5 ways to successfully work from home

Freelance design is unique in that designers can make their own schedules. For some this is a benefit, but for many the lack of structure can be a challenge. Here are five work from home tips that address the different challenges of freelance design and how to overcome them. 1. Identify the checkpoints rob warde (via Flickr) Trying to... Read More

July 16th By

How to create unique typography with Illustrator’s 3D tools

Ever wondered how to make your typography pop… literally? In this tutorial, we’ll look at some simple ways to utilize 3D tools in Illustrator to create unique typographic results. From distressed lettering to a slick, vintage style – here are the tools you need to use for wow-worthy letters. To begin a simple text box has been... Read More

July 15th By

Understanding visual hierarchy in poster design

Visual hierarchy in poster design can be established in many different ways and often is the product of an analytical mind and/or a fine-tuned design instinct. This article explores several examples from both famous and lesser known designers who possessed both of these qualities, and aims to uncover some identifiable “laws” of poster hierarchy. 1. What... Read More

July 10th By

An introduction to popular printing techniques

As a graphic designer, understanding how printing works is important. You don’t need to be a print expert, but knowing the basic technologies and terminology can help you improve your skills if you want to create a successful project – from design conception to the final printed product. Creating a fantastic design is only the first step. Knowing what... Read More

5 ways to motivate yourself in the summer

Summer is a time of year that makes it extremely difficult to sit down in front of the computer and work on graphic design. The water is just right for swimming, the occasional blissful breeze comes by, and it just feels right to be outside detached from all electronics. In this article, we’ll outline 5... Read More

July 7th By

20 new design books for your summer reading list

It can be tough to get any reading done during the cooler months. Business ramps up right after the new year, flooding your inbox with projects, and around the winter holidays there is a similar rush to finish outstanding tasks and balance the books. During the summer, though, there is a pleasant lull—a perfect time... Read More

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Find out who won our celebrity brand showdown!

It’s a celebrity brand showdown! Who did our designers choose among Reese, Gwyneth, Jessica, and Blake? Who will become the next Martha Stewart? That seems to be the question these days among Hollywood’s A-list actresses these days. Between Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, Blake Lively’s Preserve and Jessica Alba’s Honest Co., and now even Reese Witherspoon, who launched... Read More

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Fight off your inner critic with these tips from 99U

This month, we’re zeroing in on those negative emotions that prevent you from reaching your creative potential. From your nasty inner critic to the anxiety that comes with a heavy workload, here’s 6 great articles from 99U to help fight off those nay-saying voices in your head. How to silence your irrationally harsh inner critic... Read More

June 26th By

4 eye-catching web layout trends for 2015

Every year new web design concepts emerge as some older trends recede. Over the upcoming months we’ll no doubt see a temporary increase in the popularity of video backgrounds, tiles and animated storybooks – just to name a few. Responsive web design, a trend that surfaced back in 2010, will undoubtedly remain at the core of our designs for the... Read More