An introduction to HTML and CSS for designers


As a graphic designer, you’re probably aware of the ever-evolving relationship between design and technology. This is especially true for those focusing on web design. In this industry, we need to have a basic understanding of how our carefully crafted mockups become live web pages. When we understand the basics of this process (and it’s limitations), […]

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Responsive typography: a quest for flexible typesetting


With the rise of responsive websites, it’s important to look at how web typography is changing, and where it’s headed. In this article, we’re going to start with the basics of typography, and explain solutions web designers can use while dealing with responsive typography. Typography units from past to computer Ancient units presented on Vitruvian […]

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Web design trends for 2013


Predicting the future is always a risky venture, and there is no precise method that allows you to define the future trends of web design. But… we can try. ;) We’ve determined the directions of web design based on our observation of what types of design solutions are gaining popularity. Many web design trends occur due […]

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Responsive web design: key tips and approaches


Some time ago, designers knew the exact dimensions of work they were commissioned to do whether it be a book cover, poster, newspaper, etc. However, with the emergence of smart phones, iPads and other monitors with different sizes, aspect ratios and resolutions, we’ve lost control of our visual borders. It’s not surprising that responsive web design […]

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Hook shoppers with your e-commerce website design


When you want to buy a present, do you go to the mall or shop online? More and more, people are skipping a trip to the mall for a fast and comfortable online experience. The goal of an e-commerce site is to lead a shopper to complete 1 task — purchase an online product. As […]

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How to design engaging web forms (and inspiration to get you started)


Designers often avoid projects that involve designing web forms. There is a common misconception that such design is boring, unimaginative and tedious. But in today’s world, input forms are an essential element of almost any website or application. It is the main platform where the visitor and website company interaction. And, in many cases, a […]

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Master the “grunge” look with this step-by-step Photoshop tutorial


The grunge look is a popular trend characterized by its organic, realistic and rugged look. Designers don’t have to be extreme when trying to make designs look rugged — subtle visual elements are just as effective. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to achieve a rough effect using irregular textures on a simple black and white […]

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It’s all about the details: web design process in 7 steps


Web design is a bit like running a marathon. You are constantly perfecting your design until you reach the finish line and are greeted with a happy client. The design’s success depends on how well you combine elements — lines, fonts, colors and textures — to communicate a company’s mission. The attention to details is extremely important […]

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