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Smashingbug makes PowerPoint designs shine

Didem Dönmez (aka Smashingbug) caught our eye with her outstanding PowerPoint designs. Her clean style and tight branding has captured the hearts of many clients on 99designs, bringing them back again and again. Here, we chat with this Istanbul-based freelance designer (and music producer!) about her creative career so far. Name: Didem Dönmez 99designs handle: smashingbug Location: Istanbul, Turkey CONTESTS... Read More

March 18th By

Now announcing our Logo & Hosted Website category

You’ve heard the buzz… Now we’re excited to welcome our latest category to 99designs! The Logo & Hosted Website category will help you expand your web design skills, be creative and earn more money – all without writing a single line of code. Logo & Web designers will focus on logo designs during the contest. At... Read More

March 17th By

5 impressive photography styles and how to nail them

Though web content can take on many different forms, it’s clear that photography dominates web design. Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to come upon a site that doesn’t have some form of photography – and this is hardly surprising. Photography evokes powerful emotional responses. It’s now faster, cheaper and cleaner than ever before. Most professional photos featured on... Read More

March 16th By

Pi vs Pie Day

Happy Pi Day! It’s March 14, and the holiday we bring you today was named for the irrational number representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It’s an unending number, starting with the digits 3.14 and going on and on and on. It’s a day to celebrate math, originated by Larry Shaw in San Francisco’s... Read More

March 14th By

5 Illustrator tips for a more productive workflow

Last September Peter Vukovic wrote an article containing tips for a productive Photoshop workflow. This post is essentially the Illustrator version of Peter’s article, highlighting some Illustrator specific tips as well as some other tips that span several Adobe programs. Global color swatches Many designers have faced a design project requiring three or more colors and a combination of... Read More

March 13th By

Is your website design stuck in the ’90s?

The year was 1996. The President of the United States was Bill Clinton. The Dallas Cowboys were Super Bowl champs. Everyone was dancing to The Macarena. And websites were, to be frank, awful. When you picture a website from the ’90s, you probably think of black backgrounds, animated GIFs, clip art, slow load times and... Read More

March 12th By

3 essential ways to use the Illustrator pattern library

Any Adobe Illustrator user is likely familiar with the “untouchable” pattern library. It is filled with strange pattern fills then never quite seem to be the right size or color. This tutorial changes all of that by explaining how to change those parameters. Some creative ideas will be shared along the way as well. Color... Read More

March 11th By

5 landing page trends for 2015

Determining trends for one specific year isn’t easy. Trends tend to bleed together year after year. There’s never a hard distinction between the time people test out a technique in say, 2014, and start doing it en-masse in 2015. In landing page design, trends like minimalism, the use of flat design, videos, or even showcasing customers... Read More

March 10th By

Logo evolutions of the world’s biggest brands

Throughout design history, companies have always strived to keep their logos current or ahead of the curve. For several large companies, time has worked in their favor. Take Apple for example, whose 1976 apple symbol has lasted to date with nothing but a simple color change. On the other hand, companies such as Caterpillar, Shell and... Read More

March 9th By

10 women designers who #makeithappen

March 8 is International Women’s Day — we’ve been celebrating it here at 99designs for years. This year’s theme is #makeithappen, and our talented community of women designers are certainly doing that. The proportion of women in our community grows every day, and we’re thrilled to support them and show off their creative endeavors. Today is... Read More

March 8th By