Designer profile: Pixelized


Emmanuel Chappat, aka Pixelized, is a self-taught web developer and designer who spends 80% of his time coding and 20% designing. He stumbled upon 99designs while looking for a way to widen his design experience and skills — two things we love to help designers’ broaden in our community! Check out his personal website at […]

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Designer profile: Dizzinessdesign


Meet Dizzinessdesign — a graphic designer from France who excels in packaging design. He is also a music lover, and producer, which gives him great opportunities like designing mixtape covers for local DJs. Dizzinessdesign is a morning person with 4:00AM being is his ideal time to work. Evidence of his early-morning-designing can be found in […]

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Designer profile: Estefanía Sanz


It’s important for graphic designers to establish a style during their careers, and 99designer Estefanía Sanz has certainly done so! You’ll notice the fun character illustrations she incorporates into almost all of her designs. If you want to see more then take a tour of her online portfolio. Estefanía Sanz – Spain 99designs handle: Estefanía Sanz Projects won: 33 How did you […]

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Designer profile: BATHI


99designer BATHI is an incredible illustrator and T-shirt designer whos eats, sleeps and breathes the arts. And rightfully so, he has been surrounded by creatives his whole life. Recently, BATHI was featured on 99designs’ Facebook Coverphoto and was awarded as the most-liked design in the Fed by Threads contest. Tangguh Karya – Indonesia 99designs handle: BATHI Projects won: 29 How did […]

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Designer profile: rembrandtjurin


In 2009, rembrandtjurin caught our eye with his exceptional packaging designs and has been dominating the field since. His design presentations are exemplary of cutting-edge packaging, so if you’re new to the field then check out his work! Currently, Rembrandtjurin has a small design studio in Davao City that caters to international clients found from 99designs. Dennis […]

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Designer profile: creatiph™


Marian Pop, aka creatiph™, has been surrounded by design since he was a child and has the design process down pat. He brainstorms with pen and paper and puts a lot of emphasis on the conceptual side of design — a perfect combo for success! Marian Pop – Romania 99designs handle: creatiph™ Projects won: 11 How did you get started […]

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Designer profile: fattah setiawan


Fattah Setiawan is incredible logo designer who caught our attention after winning 99designs’ poster contest — obviously he rocks at poster design too. ;) His passion for design started when he created his first logo for his band, “Merrygoround.” Get to know him and enjoy his work! Fattah Setiawan – Indonesia 99designs handle: fattah setiawan Projects won: 22 How […]

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Designer profile: Jen Harely


Meet Jen Harely and check out her incredible poster designs. If you’re like me and can’t get enough, more inspiration can be found on her site Jen Harley – USA 99designs handle: jenhar Projects won: 5 How did you get started in design? I taught myself how to use Photoshop and Illustrator for fun. I never received formal art education […]

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Designer profile: azanti


Meet Adrian Nita — he began logo design at age 15 and has been killing it on 99designs since 2009. Not only is he a great designer but an awesome leader. Just recently, Adrian helped lead a 99designs Meetup in Bucharest, Romania. Adrian Nita – Romania 99designs handle: azanti Projects won: 52 How did you get started in design? Since […]

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Designer profile: OnlydeeStudio


Meet OnlydeeStudio — an Indonesian designer who’s multi-talented in logo design and does jaw-dropping illustrations in different mediums like watercolor. Dian Wahyuningrum – Indonesia 99designs handle: Onlydee* Projects won: 30 How did you get started in design? I started drawing when I was 5 years old. I went to college and studied Product Design, then decided to major in Fashion Design. […]

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