The key to a great mobile app? A balance between design and functionality.


There are thousands of mobile apps available for Android and iPhone. What makes the top grossing apps successful is that they can find the right balance between design and functionality. This partnership between the two makes an app skyrocket into success. Lets take a look at a couple of the most success designs out there, and […]

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5 tips to move from graphic design to UX design


Vastly different from the days of posters and magazines, design in today’s digital world has many more layers of complexity. It requires designers to have an understanding of many different aspects of design, and to follow a process that ensures what we create really works. If you’re a graphic designer looking to become a User […]

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Introducing the new Brand Identity Pack category


Here at 99designs, we’re always trying to find ways to increase the amount of work and compensation available to designers, while providing design solutions for customers. We’re fortunate to have a community of  skilled designers here who find success in multiple design categories, and can take on many different kinds of complex projects with their […]

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When should you stand up for your designs?


Designers are passionate people. When you put your time, effort and energy into a project you’re bound to get attached to it, and all of a sudden your design has become your ‘baby.’ And nobody has the right to call your baby ‘ugly,’ right? Unfortunately, in working with clients that’s not quite the case. You […]

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Pixelmator: is it a viable alternative to Photoshop?


When it comes to image editing, a lot of designers head straight for Adobe Photoshop — it’s a great program and a creative industry standard. But it’s also a professional program, and has got a professional price tag attached, one that not every new designer can afford straight away. Alternatives have been around for ages, […]

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How to use your résumé to sell your design skills


Despite all of the options available for showing off your skills these days, a graphic design résumé is still an important asset to have. And though you wouldn’t think it, having a lot of skills can be a real problem when creating your résumé. You only have one page to impress your future employer with […]

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10 of the best sources for web design inspiration


Are you a web designer looking for the right place to get your creative juices flowing? Look no further — the following list is the perfect remedy for someone stuck-in-a-rut, bored of seeing the same designs over and over. Here are the most inspired, curated, and constantly updated websites around to help your creativity: 1. […]

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Create an editable PDF business card template in 7 steps with Adobe Acrobat


An editable business card template is one of the most common requests from design clients. But it can be a difficult one as many of them don’t have the ability or software to make edits to the design. Most clients simply want to edit the name and contact info for the business card design, and […]

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6 ways to think and act like a great designer


What makes a great designer?   Years of experience for sure, but there is more to being great than simply putting in the hours. Besides being able to create amazing work, you come to realize certain universal truths that guide the design profession. Based on more than a dozen interviews and biographies of famous designers, […]

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Copyright vs. trademark: what’s the difference?


There’s no getting around it: designers and creatives of all types need to understand intellectual property law. This is so we can protect our own work in an age when images circulate freely around the Internet, as well as make sure we are providing viable products to our clients. While this may sound like a […]

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