5 personal finance tips every freelancer should know


It’s a bold and respectable life decision to make your living from your art, but it’s not an excuse to shut your eyes and hope your finances sort themselves out. As a freelancer you are also a business owner, and you need to tend to every facet of your business to ensure that it’s a […]

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6 ways to establish a brand as a freelancer


Since more and more freelancers are coming to the table, you have to stand out from the crowd and make yourself known as the head honcho. Follow these 6 tips so you can establish your personal brand as a freelancer and get the clients you deserve. 1. Get social to create a public presence You […]

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9 tips for creating a social media page design


These days, every company has a social media page design for their Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest or Instagram page. The profile picture, cover image and background images act like billboard space for companies to communicate their brand, and that’s where they need a designer to create some eye-catching designs. Here’s 9 tips on how to […]

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Build a stand-out brand by communicating with color


We’ve long been told that color influences our mental state. This science of color as a result, has been used by many marketers to determine how to best apply color to branding. A color palette is one of the most significant parts of a logo design or branding scheme, and choosing the right one will help you convey […]

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Tutorial: create a metal and a wood texture in Photoshop


Everyday I see great designs around me, but there are times when I have the feeling something is missing from one of them. The simple final touch, as I like to call it. I’m talking about textures. And in this tutorial I will go through how to create your own! How to source textures Lets […]

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Master the marvelous powers of Adobe Smart Objects


I’ve often found in talking to people, that many designers don’t actually know what Smart Objects are. But we’ve got to change that! In this tutorial you’ll learn the big benefits of Smart Objects — and by the end you’ll ask yourself why you never tried them before. Smart Objects are layers that contain the raw information […]

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Top 10 web design trends for 2014


Web designers had a great time last year with lots of new ideas setting sail. Although some sank, others took off and created a permanent impact. The trends that made a big splash in 2013 will become house-hold names in 2014, while emerging trends continue to get polished and refined by designers everywhere. So what […]

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6 lessons from 99designs’ website redesign

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 7.40.15 PM

We recently paired up with HubSpot, a marketing software company, to address a question that small business owners and graphic designers frequently ask: what makes for a good website? Our free ebook, “Does Your Website Need a Redesign?”, is geared toward business owners but has plenty of valuable information for designers who are looking to […]

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10 kerning tips for improving your typography


In typography, kerning is defined as the adjustment of space between two individual letters. It’s also not an uncommon thing to neglect when you’re reaching the end of a grueling deadline. Your clients may not know what kerning is, but they’ll know something’s amiss when their design has poorly kerned type. Doing it right helps a design […]

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7 unbreakable laws of user interface design


Are you a web designer? If yes, then you are also a user interface designer, and in the near future, this role will become even more important for you. While web pages today have simple user interfaces with no more than navigation and contact forms, the rise of new technologies and standards will create a demand […]

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