“Are You the Platypus” design competition winner!


Congratulations, dialfredo — YOU are the Platypus!!

Please join me in sending a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Dialfredo!
Your work is absolutely stunning – you are an inspiration for the community and a truly worthy platypus :)

Oh yeah and you’ve just won $9,999 – Outstanding!

I have to admit… choosing the Platypus was NOT EASY. There were so many FANTASTIC winning designs I’d like to recognize just a small handful of designs that we felt really stood out.

Logo design by kulura

T-shirt design by cereal killer

T-shirt design by yarz

Logo design by kreative kreature

Logo design by dialfredo

Logo design by scribe

Logo design by scribe

Logo design by ricky asam-manis

Logo design by ranita

Packaging design by paul107

Logo design by predragorn

Book cover design by creative_assembly

Logo design by dialfredo

App design by john x.

Logo design by ludibes™

Web design by northwood

Poster design by paul107

Stationary design by sadzip

Patch design by gilangpurnama

T-shirt design by ljubomir85

Web design by progressive

Web design by kunyuk99

Web design by he4d™

Web design by eris32

Logo design by mrfriday

Illustration design by amoled

Poster design by sdov


See… tough choice, right!

In recognition of these awesome designs each of the designers above will also receive one of our coveted 99designs community T-Shirts.

Thank you ALL for being such an inspiration to the entire community!


Jason Aiken is the Community Director of 99designs.

  • http://www.ulahts.com ulahts

    Awesome works everyone!
    Congratulations dialfredo!

  • Jason Aiken

    Super awesome work – please send your congratulations around!


  • http://www.ulahts.com ulahts

    Awesome works everyone!
    Congratulations dialfredo for the inspiring logo!

  • suseno

    Great masterpiece!!

  • http://flatsigns.com flatsigns™

    aaaYeah! Beautiful!

  • http://www.gunpowdergraphic.com mikeyj

    wow. work i’m truly envious of. congratulations to all.

  • [mase]

    Great work all… very impressive! Love Localmotive by scribe;)

    • Jason Aiken

      Love Localmotive – awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ludibes.designs ludibes

    thanx on considering my design among those :) Great work everyone, but none are match to Localmotive by Scribe, imo…


    • Jason Aiken

      Absolutely – you rock!

      I will get that invoicing problem fixed for you too ;)


    • Somebody

      Not a master peace! :)

  • Ditty

    Very fresh look, I like the winner! Congrats!

  • scribe

    Wow! I am honoured to be a part of this amazing list … damn there are some awesome designers round here!! Congrats dialfredo! You have got a great touch

  • hepimen

    Localmotive is awesome, congrats!

  • @n@nt@

    whoooaaa…. awesome…

    there is a sky above the sky…
    so many great designers here… love it…

  • 6star

    Congratulations, dialfredo

  • http://www.alfredonueve.com/ dialfredo

    Hello good day
    wow I’m very happy
    thank you all for your comments
    thanks to 99designs for giving me the opportunity to participate in the community
    I have much to learn from you great designers
    and double wow thanks again
    I am very happy to be Platypus!!
    Best Regards

  • peper pascul

    Congrats dialfredo! Congrats ludibes! And to all other designers chosen here. These are the styles I am talking about!

  • http://www.garadientertainments.com nsnaveen

    Locomotive is AWESOME scribe u rock !!!

  • deda

    great work!

  • roihim

    amazing designs , congrats

  • Rossy Topalova

    Congrats dialfredo – your design is very original and fun and here have some other wonderful designs. Congrats to other designers too! :)))

  • Designer

    Not impressed. Sorry, that’s not exactly what i was expecting. There are better, much better designs out there and you know that.

  • Ledevil

    Amazing works!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lu_24

    Congrats dialfredo, great works! And also congrats to the other designers! All of these designs are really awesome and inspiring!

  • 1234

    Congratulations, dialfredo!
    Nice Work Branko :)

  • http://web-creativity.com/ Teo Ovcharoff

    Congratulations dialfredo ! Awesome design !

  • http://www.adisakti-dg.com sadzip

    Oh.. (gasp) Mama.. Look, my design is here..

    Thank you Jason, I’m honoured to be in your amazing list. :)

    @ fellow designers: keep up the good work!!

  • Mcspunk

    WOW!!! These are all jaw-dropping designs! Awesome winning design by dialfredo and he won that contest for only $200. That’s truly an amazing work regardless of the prize..

  • http://www.okydelarocha.com okydelarocha

    dialfredo your was G R E A T !

  • Frequent Artist

    Congratulations to everyone and especially to Dialfredo!

    I saw he had like 2-3 other designs in the examples above. Awesome work!


    Congratulation To All… :)

  • ranita

    congratulations dialfredo! love your works!

  • http://www.devdangrafis.com/ paman doblang

    Congratulation To All

  • Sundar..

    Awesome ! Congratulation

  • byru

    Congratulations ..dialfredo..

  • http://www.alfredonueve.com/ dialfredo

    Thanks to all:)

  • halloronnie

    Congratulations to ALL

  • hantoko

    amazing! :) congratz dialfredo!

  • Johnny MacKenzie

    beautiful work dialfredo !….and also congrats to all on the list…some really outstanding designs !!

  • roktiv

    Nice to see you here scribe! Congrats mate!

  • kartika2011

    super congrat!!!!!

  • http://www.alexbilusic.com Alex (“babakonda”)

    Fell in love with the pasta logo, excellent work.
    Congrats to the Platypus! :D

  • SFC

    Wow!Awesome, big work.

  • Graeme

    That’s impressive work , you have a real talent and well deserved prize.

  • http://architektura.me/ architektura

    THE M a s t e r !

  • http://inboxjunky.com superpao

    wow some really amazing work, everyone. congrats Dialfredo!

  • yaku

    wow! inspiring works ah! congrats to all!

  • http://www.adisakti-dg.com sadzip

    to Noona Nolan, Jon Fast, and everybody, I have received your T-shirt today ! Hoo ray :)) Thank you !!

    • sadzip

      and you too Jason :) big thanks!