st By

5 best productivity plugins for Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has been the most popular application for developing vector graphics for many years. And as is the case with many powerful tools, there has always been something of a learning curve attached to it. Fortunately, there are a handful of useful plugins out there that can help us to speed up our workflow.... Read More

February 20th By

Rounding up some of today’s most influential Chinese designers

For those new to Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Goat is a terrific time to get acquainted. The goat brings forth creativity, thoughtfulness and lucky numbers 2 and 7! It also brings forth the time and the chance to become familiar with graphic design in China. In staying with the lucky numbers, this article rounds... Read More

February 19th By

Introducing the 99designs Forum

Years of testing designer chats, social media pages and email volleys have taught our team that the 99designs community learns and grows in amazing ways when we’re all connected. Today we’re excited to announce the addition of another way we’re opening doors for communication. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the 99designs Community Forum! The... Read More

February 18th By

Oscars 2015: Our nominations for best poster design

This Sunday, tens of millions of viewers will tune in to watch the Oscars, for reasons more or less completely unknown. The award show is never very interesting, and yet … we can never look away. Now, if they introduced a movie poster design category, that might be something worth watching for. And why not? After all,... Read More

February 17th By

4 UI patterns for improving user interactions

There is no one right way to design a website UI. There’s no cure-all template for you to plug in your brand and hit “submit.” Each site has its own goals, motives, strategies and artistic style. This isn’t an article outlining a definitive set of rules for designing the perfect website every time. This is... Read More

February 16th By

Wait no more! Here are February’s Creative Challengers

This month’s collection of Creative Challengers designers know that win or lose, you can still succeed. These designs prove that simply trying is often succeeding, even if a win is not in the cards. These challengers show off their prowess with the pen with this illustration-heavy collection that covers everything from study cards to posters... Read More

February 14th By