An in-depth exploration of 5 nonprofit logos

Hot on the heels of 12 Days of Design and the launch of our new 99nonprofits website, we thought it would be the perfect time to dig a little deeper into the world of nonprofit design. This article will explore 5 nonprofit logos as a means of sharpening the design eye, using the following basic criteria: a. Is... Read More

December 19th By

Mastering the art of video backgrounds in websites

Video has always been one of the most powerful forms for visual communication. The worldwide influence of television and movies is testament to the inherent pull of the ‘moving image’. Video backgrounds have become an interesting developing trend over the course of 2014. Traditionally video on the web has been about conveying messages. Video backgrounds... Read More

December 18th By

Who wore it best? The great rebranding trends of 2014

Everyone loves a good makeover and 2014’s been an exceptional one for big brands. This was the year when flat design reigned supreme, classic companies ditched their aged-old look, and others faced heated controversy in the face of change. Simplicity was all the rage as large icons, illustrative touches and gradients were replaced by minimal sans serif fonts and delicate designs. With so many rebrands to... Read More

December 17th By

12 free fonts to share for the holidays

If you’re like us, you can never have enough fonts to play with. So in the spirit of giving, we wanted to pass on this early holiday present. Here are 12 free fonts that we’re loving this winter. As an added exercise in character observation, all of the fonts have been prepared in a similar... Read More

December 15th By

3 ways to rethink nonprofit design

Nonprofit organizations don’t operate like for-profit organizations. Should they be designed like them? There are many reasonable questions a designer might encounter upon striking up a professional relationship with a not-for-profit company. What sort of hierarchy will best suit the website? Are there special rules for designing a nonprofit logo, as opposed to a for-profit one?... Read More

December 12th By

Free design classes to keep you learning through the New Year

The holiday break is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean you should slack on your design skills. We’ve rounded up some of the best free design classes and tutorials on the web to keep you sharp through the New Year. Whether you’re looking for something short and sweet or more conceptual, here’s some of the best logo classes... Read More

December 10th By

5 color palettes for the holiday season

The holiday season is a colorful time of year that presents the perfect opportunity to explore color from a design perspective. In this article, we’ll focus on five holiday color palettes that break the traditional mold and push the envelope for seasonal colors that still retain the holiday spirit. 1. Thanksgiving Most are familiar with the infamous... Read More

December 9th By

6 ways to improve your design career path from 99U

Turning your creative energy into a successful career can be challenging. Whether you lack a design diploma or fall victim to some stubborn creativity myths, there are plenty of barriers that are trying to stop you from chasing your dream. This month, we’re featuring 6 great articles from 99U that tackle those issues and offer tips for... Read More

December 3rd By

4 ways to get your portfolio noticed by clients

We’ve talked a lot about how to best present yourself in your designer profile. Using professional-looking avatars, designing an eye-catching profile cover, backing yourself up with shining testimonials and sharing your specialized experience in your bio are all great ways to make a first impression. But what about your actual portfolio of work? In this... Read More

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