Pixelmator: is it a viable alternative to Photoshop?


When it comes to image editing, a lot of designers head straight for Adobe Photoshop — it’s a great program and a creative industry standard. But it’s also a professional program, and has got a professional price tag attached, one that not every new designer can afford straight away. Alternatives have been around for ages, […]

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How to use your résumé to sell your design skills


Despite all of the options available for showing off your skills these days, a graphic design résumé is still an important asset to have. And though you wouldn’t think it, having a lot of skills can be a real problem when creating your résumé. You only have one page to impress your future employer with […]

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Top 9 at 99: March 2014

template copy

March was the month where we moved from winter into spring! And to show it off in style, our designers embraced both the combination of icy black, white, gray and blue of winter — and the sprightly greens we’re so excited to see springing through the snow. How do you choose between these all of […]

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10 of the best sources for web design inspiration


Are you a web designer looking for the right place to get your creative juices flowing? Look no further — the following list is the perfect remedy for someone stuck-in-a-rut, bored of seeing the same designs over and over. Here are the most inspired, curated, and constantly updated websites around to help your creativity: 1. […]

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Entries now open for the YoorallaTEE Contest 2014


It’s time for a change. It’s time to ‘redefine disability.’ Last year’s YoorallaTEE competition was a huge success, with over 1800 entries from around the world. The competition is back for 2014, and this year Yooralla has teamed back up with 99designs, Dangerfield and The Father Bob Maguire Foundation for an even bigger campaign. The […]

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Create an editable PDF business card template in 7 steps with Adobe Acrobat


An editable business card template is one of the most common requests from design clients. But it can be a difficult one as many of them don’t have the ability or software to make edits to the design. Most clients simply want to edit the name and contact info for the business card design, and […]

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Behind the scenes with Brian Andersen on his new logo design for ‘Friend of Dorothy’


Brian Andersen is not just an amazing comic book writer and 99designs customer, but has spent time working in the 99designs family at our office in SF — AND is a new dad! Having all these responsibilities could be a little more than tough, but Brian manages with humorous aplomb (and dirty jokes). When writing his […]

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6 ways to think and act like a great designer


What makes a great designer?   Years of experience for sure, but there is more to being great than simply putting in the hours. Besides being able to create amazing work, you come to realize certain universal truths that guide the design profession. Based on more than a dozen interviews and biographies of famous designers, […]

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Copyright vs. trademark: what’s the difference?


There’s no getting around it: designers and creatives of all types need to understand intellectual property law. This is so we can protect our own work in an age when images circulate freely around the Internet, as well as make sure we are providing viable products to our clients. While this may sound like a […]

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Four trends to create a stand-out packaging design

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Product packaging often serves as the first impression of a brand for a consumer, which is why the most successful companies will always try to keep their merchandise wrapped in something fresh, eye-catching, and unique. In this post, we’ll be exploring the different trends these companies use to package their products, and how you as a […]

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