Presenting the winner and top designs from the New Orleans Pelicans logo contest!


After hearing that New Orleans’ NBA basketball team, The Hornets, may be changing its name to The Pelicans, we asked 99designs users to create their own NBA New Orleans Pelicans Logo. The turnout was incredible! Almost 200 top quality designers participated in the contest, submitting unique variations of the beaky bird infused with a little […]

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Community contest: Make pelicans cool while building an NBA brand


Tattoos are permanent. So branding yourself with your favorite sports team’s logo might seem absurd. But sports connect people — communities, cities, entire countries come together to show their passion for their favorites. None of us at 99designs have tattoos of our favorite teams (a T-shirt or body paint will do), but we do LOVE basketball! […]

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99designs salutes World Water Day 2012: 10 organizations and people making a difference


Today is World Water Day — a day that the United Nations has been sponsoring since 1993. It brings attention to the ever-growing need for clean, drinkable water throughout the world. In recognition of this important day, we like to showcase some amazing organizations and individuals dedicated to improving water-related conditions across the globe. We hope that checking […]

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