14 Famous Graphic Design Firms


In the competitive global design industry it can be difficult to establish a name brand, however there are a handful of famous graphic design firms that have managed to do so. Here, we’ve compiled a short list of famous graphic design firms from around the globe that many freelance designers dream of working for:  1. Pentagram […]

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10 graphic designers you should be able to name-drop

The Public Theater

We all know that as graphic designers we have to study those who came before us and advanced the field of design. Here at 99designs, we love focusing in on the work of some of the biggies. We’ve covered giants like Paul Rand, Milton Glaser, Saul Bass and more on this blog. But there are a […]

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Elevating wordmarks with the power of a custom font


It’s the perennial question for logo designers tasked with creating a wordmark: to create the type from scratch, or to simply modify an existing typeface? As we previously discussed, there is no shame in sprucing up an existing typeface – indeed, some of the world’s most famous companies have done it! At the same time, […]

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What the new Airbnb logo means for designers


Airbnb, an online marketplace for short-term housing rentals, unveiled a new branding scheme yesterday that centers on a bold new logo and extends across the company’s website, mobile apps and beyond. They’re pretty proud of it, and for good reason: this is one of the most dramatic and confident rebrands the tech industry has recently […]

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Contemporary design on the rise in Beijing


When it comes to talking about contemporary design, China is probably not the first country that comes to mind. It’s often a place that reminds us of the past — ancient architecture, paintings, pottery, poetry. But China has a very complicated relationship with time, balancing between the new and the old, which makes it a fascinating […]

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Design News: Poster Biennalle, Hunger Games & more


June. It’s the middle of the year; the official start of summer. It’s a time for festivals, relaxation and increased creativity. It’s the perfect time to catch up on world news… world design news, that is! Poster Biennale By Lukasz Kowalski (left) and Wieslaw Rosocha (right) via Poster Page Since 1966 the world’s largest poster museum in […]

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9 emoji designs that are totally text-worthy


On June 16th, The Unicode Consortium, (a non-profit organization that sets the standards for the representation of text in all software) released 250 new emoji as part of the updated Unicode Standard 7.0. These new emoji won’t be appearing on your smartphone just yet. We’ll have to wait to find out which ones will be adopted […]

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The greatest World Cup illustrations from 2014


The World Cup, being a ridiculously exciting global event, brings a lot of opportunity for designers to create something that turns viral. Some artists have recreated team kits; others have illustrated important game events or even made team posters – all very awesome, and very shareable. Let’s take a look at some of the best […]

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30 food truck designs to serve up summer


The idea of serving food out of a truck with a mobile kitchen is not new. It dates back as far as the nighttime “lunch wagons” that catered to New York City nightshift workers at the turn of the 20th century, and even farther — some accounts cite the chuckwagon, a mobile canteen for Texas […]

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Our favorite kits from the World Cup

world cup kits 2014

While most sports fans’ eyes have been glued to the goal lines during the World Cup, we’ve been eyeing the more fashionable aspects of the field. A token of national pride and shining example of sleek design,  the World Cup kits are a great way to study clothing design. Classic or modern? Flashy or minimal? […]

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