Vote for your favorite March Madness team logo

March Madness is in full swing as the NCAA takes over US airwaves with The Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four — all sorts of alliterative words that have become part of our everyday lexicon, even if you don’t watch college basketball. It’s no secret that branding is a huge part of American university sports and campus... Read More

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Show your work! Captivating sketches from 99designers

As a designer, you can probably relate to the power that a process sketch provides. It’s a loose way to quickly stream ideas out of your consciousness and onto paper without the complications of mouse clicks or digital barriers. Here you can problem solve differently, explore options swiftly and generate tons of different concepts that... Read More

March 21st By

Get inspired by these stunning Logo & Web designs!

It’s quite impressive what our designers can come up with – even if they’ve only just started using the Jimdo platform for our new Logo & Hosted Web category. Surely, Jimdo’s ease of use plays a big part, too. Below, we’ve picked 5 of the most popular Jimdo templates to showcase how 99designers are using their winning logo... Read More

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Pi vs Pie Day

Happy Pi Day! It’s March 14, and the holiday we bring you today was named for the irrational number representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It’s an unending number, starting with the digits 3.14 and going on and on and on. It’s a day to celebrate math, originated by Larry Shaw in San Francisco’s... Read More

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10 women designers who #makeithappen

March 8 is International Women’s Day — we’ve been celebrating it here at 99designs for years. This year’s theme is #makeithappen, and our talented community of women designers are certainly doing that. The proportion of women in our community grows every day, and we’re thrilled to support them and show off their creative endeavors. Today is... Read More

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Design, in Holi color

The skies may still be grey in much of the world, but this Friday lots of folks will return home caked in pigment spanning the whole color spectrum, and that tells us that Spring is on the horizon. More specifically, it tells us that Holi is here—the Hindu celebration of the coming season and a festival of... Read More

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We predict 2015’s hottest packaging design trends

As a key part of the marketing process, packaging designers must constantly step up their game — not only to get the design right, but also in order to educate and lead the industry towards more ethical practices. Packaging design holds value so long as it is meaningful for people’s lives, be it through innovation or style. Thus, human... Read More

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19 packaging designs that wrap it up perfectly

When it comes to packaging designs, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. From beer labels to cosmetics and coffees, each product deserves a special label to make it pop off the shelf. Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil label Designer: Martis Lupus Contest: Opportunity to create a minimalistic, refined product design Himmel Hünd beers Designer:... Read More

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Rounding up some of today’s most influential Chinese designers

For those new to Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Goat is a terrific time to get acquainted. The goat brings forth creativity, thoughtfulness and lucky numbers 2 and 7! It also brings forth the time and the chance to become familiar with graphic design in China. In staying with the lucky numbers, this article rounds... Read More

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