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4 compelling stock image alternatives for web design

We considered starting this post with an example of an especially awful stock image, but we decided to spare you. You know the ones… posing “business people” in a dazzlingly white office, a woman smiling in a meadow, someone pointing at something. So how do you find good stock images for a website? If you’re digging through high-end stock sites or... Read More

August 14th By

Dave Elmert shares the art of good PowerPoint design

At times, PowerPoint seems to inspire nothing but mindless repetition. It can get pretty dreary. That’s why we’re so ecstatic when we discover someone like Dave Elmert, who breathes new life into PowerPoint design as an art. Not surprisingly, clients feel the same way. We asked Dave if he would share some of his amazing story... Read More

August 13th By

Tips for better data visualization

Charts and graphs, not words, are the real substance of Powerpoint presentations, infographics, business brochures and just about every other data-oriented design product. If you want to keep a client coming back for more, you’re going to have to get an edge on the software-generated templates. Here’s how. 1. Know your chart types First off, there’s... Read More

August 6th By

14 motivating ways to brainstorm by yourself

Not long ago, working as an independent freelancer in a creative industry would have been seen as a handicap. Given a design brief, how are you supposed to brainstorm ideas without the input of other people? In the last decade, however, numerous studies have revealed that conventional “brainstorming” is actually a pretty bad idea. It... Read More

August 4th By

László Moholy-Nagy: Pioneer of graphic design

Between 1914, when he was drafted into the Austro-Hungarian army to fight in World War I, and his death in 1946, László Moholy-Nagy moved around a lot. Indeed, in this time he moved from Berlin, to Amsterdam, to London, to Chicago—sometimes seeking new opportunities as a designer, sometimes escaping fascism, sometimes both. Likewise, his design career never... Read More

July 21st By

Into the world of French graphic design

Ask some people, and they’ll tell you that “French” and “graphic design” are mutually exclusive terms. We knew this couldn’t be true, and in honor of Bastille Day we thought we would go ahead and prove it. Admittedly, the graphic design output from France is less than that of its German, Dutch and English-speaking neighbors. That’s partly... Read More

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20 new design books for your summer reading list

It can be tough to get any reading done during the cooler months. Business ramps up right after the new year, flooding your inbox with projects, and around the winter holidays there is a similar rush to finish outstanding tasks and balance the books. During the summer, though, there is a pleasant lull—a perfect time... Read More

July 6th By

Portare brings 99designs into the classroom

We recently boosted moondust, an extremely talented logo designer, to the Platinum level. When we did, she informed us that her local design instructor was largely to thank, and that we could thank him right on 99designs. Edi Jakabhazi teaches design at West University of Timisoara in Romania, and also competes in 99designs contests using the handle... Read More

June 23rd By

Mastering visual hierarchy for menu design

Eleven Madison Park in New York City is a world-class restaurant in every sense of the term. They have clocked in as one of the top five in the world, in fact, and a meal here will set you back a couple hundred bucks—without wine. But let’s say you saved your pennies and managed to land a... Read More

June 16th By

The stories behind America’s national sports league logos

Imagine you designed a logo beloved by an entire country, that appeared everywhere on hats and jerseys and on television, and no one knew you had done it. Such was the fate of Jerry Dior, designer of the Major League Baseball (MLB) logo, for thirty years. Dior designed the logo in 1968 while working at the New... Read More

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