simeonmarco’s specialty in stationary took her to the top

Name: Loida Yu Location: Philippines 99designs handle: simeonmarco Projects won: 190 If you’re interested in the world of greeting cards, then Loida Yu (aka simeonmarco) is the designer to talk to. With a background in accounting, she taught herself photography and design — invitation cards being her specialty! And we really do mean “specialty” as she has a... Read More

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Stefaaan uses his fine art skills to craft beautiful logos

Logo and illustration designer Stefan Petrov (aka Stefaaan) is a great role model for any fine artist looking to learn graphic design. With support from his friends, and an introduction to 99designs, he self-taught his way into a remarkable design style. Just look at his portfolio, and you’ll see designs full of unique details and concepts; not to mention... Read More

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99designer dasaideabox creates a logo, builds a brand

Name: Dasa Mamula Location: Croatia 99designs handle: dasaideabox Projects won: 37 Dasa Mamula (aka dasaideabox) is a multi-talented designer who has taken special interest in logo design on 99designs. And rightfully so, she’s had great experiences — meeting clients at the beginning of their design journeys, presenting them with a valued logo, and obtaining follow-on work that builds out... Read More

April 16th By

An interview with Italian graphic designer, XxnIKoxX

Nicola D’Alessandro, aka XxnIKoxX, is a talented graphic designer from Italy. We ran across his portfolio and we were immediately attracted to the personality he puts into his logo designs. We’ve seen first hand what a pleasure it is to work with Nicola, when he joined our fun community contest to re-design the Miami Dolphins logo. Check out some... Read More

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We talk with EdnaBrent about her surrealistic style

Name: Sabina Rosafio Location: Italy 99designs handle: EdnaBrent Projects won: 10 Website: Sabina’s Profile Meet Sabina Rosafio — an Italian designer with a surrealistic style. Her work is definitely unique, and can be described as pictorial, crazy, and surprising! Check out more of her poster and logo designs on her portfolio site. How did you get started... Read More

December 31st By

How self-taught web developer, Pixelized, broke into design

Emmanuel Chappat (aka Pixelized) is a self-taught web developer and designer who spends 80% of his time coding and 20% designing. He stumbled upon 99designs while looking for a way to widen his design experience and skills — two things we love to help designers’ broaden in our community! Check out his personal website here.   Name: Emmanuel Chappat... Read More

December 17th By

We chat with packaging designer and music fan, Dizzinessdesign

Meet Dizzinessdesign — a graphic designer from France who excels in packaging design. He is also a music lover and producer, which gives him great opportunities like designing mixtape covers for local DJs. Dizzinessdesign is a morning person with 4am being his ideal time to work. Evidence of his early-morning-designing can be found in the... Read More

November 19th By

An interview with 99designer and illustrator Estefanía Sanz

Name: Estefanía Sanz Location: Spain 99designs handle: Estefanía Sanz Projects won: 33 Website: It’s important for graphic designers to establish a style during their careers and 99designer Estefanía Sanz has certainly done so! You’ll notice the fun character illustrations she incorporates into almost all of her designs. If you want to see more, then take a tour of her online... Read More

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