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Introducing your new profile page

Presentation is the key to any professional activity and if there’s one place to make yourself shine, it’s on your profile page. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce the launch of the new Designer Profiles! Our goal at 99designs is to create the ultimate professional nexus between designers and businesses. The profile is often your first chance to impress clients searching for designers to... Read More

October 20th By

Cheers to this month’s Creative Challengers!

Drumroll please… it’s time to announce this month’s Creative Challengers! These designers have faced some steep competition, but that doesn’t mean they should miss their moment in the spotlight! We’ve gathered together some of our favorite finalists from this month’s contests. While these designers didn’t take home the prize, their impressive work has certainly won our hearts. Vote... Read More

October 18th By

The results are in for this month’s Top 9 at 99!

The votes have been cast and counted… We’re excited to announce that the winner for this month is nnorth for their comprehensive brand identity for Affaire. The iconic “a” and stylish lettering were a perfect match for this upcoming urban-chic fashion store. As the winning designer, nnorth will receive a pen and touch tablet from Wacom. We appreciate you... Read More

October 16th By

Get ready for this month’s Top 9 at 99

This month, we were floored by the amount of the amazing designs that came through 99designs’ contests. Whether designers were channeling stark minimalism, going vintage with retro influences or contrasting through striking black and white – these 9 incredible designs rose to the top. Help us decide which design is your personal favorite for this month and cast your vote below! Don’t forget to cast your... Read More

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See the results for this month’s Top 9 at 99!

We asked and you answered! We’re excited to announce that this month’s Top 9 at 99 award goes to apparel designer, botervlieg, for their wildly creative children’s tights for Activelines. From the realistic mock-up (so we can really imagine what they’d look like on) to the playful pattern of cutesy critters, botervlieg’s design captured the hearts of our... Read More

September 22nd By

Introducing this month’s Creative Challengers!

It’s here again… this month’s Creative Challengers! While contests can only have one winner, these designers show that behind every winner, there are other amazing choices hiding behind the scenes – and they deserve their moments in the sun as well. So cheers to you, designers of whiskey labels, doughnut DIY kits, Secret Sandwich Societies (how do we... Read More

September 20th By

Announcing the winner of the Hershey logo contest!

For more than a century, The Hershey Company has delighted candy cravings around the world. With the announcement of their contemporary new logo, we couldn’t help but reach out to our community to see if they were also up for the challenge. So who’s the sweetest of the bunch? We’re excited to announce the winner of... Read More

September 19th By

Meet the finalists for this month’s Top 9 at 99!

Every month, Top 9 at 99 showcases the best of the best from 99designs’ winning entries. This August, it was nearly impossible to choose only 9 designs (you guys are all amazing!). Whether they were creating fashion tights or a full tech website, all of these designers demonstrated their impressive talent and ability to help each client visualize their designs in action. Be it... Read More

September 11th By

Join us in protecting a free and open internet

The internet is built on the idea that all data should be treated equally. This level playing field has made it possible for companies like 99designs to grow, and, with that, for small businesses and designers to make meaningful connections. In the U.S., the FCC is considering a plan that would allow internet service providers to grant... Read More

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Let’s celebrate 99,999 Facebook Likes!

We did it! We passed 99,999 Likes on our Facebook page – and it’s all because of you, our amazing community. Thanks for keeping the 99designs page going strong with all of your comments, likes and shares! To celebrate this massive milestone, we’ve rounded a few of our most epic posts. Click on the links below to explore community highlights from... Read More

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