Designer profile: adhocdaily

maja-crno belo

We caught up with Maja Dakic, a.k.a. adhocdaily, about her work and her life since moving from Serbia to Australia. Read on for her recommendations of design resources for self-taught graphic artists, plus a peek at the thought process behind all of those simple yet distinctive logo designs of hers that we know and love. […]

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10 design principles to take from famous architecture


As a designer, it helps to draw inspiration from other disciplines now and again. The world of modern and contemporary architecture, for example, has produced some truly jaw-dropping monuments to human ingenuity and aesthetic sensibility that are certainly worth a good look. We’ve rounded up a selection of some of the most amazing structures of the […]

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Copyright vs. trademark: what’s the difference?


There’s no getting around it: designers and creatives of all types need to understand intellectual property law. This is so we can protect our own work in an age when images circulate freely around the Internet, as well as make sure we are providing viable products to our clients. While this may sound like a […]

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Designer profile: Eren G.


Eren came into a bit of fame when he won our much-hyped Community Contest for a redesign of the Charlotte Hornets’ logo this past December, but in fact he has been impressing clients on 99designs with his branding work and beautifully illustrated logos since 2010. And it’s not even his day job. Eren Gürbüz — Istanbul, […]

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How to set fees and expectations on 1-to-1 projects

due dates

99% of the time, your follow-on work with clients goes off without a hitch: both parties walk away happy, perhaps already talking about the next project. But it’s worth covering your bases for the other 1% of the time, so when snags or disagreements do arise, you’re able to promptly resolve them in a professional […]

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Proof that B2B logos need not be boring


A business-to-business, or B2B, company is one that primarily sells its products to other businesses, rather than to individual consumers. They make behind-the-scenes stuff, like the microchips that electronics companies use in their products, or the software that helps businesses internally keep track of their marketing data. They often aren’t very visible to the public. […]

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A perfect designer-client match: Daivat and Sterling1913


While there’s plenty of romance to be found in the world of graphic design, on Valentine’s Day we’d like to celebrate by showcasing a different kind of chemistry: a stellar designer-client relationship. As we all know, Design Cupid does not aim his arrow at every such professional pairing. In the case of designer Daivat and […]

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Community contest: create a new logo for the City of Amsterdam


You may have heard the buzz: the City of Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, recently updated its entire corporate identity. This includes naming, branding of neighborhoods and departments, a fleet of vehicle wraps and even the introduction of ‘a modular guy called Adam’, who strikes a variety of poses in the same style. However, the […]

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Branding the world’s 20 best restaurants


We’re interested in how branding and graphic design operate at the world’s highest bastions of taste, so we decided to have a peek at the web designs of the twenty restaurants that were named the world’s best in 2013. The chefs that head these establishments take innovation and perfectionism to astounding levels, and in this […]

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6 lessons from 99designs’ website redesign

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 7.40.15 PM

We recently paired up with HubSpot, a marketing software company, to address a question that small business owners and graphic designers frequently ask: what makes for a good website? Our free ebook, “Does Your Website Need a Redesign?”, is geared toward business owners but has plenty of valuable information for designers who are looking to […]

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