6 ways to improve your design career path from 99U

Turning your creative energy into a successful career can be challenging. Whether you lack a design diploma or fall victim to some stubborn creativity myths, there are plenty of barriers that are trying to stop you from chasing your dream. This month, we’re featuring 6 great articles from 99U that tackle those issues and offer tips for... Read More

December 3rd By

4 ways to get your portfolio noticed by clients

We’ve talked a lot about how to best present yourself in your designer profile. Using professional-looking avatars, designing an eye-catching profile cover, backing yourself up with shining testimonials and sharing your specialized experience in your bio are all great ways to make a first impression. But what about your actual portfolio of work? In this... Read More

December 1st By

Choose the best background for your website

If there’s one aspect of websites that’s too often neglected, it’s the background. Fortunately, it’s an easy thing to fix, and there are many more options than there used to be. In this post, I’ll go over how to choose the best image, video, or color background for your website – and show some examples... Read More

November 26th By

2 ways to create an effective landing page

Your design needs to captivate website visitors the moment they come to your site. For that reason, it’s important to know how to create compelling landing pages. Landing pages are, quite simply, the pages that you encourage people to “land on” when they come to your website. You can either direct people to a landing... Read More

November 24th By

How to craft a leathery text effect in Photoshop

If you want your messaging to be truly distinctive, there’s no more direct and effective approach than crafting your own custom lettering. Modern viewers are barraged with information, and their attention span has tapered sharply as a result. Custom typography can separate your value proposition from the “noise” of more typical advertising, and it allows... Read More

November 20th By

How to structure your content for a better homepage

There are two ways your website makes a good first impression: a well-executed design and a thoughtful structure. The structure – basically, the order in which your website content is presented – can have a major impact on visitor retention. Think of the way you pick out a new book. First you look at the cover. Is it eye-catching?... Read More

November 19th By

6 ways to bring your greeting card designs to life

As the holiday season fast approaches, businesses around the world are scrambling to get their holiday cards and collateral together – and with good reason. A greeting card is a great way to for businesses to promote their brand, connect with customers and generate new business. That’s good news for us designers. Through the end of... Read More

November 18th By

How to choose the right Google web font

You probably don’t think much about typography in your daily life, but when it comes to your website you have some big decisions to make. The right fonts help determine your website’s personality, and they help grab your viewers’ attention. “Great!” you say—up until you see that drop-down list. There are a total of 647... Read More

November 17th By

A beginner’s guide to web graphics

The right web graphics can transform an otherwise bland site into a striking and powerful communication channel for your brand. Beautiful photographs can set an emotional tone or amplify one that you create with the text on your page. However, selecting the right images for your website is only part of the equation. Preparing an... Read More

November 11th By

A simple workflow for holiday card design

Along with the holiday season comes an opportunity to design holiday cards for friends, family and clients. While the candid nature of holiday cards often calls for the design to be light hearted and fun, there are some aspects of the card design process that require a skillful workflow – especially handling the fold and bleed. This... Read More

November 10th By