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14 inspiring portfolios from famous graphic designers

Graphic designer portfolios are an essential tool for anyone needing to showcase their work, list their qualifications and convince clients to hire their services. The portfolio websites of famous graphic designers are a great source of inspiration for web design. In this article we’ll take you through some inspiring examples. The designs themselves are often as innovative... Read More

December 23rd By

The do’s and don’ts of using logo grids

Logo grid systems, construction guides and circles can be a very powerful technique for creating logo designs and conveying the value of a logo design to clients. But not everyone is successful at using them, and they don’t alway add value to a logo design. Logo grids are only one type of design technique, and aren’t necessary for every design project. Here, we’ll... Read More

December 22nd By

We’re pleased to announce this month’s Creative Challengers

The path to greatness always includes some roadblocks along the way. While some consider losing a contest to be a roadblock, others see it as a stepping stone. This becomes clear when looking at this month’s Creative Challengers. Our designers know that each step is crucial to success, and that even beginning the journey is greatness in itself. Help pick this... Read More

December 20th By

An in-depth exploration of 5 nonprofit logos

With the launch of the 99nonprofits website comes a perfect opportunity to dig a little deeper into the world of nonprofit design. This article will explore 5 nonprofit logos as a means of sharpening the design eye, using the following basic criteria: a. Is the logo self evident? Does it tell you what the organization is about? b. Does it visually feel... Read More

December 19th By

Mastering the art of video backgrounds in websites

Video has always been one of the most powerful forms for visual communication. The worldwide influence of television and movies is testament to the inherent pull of the ‘moving image’. Video backgrounds have become an interesting developing trend over the course of 2014. Traditionally video on the web has been about conveying messages. Video backgrounds... Read More

December 18th By

Who wore it best? The great rebranding trends of 2014

Everyone loves a good makeover and 2014’s been an exceptional one for big brands. This was the year when flat design reigned supreme, classic companies ditched their aged-old look, and others faced heated controversy in the face of change. Simplicity was all the rage as large icons, illustrative touches and gradients were replaced by minimal sans serif fonts and delicate designs. With so many rebrands to... Read More

December 17th By

The 2014 designer holiday gift guide

Still stumped on what to get your design-loving friends and family this holiday season? 99designs is here to help with our annual designer gift guide! Whether you’re looking to pamper your loved ones with a heartfelt present (or hoping to be pampered yourself), here are 26 irresistible designer gifts that are perfect for the holidays. Gadgets n’ things... Read More

December 16th By

12 free fonts to share for the holidays

If you’re like us, you can never have enough fonts to play with. So in the spirit of giving, we wanted to pass on this early holiday present. Here are 12 free fonts that we’re loving this winter. As an added exercise in character observation, all of the fonts have been prepared in a similar... Read More

December 15th By

These sandwich-loving superheroes are saving our day

Quiznos has long been a fan of our design community and their contests have regularly pulled impressive results. Last year they tasked designers with re-imagining their iconic toaster and awarded 15 fantastic illustrations. This time around, the hunt was on for original, sub-loving superheroes to fill their 2015 calendar and decorate the corporate office. Designers... Read More

December 13th By

3 ways to rethink nonprofit design

Nonprofit organizations don’t operate like for-profit organizations. Should they be designed like them? There are many reasonable questions a designer might encounter upon striking up a professional relationship with a not-for-profit company. What sort of hierarchy will best suit the website? Are there special rules for designing a nonprofit logo, as opposed to a for-profit one?... Read More

December 12th By