Introducing the new Brand Identity Pack category


Here at 99designs, we’re always trying to find ways to increase the amount of work and compensation available to designers, while providing design solutions for customers. We’re fortunate to have a community of  skilled designers here who find success in multiple design categories, and can take on many different kinds of complex projects with their […]

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Community Contest: Design an identity for Rio’s 450th Anniversary!


Rio de Janiero has captured the world’s imagination for years — never more so than these last months before it will host the World Cup in 2014, and the Olympics in 2016. In what seems like impeccable timing, the city is also going to be celebrating its 450th anniversary in 2015, and Rio de Janiero’s […]

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Security update from 99designs: The Heartbleed Bug


The Heartbleed logo — a design 99designs intends never to see again! (Courtesy of As you may be aware from the widespread media reports on the issue (including this article in The New York Times), a serious internet bug dubbed “Heartbleed” was identified yesterday by security researchers. Reports indicate that two-thirds of all websites […]

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Entries now open for the YoorallaTEE Contest 2014


It’s time for a change. It’s time to ‘redefine disability.’ Last year’s YoorallaTEE competition was a huge success, with over 1800 entries from around the world. The competition is back for 2014, and this year Yooralla has teamed back up with 99designs, Dangerfield and The Father Bob Maguire Foundation for an even bigger campaign. The […]

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Congrats to the winners of the Chefrunde Studytour USA contest!


99designs had the opportunity to host Chefrunde Studytour USA this week in our San Francisco office, and boy, did we have a blast! Chefrunde Studytour USA connects editors and executives from Germany’s leading media companies (magazines, newspapers, websites, publishers) with tech companies in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. The topic at hand? All the latest […]

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Presenting the winner and runners-up from our City of Amsterdam community contest


After we saw online media explode with commentary on the new logo for the City of Amsterdam earlier this month, we decided that our community needed a chance to weigh in on options for the design with a Community Contest. And you did not disappoint. We received almost 1,900 entries from nearly 400 designers. THANK YOU! […]

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How to create and deliver the correct logo files to your client


You may have noticed a change on logo Handover pages. We used to ask for an .eps or .ai file at the very minimum, but now we’re asking for a PDF file instead of an .eps file, in addition to other types of files. Here is the list of files that you should be providing […]

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Community contest: create a new logo for the City of Amsterdam


You may have heard the buzz: the City of Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, recently updated its entire corporate identity. This includes naming, branding of neighborhoods and departments, a fleet of vehicle wraps and even the introduction of ‘a modular guy called Adam’, who strikes a variety of poses in the same style. However, the […]

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The top 20 posts from 99designs’ The Creative Edge in 2013


Did you miss them the first time around? Never fear! Here are the top 20 posts we published on our designer blog, The Creative Edge, in 2013: 20. 6 common myths about logo design By Peter Vukovic “You just don’t understand me” — if logos could talk, these are the six myths they’d share. The top logo […]

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2014 design gift giveaway!


Start 2014 with a win! 2013 was amazing. We had more designers than ever winning contests and creating lasting relationships with their clients through 99designs. But we want to make 2014 even better. To celebrate a brand new year of opportunity, we’re giving designers the chance to score each of the 13 fun and inspiring […]

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