An interview with tattoo artist and illustrator Jordan Mitchell

Jordan Mitchell, 26, is a Texas native who relocated to Modesto, CA at the age of 10 where he discovered his deep appreciation for tattoos. Thanks to the father of a childhood friend, opportunity came knockin’ and he began an apprenticeship at 18. Today, Jordan is a resident artist at Black and Blue Tattoo in... Read More

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Words of wisdom from 99designs veteran, SHANAshay

Name: Shana Cinquegrana 99designs handle: SHANAshay Location: New Jersey, USA Contests won: 238 Shana Cinquegrana, a.k.a. SHANAshay, is a bonafide 99designs veteran with over 200 contest wins under her belt—most of them in her signature illustration style that appeals to female-run businesses ranging from beauty and fashion to publishing, food and other forms of entrepreneurship. We sat... Read More

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Nicholas Sheriff grows from 99designer to business innovator

Nicholas Sheriff has been busy. He recently moved from New York City to San Francisco to become a product manager for a client he actually met on 99designs. Now, after designing 15 different apps, he’s taking his career to new heights and starting his own browser app: Quest. We took a moment to sit down with the charming and passionate... Read More

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Cheers to JereKel, one of 99designs’ highest-paid members

Jeremy Ellsworth, a.k.a. JereKel, is a platinum designer and one of our highest-paid members last month. He has a robust portfolio of clients gained in contests and elsewhere, with whom he does business using 1-to-1 projects. With no formal design training, he owes his success entirely to his own enthusiasm and work ethic (and ok,... Read More

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A global design collaboration by 78Tarot

Since 99designs is all about contests, competition between designers can sometimes be fierce. More prevalent than this rivalry, however, is the great respect we have for each other’s achievements and our deep appreciation for the varied skill-sets on the site. Virtual friendships are formed and – in some cases – spill out into the real... Read More

Meet the design duo behind the 99designs Cafe logo

We first spoke with Fattah Setiawan back in 2012 when he was chosen as a winner for our poster design contest (you can read the interview here). Now Fattah and his creative partner, Bramanto Setyaki, are back on our radar after enlivening our first 99designs Cafe series with an incredible live chalk-drawing performance featuring their latest... Read More

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A specialty in social media design took The JA Designs to the top

Social media is becoming increasingly important for new and existing businesses, second only to having a website. But how do you make your pages stand out? While most of the layout is predetermined on social sites, there’s still room for customization. This kind of design often hides behind the scenes, but is super important to the... Read More

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Meet PinchStudio, winner of our Small Business Week community contest!

This week, we’re hoping that hundreds of small businesses around the United States will be posting this awesome illustration by PinchStudio in their real or virtual storefronts: PinchStudio’s poster/social media banner illustration for National Small Business Week Most of the folks who run contests on 99designs are small business owners (and many designers are, too),... Read More

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Meet beer branding enthusiast, ForestGiant

Name: Ben Capazo Location: USA 99designs handle: Forest Giant Projects won: 8 Website: Could you tell us about yourself and your story? I’m originally from a small town on the Ohio/Michigan line. I’ve always been a creative type, and recently went back to school and earned a degree in graphic design. I spent too many years figuring... Read More

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