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Wait no more! Here are this month’s Creative Challengers

This month’s collection of Creative Challengers designers know that win or lose, you can still succeed. These designs prove that simply trying is often succeeding, even if a win is not in the cards. These challengers show off their prowess with the pen with this illustration-heavy collection that covers everything from study cards to posters... Read More

February 14th By

Designer duo Lucadia turns their love into design success

At 99designs, our team is always enamored by stories of meaningful connections that spark long-lasting relationships between our designers and clients. After all, that is what we’re here for! But we were in for quite a surprise once we started getting to know the team behind designer account Lucadia. Yup, that’s right – team Lucadia consists of Luca Scalise and Nadia M.... Read More

February 13th By

Announcing the winner for January’s Top 9 at 99!

All the votes have been counted and we’re excited to announce that _phons takes home this month’s Top 9 prize for his polar bear dental logo. _phons took on the challenging feat of concocting a truly original work that strays just far enough from the standard iconic dental symbols, keeping the logo effective while maintaining originality. For his endearing work,... Read More

February 12th By

Explore the colors of love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has come a long way from its roots as a day honoring St. Valentine. The holiday currently settles in nicely between New Year’s and impending spring. It offers us all a chance to show our love. A certain collection of standard holiday colors began to emerge as the day became not only about love and relationships,... Read More

February 11th By

The crème de la crème of artisanal chocolate packaging

Up until recently, in the design world it was mostly just greeting card illustrators who had a (professional) reason to care about Valentine’s Day. Not so anymore, as one V-day staple has started coming in packages possibly even more beautiful than the magical substance they contain. No, we’re definitely not talking about Edible Arrangements here. Chocolate, specifically in bar form, is the... Read More

February 10th By

20 illustrations that will draw you in

Illustration in design is a place where graphic design solutions meet artistry. This collection of illustrations from our site highlight not only creativity, but also each designer’s mastery of tools and distinct styles. From the surreal to ultra-realistic, our designers have got you covered. Here’s a sampling of our best illustration designs. Einzig Zenzen boxed... Read More

February 7th By

2014’s ULTIMATE Top 9 winner shares some of his secrets

The votes have been counted and 2014’s ULTIMATE Top 9 at 99 winner (i.e. the best of the best) is Widakk! His logo design for Deep Brewing Co. wowed our community and is only one of his many great works. We were lucky enough to share some words with this excited and talented designer. His story... Read More

February 6th By

Welcoming 2015’s first Top 9 at 99

Every January, businesses around the world kick it into high gear for the New Year – and, thus, so do designers. More work means more options than ever for a great collection of Top 9 at 99, proving that a busy brain can be a creative brain. Help us choose this month’s winner by casting... Read More

February 5th By

Handground takes their design from concept to prototype

Handground took crowdsourcing to the next level when they began working on the Precision Coffee Grinder. The idea was simple: use the power of crowdsourcing to develop a more consistent and sustainable coffee grinder. Thousands of coffee lovers from around the world put their heads together to conceptualize the new machine. Then they took the... Read More

February 3rd By