The building blocks of a WordPress theme

WordPress templates are dynamic and, to a developer, are an art form. In a perfect world, designers would also be developers and vice versa – this way the coding and functionality would be conveyed in perfect harmony with the visual design. Unfortunately, both fields are intense and deep studies; people generally choose one or the... Read More

May 6th By

The dos and don’ts of design mockups

Mockups can be great. They make your design look more professional and help the client get an idea of what design can look like in real-world context. There are hundreds of resources out there to help you use or create your own, and that’s for a reason — they work. But there’s a dark side to the mockup.... Read More

May 5th By

5 fresh spring color palettes to inspire your next design

Spring is here and it couldn’t have arrived soon enough! The following palettes explore several spring color motifs such as pops of color and in-between hues. Hopefully this resource will help designers jump into spring with fresh color ideas. 1. Gentle awakening Winter is a muted season and in its wake comes the gentle awakening... Read More

May 1st By

4 key pillars to great web design

These days, everyone has a website, from big name brands to your eight-year old neighbor selling Girl Scout cookies. Now that it seems like people are going to the Internet to solve all their problems, having a great web design has become a must-have for most businesses. However, even savvy business owners struggle to get the most from... Read More

April 21st By

Rebranding cannabis: Grown-up branding for a legal industry

Whether you’re for or against it, the sale of legal cannabis is a huge and growing market – and one that’s striving for legitimacy. Growing up in the US, many of us are no stranger to the branding of the pre-legalized marijuana industry. We saw the face of Bob Marley or Snoop Dogg, the recognizable five-leafed... Read More

April 20th By

Your ultimate cheat sheet to Facebook design

With the roll-out of our new Facebook contest category and the growing importance of social media design overall, we thought it was about time to focus on the different elements that make up Facebook design. In this article, we’ll break down the different elements of Facebook to ensure that you’re creating a well-branded and clickable web... Read More

April 15th By

Everything you need to know about Logo & Web (infographic)

Want to know more about our Logo & Hosted Web category? Check out this cool infographic created by 99designer, Frau Farbissina. It provides a checklist of what you need to do as a designer and what Jimdo features are available to create a beautiful, fully functioning basic site for your clients. For more information on how to... Read More

April 14th By

How to use clipping masks effectively

Clipping masks can be extremely useful in the Illustrator workflow – enabling rapid exploration of cut shapes, complex crops, and unique letterforms in a non destructive way. Unfortunately, the way clipping masks get translated to print can be unexpected due to the fact that the vector programs or interpreters used in production environments might not... Read More

April 13th By

The 99designs guide to print-ready bleeds

“Bleed” is a part of the printers vocabulary – a word that digital designers are familiar with, but often never have to confront face to face the same way a press operator does. With that said, in the event a designer ignores the impending implications of a bleed in the design process, the printer can... Read More

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