3AM3I turns her illustration hobby into a full-time job

As a designer, it’s very important to have a source of inspiration. For Croatian character designer Jelena Stupar, this inspiration comes in the form of years of practice, a devoted husband, the memory of her son and some super groovy music to get her in the designing mood. We chatted with her about her history... Read More

November 8th By

Meet 99designs staffer and sneaker designer, Sol

Today we’re thrilled to introduce you to Sol — the Spanish Marketing Manager, in another installment of our 99designs staffer profiles. She’s been a part of the team for about a year and is part of our crazy office of ladies in Berlin. Amazingly, she still finds the time to work on her collaborative sneaker line, and... Read More

October 31st By

Meet LEVI, logo and web designer

Every designer has a unique approach for how they like to design and go about their craft. For Levi Szekeres, projects have to be well-planned. Detail can never go unaccounted for, and each step of his process is tried and true. Szekeres’ approach is to execute design work as meticulously as you would by using... Read More

October 24th By

Meet Logo Store designer Milkochua

Name: Milko Jayson Chua Location: The Philippines 99designs handle: Milkochua Projects won: 44 Logos sold in the Readymade Store: 39 Web portfolio: www.coroflot.com/milkochua How did you get started in design? I studied Fine Arts in the University of Santo Tomas, majoring in Advertising Arts. However, before that, even in elementary school, I already loved freehand drawing.... Read More

October 17th By

A date with web designer, fortunefaded

Pairing a client and a graphic designer for a project is all about forming a connection. You’ve got to find the right match! Whether you’re looking for a design to be done, or just a designer to swap stories with, we present the designer: fortunefaded. A great success story of 99designs, she’s a web design specialist who... Read More

September 13th By

Introducing 99designs’ experimental superstar, mpkz

Logos, t-shirts, posters, infographic designs — you name it and mpkz has tried it. Meet one of 99designs superstars of experimenting, using the site to explore all of his design interests. Name: Taufik Fitrianto Location: Indonesia 99designs handle: mpkz Projects won: 10 How did you get started in design? It began when I was in... Read More

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simeonmarco’s specialty in stationary took her to the top

Name: Loida Yu Location: Philippines 99designs handle: simeonmarco Projects won: 190 If you’re interested in the world of greeting cards, then Loida Yu (aka simeonmarco) is the designer to talk to. With a background in accounting, she taught herself photography and design — invitation cards being her specialty! And we really do mean “specialty” as she has a... Read More

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Stefaaan uses his fine art skills to craft beautiful logos

Logo and illustration designer Stefan Petrov (aka Stefaaan) is a great role model for any fine artist looking to learn graphic design. With support from his friends, and an introduction to 99designs, he self-taught his way into a remarkable design style. Just look at his portfolio, and you’ll see designs full of unique details and concepts; not to mention... Read More

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