Design History: Get to know your ampersands

We see the symbol all of the time. Elegant, curved, infinitely malleable. But what’s the origin of the mysterious and ubiquitous ampersand? How can you choose which one is the best version to use? Read on to uncover all you wanted to know about this ancient tool of text: Origin of the ampersand Part 1... Read More

April 3rd By

New to the game? 99U shares their top freelancing tips

Jumping full time into the freelance game can be pretty intimidating. This month, we’re rounding up some of the best articles from 99U to walk you through some starter steps to find solo success in the freelance industry. Learn how to pick up your first clients, avoid early pitfalls and make time for personal projects.... Read More

April 1st By

10 ways to improve client communication

Communication is often the most challenging aspect of working as a graphic designer. Clients can be demanding, distracted and emotional (perhaps not without good reason) and any successful designer will need to be prepared to handle it. Here are 10 tips to form a solid foundation in client communication. 1. Define the roles Photo from 1966... Read More

March 30th By

How to “sell” your designs to clients

A designer often knows when their design is a perfect fit for a client. They know when it will be successful in the real world and what it feels like to make that final tweak, relieving the fear of failure and triggering an adrenaline rush with nothing left to do but smile. But more often than not, clients... Read More

March 25th By

8 standout ways to create a Facebook cover design

Pretty much the first stop in any company’s social media push is going to be their Facebook cover design. Determining a strategy for how to make a page memorable is what they’re going to strive for. And there are a lot of ways to do it. As a designer you’ve got to understand how these social media outlets... Read More

March 23rd By

3 spring cleaning tricks to keep your typography fresh

The time for spring cleaning has arrived and for those with cluttered font library and messy typographic techniques, it is a perfect opportunity to clean up. This article takes on the task in 3 steps: cleaning out the font library, getting more from less fonts and polishing up typographic technique. 1. Clean up your font library Participating in design contests... Read More

March 20th By

5 impressive photography styles and how to nail them

Though web content can take on many different forms, it’s clear that photography dominates web design. Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to come upon a site that doesn’t have some form of photography – and this is hardly surprising. Photography evokes powerful emotional responses. It’s now faster, cheaper and cleaner than ever before. Most professional photos featured on... Read More

March 16th By

5 Illustrator tips for a more productive workflow

Last September Peter Vukovic wrote an article containing tips for a productive Photoshop workflow. This post is essentially the Illustrator version of Peter’s article, highlighting some Illustrator specific tips as well as some other tips that span several Adobe programs. Global color swatches Many designers have faced a design project requiring three or more colors and a combination of... Read More

March 13th By

Is your website design stuck in the ’90s?

The year was 1996. The President of the United States was Bill Clinton. The Dallas Cowboys were Super Bowl champs. Everyone was dancing to The Macarena. And websites were, to be frank, awful. When you picture a website from the ’90s, you probably think of black backgrounds, animated GIFs, clip art, slow load times and... Read More

March 12th By

5 landing page trends for 2015

Determining trends for one specific year isn’t easy. Trends tend to bleed together year after year. There’s never a hard distinction between the time people test out a technique in say, 2014, and start doing it en-masse in 2015. In landing page design, trends like minimalism, the use of flat design, videos, or even showcasing customers... Read More

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