Turning skeuomorphic design into flat design


Let’s face it — skeuomorphic design has had its days. The famous design style has been limping for some time now, but it was pronounced dead when Apple introduced iOS7 and officially stabbed it in the back. Now companies and designers all over the world are working like crazy to flatten their designs and prove they […]

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Community challenge: ‘Halloweenify’ your favorite logos


At 99designs, Halloween is one of our most beloved holidays – it’s hard not to love something that’s about dressing up in crazy costumes, scaring your friends and eating a bunch of candy. In honor of the holiday this year, we have ‘Halloweenified’ a couple of our favorite logos, just for fun. Then we thought, […]

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The 99designs and Pause Fest T-shirt design contest is waiting for your entries!


What could be better than a festival dedicated to enabling and encouraging creative collaborations around the globe AND promotes digital culture? Designing a limited edition T-shirt for the event of course! 99designs is very excited to announce its involvement with the annual celebration of all things digital, Pause Fest. The theme this year is ‘Connected,’ […]

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Creating and using a texture library


Texture, when used correctly, can take a good design and push it over the edge into DANG good. Texture adds a level of visual interest to a design that may otherwise fall a little flat (literally!). And, let’s face it… The problem with texture is that so many people’s first instinct is to go online […]

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Designer Profile: Milkochua


Milko Jayson Chua – The Philippines 99designs handle: Milkochua Projects won: 44 Logos sold in the Readymade Store: 39 Web portfolio: www.coroflot.com/milkochua How did you get started in design? I studied Fine Arts in the University of Santo Tomas, majoring in Advertising Arts. However, before that, even in elementary school, I already loved freehand drawing. Left to right, […]

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A 99designs free ebook: Landing Page Design That Sells


It can be easy to think that the visual design of a landing page is about “skinning” a wireframe with some colors and fonts. But there’s much more to a landing page than meets the eye—a truism we confirmed firsthand in our redesign of the 99designs website last year. So we created an ebook to […]

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From sketch to spectacle: famous movie storyboards


When emerging designers ask us for advice about how to improve the strength of their concepts, we always begin with one simple answer: sketch it. As in, doodles. By hand. On paper. You’d be surprised by how much working outside the parameters of digital software will free your mind. If you don’t believe us, ask […]

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14 design tips for more clickable banner ads


Banner ads are one of the most prolific forms of marketing used in today’s online world. All companies use them in one form or another because they’re an affordable, measurable and effective medium to increase brand awareness – and there’s a lot of design work out there for them. So let’s say that you have […]

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Presenting the winner and other top designs from our Washington Redskins rebranding contest!


What a week it has been – both here at 99designs and in Washington, D.C.! When we launched our Redskins rebranding community contest October 2nd in the midst of growing controversy about the team’s name, we had no idea that in the days ahead: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would soften his once rock-solid stance against change: […]

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Sharpen your skills: Quick branding exercises for designers


Our community team is continually trying to figure out ways to educate our designers. From providing tips, resources and tutorials, designers are always learning through our blog. It’s time to put the things you guys have learned to the test! Let’s sharpen your skills with our series of branding exercises for designers. We’ve created a handy […]

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