3 ways for designers to invest in success

A smart business owner always takes a significant chunk of his profits and reinvests them into his company to further grow his business. Designers are entrepreneurs of their own, albeit in a different class. Nevertheless the same principles apply: you should make wise investments to further your design career. But how should you spend your... Read More

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99U’s best tips for better workflow and productivity

Wowee! Summer just flew by. Whether you’re in the midst of back-to-school prep or looking for some new workflow tips for the Fall, here’s another roundup of great articles from 99U.  Learn how to kick off your own productivity streak, exercise self-awareness for success and heighten your workday energy with these tips below. How I kept a 373-day productivity... Read More

August 28th By

8 common print file mistakes and how to avoid them

When a design client comes back to you complaining that their printer says that the files you gave them are unusable, it’s pretty embarrassing. As the professional, it’s supposed to be your job to take care of the technical side of things, not the client’s. To help you avoid these types of situations, we’ve compiled... Read More

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How to get the most out of 1-to-1 projects

99designs is known for their design contests. But when a client knows exactly who he likes to work with, the contest format isn’t always the best way to go. Thus, the birth of 1-to-1 projects. You may have already heard about 1-to-1 projects from 99designs. It’s an online workspace where you  interact one-on-one with your... Read More

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10 must-have iPhone apps for designers

Every year brings better additions to the design community. This can be anything from new resources like textures and brushes to new design trends making the rounds. We even get an arsenal of new web and mobile applications every few weeks, which is making it a lot easier to get things done without being tied down... Read More

August 21st By

Gestalt principles and the psychology of design

The word “gestalt” gets thrown around a lot in design. Taken from the German word for “form” or “shape,” it often refers to the overall look of something that is greater than the sum of its parts. In psychology, gestalt refers to the basic principles that allow us to visually perceive order. These principles are fundamental building... Read More

August 12th By

3 client-friendly ways to create text editable files

When your client asks for text editable files at the end of a design project, it can always be a bit tricky. You still want your document design to look professional after the client has handled the file, but most clients don’t have a working knowledge of professional software like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. It simply... Read More

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5 essential tips for drafting your next design contract

If you enjoyed drafting contracts and negotiating terms, you probably would have gone to law school instead of becoming a designer. Little did you know you would end up having to play both parts. There’s no getting around it: If you want to protect yourself and your product in your freelance design work, you had... Read More

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Rounding up the latest design news from July

You might be too old for school (or that sweet summer break is coming to a close), but these warm months still feel like a time of transition for everyone. The design world is no different. July heralded big brand changes, ground-breaking design, company expansions and so much more. Read on below for the juiciest bits... Read More

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Our favorite July articles from 99U

99U is known for being a great inspirational resource for creative types. That’s why we’re teaming up with them once again to showcase some of our favorite articles off of their site. For July, that means interviews with legendary artists, tips for amping up your creative energy, and ways that big companies are solving big problems... Read More

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