A field guide to stock image licenses (and how to protect yourself)


Whenever you use a stock image, it is crucial to understand the licensing terms associated with it. Otherwise, you could land yourself – or your client – in very hot water, legally speaking. Unfortunately, like many legal documents, licensing agreements can be virtually indecipherable to the average reader. Making matters worse, the terms oftentimes vary […]

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10 stunning web navigation menus

navigation menu: hunger games

A navigation menu can make or break a website, so it’s essential that you treat it with respect and design it with passion. But what makes a main menu great? I believe the best way to learn is by example, so I’ve prepared an awesome list of navigation menus from all over the web. They […]

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How to design emails for the mobile world


Smartphones and tablets are rapidly changing the face of web design. With nearly 70% of people using a hand-held device as their primary way of accessing the Internet, we need to start thinking about the small screen when creating websites and apps. But what about email? We all constantly check our mobile devices (some of […]

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Responsive web design simplified


When you consider the fact that there are actually more mobile devices in existence than there are humans on the planet, it becomes clear just how many people are regularly using this technology to access the web. That means if you’re not utilizing responsive web design, you’re putting your site at a big disadvantage. In […]

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99designs x 99U: June 2014


In honor of our shared number, we’re teaming up with 99U once a month to bring you some of their best articles and insights. This time around we’ve handpicked articles to help boost your professional momentum and inspire your work. Learn how to better set clients’ expectations through email, attract more visitors to your website, and refresh your […]

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The best new Photoshop CC features for 2014

Photoshop CC 2014

As you’ve probably heard by now, Adobe just launched a series of upgrades to its entire Creative Cloud lineup. The upgrade is free for those who have a Creative Cloud subscription and “2014″ is now added to the title so you can be sure you’re using the latest version. The list of upgrades is extensive, but […]

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Let’s get personal: Designing your professional logo


Creating a personal logo is one of the most important things you can do as a designer. It’s the first step towards building your professional brand and should be used to communicate a lot about what type of designer you are. Identify your brand Consider how you want to be perceived as a designer. What’s […]

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How to retain users with good design


Good design is key to any successful website for increasing user satisfaction and engagement. Facebook, who currently has the largest user base in the world, says one of the most important ways they retain users is by focusing on user-friendly design (via Computer World), and Google says their number one philosophy, is to “Focus on the user and […]

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Why designers need a personal website


We’re all busy to a certain degree, no matter how skilled we are at design. If you’re just starting out, you’ll be busy with your education. If you’re already an accomplished designer, you’re probably neck deep in projects. With so much on your plate, how can you possibly find time to maintain an up-to-date personal […]

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6 tips for better line spacing in your typography


Is your customer having a tough time reading the text on your design? Maybe it’s time to check the line spacing. Line spacing, or “leading”, is the amount of space between the baselines of each line of text. Correct leading is important because it gives multiple lines of text optimum legibility. The word “leading” comes from […]

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