A field guide to stock image licenses (and how to protect yourself)


Whenever you use a stock image, it is crucial to understand the licensing terms associated with it. Otherwise, you could land yourself – or your client – in very hot water, legally speaking. Unfortunately, like many legal documents, licensing agreements can be virtually indecipherable to the average reader. Making matters worse, the terms oftentimes vary […]

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Elevating wordmarks with the power of a custom font


It’s the perennial question for logo designers tasked with creating a wordmark: to create the type from scratch, or to simply modify an existing typeface? As we previously discussed, there is no shame in sprucing up an existing typeface – indeed, some of the world’s most famous companies have done it! At the same time, […]

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What the new Airbnb logo means for designers


Airbnb, an online marketplace for short-term housing rentals, unveiled a new branding scheme yesterday that centers on a bold new logo and extends across the company’s website, mobile apps and beyond. They’re pretty proud of it, and for good reason: this is one of the most dramatic and confident rebrands the tech industry has recently […]

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Designer Profile: JereKel


Jeremy Ellsworth, a.k.a. JereKel, is a platinum designer and one of our highest-paid members last month. He has a robust portfolio of clients gained in contests and elsewhere, with whom he does business using 1-to-1 projects. With no formal design training, he owes his success entirely to his own enthusiasm and work ethic (and ok, […]

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30 food truck designs to serve up summer


The idea of serving food out of a truck with a mobile kitchen is not new. It dates back as far as the nighttime “lunch wagons” that catered to New York City nightshift workers at the turn of the 20th century, and even farther — some accounts cite the chuckwagon, a mobile canteen for Texas […]

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6 principles of visual hierarchy for designers


First there were stone tablets, papyrus scrolls and paper. Then came computer screens and electronic tablets. As the technology to display a page evolves, it remains the designer’s job to arrange the content clearly. But what’s the best way?  It’s an increasingly important question, as responsive frameworks force designers to think about many different pages at […]

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Remembering Massimo Vignelli, modernist master


Photo: Jason (via Flickr) How many designers can claim that their work directly affects upwards of one million people each day? Massimo Vignelli can count himself among the few: his design for the New York City subway signage has become an iconic part of the metropolis’ visual fabric, sure to live on even now that its creator […]

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Announcing the winner of the 99designs Cafe contest


To celebrate the launch of 99designs Cafe, a new series of monthly 1-week events planned to take place at different coffee shops throughout Indonesia, we asked our community to create an illustration that depicts what this project is all about: design, coffee culture, community, and of course, Indonesia! As usual, we were overwhelmed by the […]

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The fonts behind famous wordmark logos


What really separates a wordmark logo from a font? Sometimes, not very much at all. You might think that über-rich companies like Facebook and Google, or high-end brands like Giorgio Armani, would invest in completely custom-made lettering for their logos. In fact, this is not always the case. Basing a wordmark on an existing font […]

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Community contest: a new logo for Spain’s football team

two logos

The FIFA World Cup is almost here, and Spain is preparing to defend its position as reigning world champion. Naturally, we got to thinking about their emblem. Does it represent what this mighty team is really made of? The Spain national football team, known as ”La Furia Roja” (“The Red Fury”), has gone through a lot […]

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