26 of 99designs’ top designers from A to Z

From alphabet soup to advanced typography, we’ve all been on a journey since we were very little to master language’s fundamental building blocks. It’s basis of almost every design project we do, as well as our communication with each other and every client. So, to honor our roots, this roundup comes courtesy of that grand A... Read More

December 29th By

11 spirited designs to celebrate the holidays

Happy holidays from all of us here at 99designs! You’ve all been hard at work designing everything from snowmen and Santas to Christmas cards and cheerful apparel. Here’s some of our favorite designs to get you in the holiday spirit! Robot Santa book cover Designer: Graza Contest: Robot Santa book: I wrote this for my stepdaughter... Read More

December 24th By

We’re pleased to announce this month’s Creative Challengers

The path to greatness always includes some roadblocks along the way. While some consider losing a contest to be a roadblock, others see it as a stepping stone. This becomes clear when looking at this month’s Creative Challengers. Our designers know that each step is crucial to success, and that even beginning the journey is greatness in itself. Help pick this... Read More

December 20th By

The 2014 designer holiday gift guide

Still stumped on what to get your design-loving friends and family this holiday season? 99designs is here to help with our annual designer gift guide! Whether you’re looking to pamper your loved ones with a heartfelt present (or hoping to be pampered yourself), here are 26 irresistible designer gifts that are perfect for the holidays. Gadgets n’ things... Read More

December 16th By

These sandwich-loving superheroes are saving our day

Quiznos has long been a fan of our design community and their contests have regularly pulled impressive results. Last year they tasked designers with re-imagining their iconic toaster and awarded 15 fantastic illustrations. This time around, the hunt was on for original, sub-loving superheroes to fill their 2015 calendar and decorate the corporate office. Designers... Read More

December 13th By

Greeting card designs to get you in the holiday spirit

What comes to mind when you design a card for the holidays? We recently ran a contest on 99designs asking for a modern, light-hearted greeting card design that we could mail to some of our most valued customers for the holidays. Designers flooded in with a wintry mix of stars, snowflakes, Santa hats and holiday decor that... Read More

December 6th By

And the Pantone Color of the Year is… Marsala!

Every year Pantone – the be-all-and-end-all in color authority – a color of the year that will define design decisions for the next twelve months and beyond. Yesterday, they finally announced the 2015 winner and it is… MARSALA! Also known as a fortified wine and often used to make chicken dishes, as well as mushroom cream sauces, marsala is... Read More

December 5th By

“Desainer Kampung” tells our Village Designers’ story in a new film

The documentary, Desainer Kampung (or “Village Designer”), recently aired on Indonesian TV about some of 99designs’ village designers. The film was made by of one of the finalists from the Eagle Awards, an annual documentary competition by Metro TV. The film is set in Kaliabu, a village where hundreds of people have taken on graphic design as a side job. Interest in... Read More

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