4 fun exercises to help define your brand personality

Whether you’re launching a new company or rebranding an existing one, you’re faced with an important challenge: defining your brand personality clearly and definitively in the mind of the consumer. One approach that many have found helpful is to think of your brand as more than a logo or a product or even a company,... Read More

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Image tricks to make users feel rather than think

A picture is worth a thousand words… We’ve all heard that one before, right? In web design, images are as important – if not more important – than your actual copy. While there’s no doubting what clear writing can bring to an idea, images have the ability to bypass the high-level, analytical brain and speak straight to... Read More

Create a simple geometric poster with Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is the intuitive tool you can use to create professional print designs. Though it doesn’t have all the power of image processors like Photoshop or Illustrator, it pairs with these other Adobe programs to allow you to lay out ready-to-print imagery. Here’s a tutorial on how to use InDesign to create a geometric... Read More

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7 florist logo trends that are blooming with inspiration

When would you use a florist? For a wedding? Romantic gift? Graduation? Funeral? In most cases, a quest for a florist is driven by an initial emotional state – happy, sad, romantic – or because the consumer is reacting to an assumed emotional state by the recipient. A florist’s logo is more than simply advertising flowers. It has to draw... Read More

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Why a brand is more than just a logo

Logos are important communication tools. As consumers, we immediately recognize the iconic logos that surround us: McDonald’s golden arches, Starbucks’ mermaid, Apple’s silver apple. They all create unique and instant associations in our minds. However the true power of a brand comes not just from a logo, but from the entire experience of interacting with... Read More

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10 free vintage flower illustrations

In the spirit of spring, we’ve collected 10 “hand-picked” vintage flower illustrations with no known copyright restrictions from the Internet Archive. These are perfect for vector tracing and use in packaging, book cover design or anything else in need of some vintage style! 1. J. Bolgiano & Son (1904) Image from page 57 of “J. Bolgiano & Son :... Read More

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Design a poster in the style of Saul Bass

Today marks Saul Bass’s birthday! So in his honor, we’re taking a look at his signature poster design style to help you understand what makes it unique and how you can duplicate it in Adobe illustrator. A good place to begin is by thinking about the mediums available in his time. Much of his work was created with cut... Read More

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99designs’ tips for a successful Brand Identity Pack design

Helping a company come up with a branding strategy can be exciting and intimidating, all at once. It gives a designer the opportunity to make a great visual impact with a brand, but requires skills in logo, print and digital design. If you’ve been hesitating to join a 99designs Brand Identity Pack contest, here are a... Read More

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The building blocks of a WordPress theme

WordPress templates are dynamic and, to a developer, are an art form. In a perfect world, designers would also be developers and vice versa – this way the coding and functionality would be conveyed in perfect harmony with the visual design. Unfortunately, both fields are intense and deep studies; people generally choose one or the... Read More

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