Sochi Olympics logo: branding Russia anew

SOC_Olympic logoRGB

These days, controversy surrounding an Olympics logo is par for the course – who could forget the fracas surrounding London 2012′s day-glo glpyhs? The logo for Sochi 2014, designed by the Moscow branch of Swiss studio Interband, is no exception. A logo with no pictorial symbol? Olympic blasphemy!  The official Sochi Olympics logo has no pictorial […]

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99designs Meetups 2014: looking forward to the year ahead


2013 was our second year hosting Meetups, and our community really stepped up! We held more than 20 Meetups around the world, and we’re hoping to double that this year! For inspiration, take a look through some of our best events from last year: The first Meetup of 2014: Chittagong, Bangladesh But we’re also excited […]

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Branding the world’s 20 best restaurants


We’re interested in how branding and graphic design operate at the world’s highest bastions of taste, so we decided to have a peek at the web designs of the twenty restaurants that were named the world’s best in 2013. The chefs that head these establishments take innovation and perfectionism to astounding levels, and in this […]

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99designs staffer profile: Emma


We hope you’re hungry! Today’s 99designs staffer profile is going to leave you drooling. Today we’re highlighting our Australian PR coordinator Emma. Emma has been with 99designs for about 9 months now, and when she isn’t working with our PR team to make us famous, she writes for and co-manages a scrumptious food blog called Eatable! […]

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23 top logos from the 99designs Ready-made store


With so many great designs coming in from contests, sometimes we forget about our little old Ready-made logo store. If you’re not familiar with it, the logo store is 99designs service where designers can offer their logos as templates for immediate sale. These logos are meant to be available to many kinds of clients, so they […]

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Get inspired by minimalism (and a minimalist design quiz!)


One elemental mark of successful branding is the ability to remove the excess and distill it down to its unobscured core while still recognizing the brand. In its essence minimalism is a challenge to the viewer that says “I DARE you to recognize me.” Then we get a little burst of excitement when we make […]

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30 stunning black and white photo colorizations


Many of you may have seen the huge crop of colorized old black and white photos popping up around the web (there are some wonderful subreddits devoted to it). The results can be truly stunning, and bring history to life in a new way. For all you fans out there, here are 30 beautiful examples: […]

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Radiant Orchid: The Pantone Color of the Year 2014

Radiant Orchid

Pantone selects a color at the end of every year to reflect what they believe will become a major design trend, across all design platforms, in the coming year. Whether or not their selection in based on the Zeitgeist, or creates it, when Pantone has something to say, designers usually listen. And this year, the […]

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Who wore it better? The branding trends of 2013


Another year gone by, another opportunity to examine the branding trends that surfaced — and, more fun, to point out who re-branded gracefully and who botched it. We have picked out 10 salient trends from 2013, ranging from location branding to adaptive design, and put together a series of “who wore it better” comparisons. (Yes, […]

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5 ways 3D printing is affecting the design industry


You’re hearing a lot about 3D printing lately, right? As a designer, you probably see it everywhere — and while 3D printers aren’t going to become as commonplace as computers any time soon, they are likely going to continue to grow in use and popularity. Do you know what that means for you? How will […]

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