20 new design books for your summer reading list

It can be tough to get any reading done during the cooler months. Business ramps up right after the new year, flooding your inbox with projects, and around the winter holidays there is a similar rush to finish outstanding tasks and balance the books. During the summer, though, there is a pleasant lull—a perfect time... Read More

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Find out who won our celebrity brand showdown!

It’s a celebrity brand showdown! Who did our designers choose among Reese, Gwyneth, Jessica, and Blake? Who will become the next Martha Stewart? That seems to be the question these days among Hollywood’s A-list actresses these days. Between Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, Blake Lively’s Preserve and Jessica Alba’s Honest Co., and now even Reese Witherspoon, who launched... Read More

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Fight off your inner critic with these tips from 99U

This month, we’re zeroing in on those negative emotions that prevent you from reaching your creative potential. From your nasty inner critic to the anxiety that comes with a heavy workload, here’s 6 great articles from 99U to help fight off those nay-saying voices in your head. How to silence your irrationally harsh inner critic... Read More

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4 eye-catching web layout trends for 2015

Every year new web design concepts emerge as some older trends recede. Over the upcoming months we’ll no doubt see a temporary increase in the popularity of video backgrounds, tiles and animated storybooks – just to name a few. Responsive web design, a trend that surfaced back in 2010, will undoubtedly remain at the core of our designs for the... Read More

Mastering visual hierarchy for menu design

Eleven Madison Park in New York City is a world-class restaurant in every sense of the term. They have clocked in as one of the top five in the world, in fact, and a meal here will set you back a couple hundred bucks—without wine. But let’s say you saved your pennies and managed to land a... Read More

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3 ways to steer clear of a generic logo

Boring. Tired. Uninspired. You wouldn’t use any of these words to describe your work, would you? Take a moment to ask yourself what you do want your logo to say? And then read on as we share three tips that will ensure your design conveys what you want it to – and is anything but ordinary. By investing a bit... Read More

99U’s tips for becoming your best work self

Every month we pull together some of our favorite articles from 99U to help inspire you in your career and creativity. This time around, we’ve set our focus on how to be the best you can be at work. Check out the articles below! The 4 types of productivity styles Within weeks of starting my... Read More

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The past and future of design trends

In design, we talk a lot about trends, those changes in style and the direction of our industry. But why do trends happen, and how are they sourced and predicted? Is a trend defined by its newness, or are we at the point where everything we do is recycling a style previously used? The idea... Read More

June 2nd By

How to design a t-shirt with proportions in mind

A common workflow for t-shirt design is to open a new Illustrator or Photoshop file, create the artwork, place it in a t-shirt mockup file and hope for the best. Unfortunately this workflow can come at great consequence. T-shirts demand artwork in specific proportions and, if those proportions aren’t considered during the creative process, the final design may not look... Read More

June 1st By

Master the business card printing process

It’s important to understand how digital design translates into the actual world. For many online designers, there’s often a lack of understanding with business card designs. Often, a designer might not know available sizes, weights or qualities of paper. Bridging the gap between the computer and paper not only allows a designer to utilize available printing options, but also helps to... Read More

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