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We want to connect you with the right clients

Exciting things are brewing here at 99designs! As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been working hard to improve the designer experience on our site. Our goal is to not only better connect you with clients, but help you maintain a long-lasting relationship with them afterwards. Building client relationships We respect that 99designs is a great way for designers... Read More

February 25th By

Introducing the 99designs Forum

Years of testing designer chats, social media pages and email volleys have taught our team that the 99designs community learns and grows in amazing ways when we’re all connected. Today we’re excited to announce the addition of another way we’re opening doors for communication. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the 99designs Community Forum! The... Read More

February 18th By

Wait no more! Here are this month’s Creative Challengers

This month’s collection of Creative Challengers designers know that win or lose, you can still succeed. These designs prove that simply trying is often succeeding, even if a win is not in the cards. These challengers show off their prowess with the pen with this illustration-heavy collection that covers everything from study cards to posters... Read More

February 14th By

Announcing the winner for January’s Top 9 at 99!

All the votes have been counted and we’re excited to announce that _phons takes home this month’s Top 9 prize for his polar bear dental logo. _phons took on the challenging feat of concocting a truly original work that strays just far enough from the standard iconic dental symbols, keeping the logo effective while maintaining originality. For his endearing work,... Read More

February 12th By

2014’s ULTIMATE Top 9 winner shares some of his secrets

The votes have been counted and 2014’s ULTIMATE Top 9 at 99 winner (i.e. the best of the best) is Widakk! His logo design for Deep Brewing Co. wowed our community and is only one of his many great works. We were lucky enough to share some words with this excited and talented designer. His story... Read More

February 6th By

Welcoming 2015’s first Top 9 at 99

Every January, businesses around the world kick it into high gear for the New Year – and, thus, so do designers. More work means more options than ever for a great collection of Top 9 at 99, proving that a busy brain can be a creative brain. Help us choose this month’s winner by casting... Read More

February 5th By

Vote for 2014’s ULTIMATE Top 9 at 99

Movies have the Oscars. Music has the Grammys. And as far as 99designs goes, there’s no higher honor than the ULTIMATE Top 9 at 99. With a collection that comes from every corner of our site, you’ll see many of our categories represented in this bunch. Everything from logo designs to t-shirts, websites and more have... Read More

January 22nd By

Help us create the future of 99designs briefs

We’re reaching out to our design community to help group and sort some of our best designs by their style. It’s fun (we promise!) and you might even find your own designs in there. So what’s this game all about? They say a picture is worth a thousand words and there’s no question why: design and language are... Read More

January 21st By

The next batch of Creative Challengers have arrived!

It’s sure been one heckuva year. There were tons of great contests on our site in 2014. Some designs won these contests while others did not. Regardless of whether or not these designs won their contests, they certainly did a great job of creating some stellar designs. To end the year, here is our final collection... Read More

January 17th By

And the final Top 9 of 2014 goes to….

The votes are counted for the final Top 9 at 99 of 2014 and we want to congratulate Matt W for his smokin’ hot food truck design for The Smokin Jalapeño LLC. Thanks everyone for voting to elect Matt W to the hall of Top 9 at 99 winners! We love Matt W’s use of colorful illustration... Read More

January 15th By

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