10 remarkable restaurant menus for your inspiration

Although restaurant menu design may be one of the lesser talked about mediums, they’re also one of the most important. Menus address one of the basic necessities of life: food. And beyond a necessity, food is something we enjoy immensely. A well-designed menu plays up a restaurant’s ambiance, excites the diner and adds to an overall pleasurable... Read More

June 10th By

The stories behind America’s national sports league logos

Imagine you designed a logo beloved by an entire country, that appeared everywhere on hats and jerseys and on television, and no one knew you had done it. Such was the fate of Jerry Dior, designer of the Major League Baseball (MLB) logo, for thirty years. Dior designed the logo in 1968 while working at the New... Read More

June 9th By

Let visual sound blow your mind

There’s something about sound that has captured humanity’s attention for thousands of years. It’s one of the five kinds of input we receive to be able to interact with one another and the world around us. It’s pretty much our central mode of communication. So it’s no surprise that some of the most creative minds... Read More

June 4th By

14 mouthwatering menu designs

We’ve recently launched a new menu design category and, to celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cocktail and restaurant menus to wet your creative appetite. Menu design can be an impressive feat, requiring designers to carefully lay out an immense amount of text in ways that are easily digestible to the reader. How to emphasize different menu offerings? Or call out separate courses? What kind of personality does... Read More

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Don’t miss these amazing vehicle wraps!

As designers, we work on plenty of canvases – but one of the most unique types of graphic design is the vehicle wrap. Coming in all shapes and sizes, from massive trucks to sleek racing cars, these wraps act as 3-dimensional, mobile billboards. They need to be eye-catching, informative and make the branding shine. We’ve rounded up some... Read More

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9 engaging wedding design trends for summer

Summer is coming up quickly, which means wedding season is upon us.  And the creation of weddings has become a booming industry, with thousands of artists and vendors dependent on those brides and grooms rolling in for clothing, food, décor, music – and design. What a better use of your design skills than to help someone... Read More

May 14th By

The evolution of World Expo design

This summer, a whole lot of people will descend upon Milan for the 2015 World Expo. If you have been any where near Italy this year, the news will come as no surprise: Andrea Puppa’s branding for the Expo has colored much of the peninsula in magenta, yellow and cyan. If you have not, then... Read More

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10 grayscale designs to inspire you on a rainy day

With Spring comes gray skies and rainy days. These overcast moments offer sunshine-craving designers a good excuse to stay inside and work on the computer. In embrace of the rainy day mood, here are 10 grayscale designs that use the lack of color to an advantage! Brazil 2014 World Cup calendar (print and website): Team Karoshi Essem Design,... Read More

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99designers take on the line art trend

With flat design and vintage trends capturing designers’ imagination for the past few years, it’s no surprise that line art, or line craft, is taking the design scene by storm. Casting off skeuomorphic textures for minimal, mono-weight lines, this trend takes the best aspects of retro style and simplifies it into charming graphics that will look great on anything. Stamp... Read More

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