All design tips in tweets: December, 2011


Here are some awesome designer tips and resources that we recently shared via twitter@99designs.

100 (Really) Creative Business Cards

30 Tasty and Colorful Fruit-Inspired Logos

20 Excellent Dark Colored Websites to Inspire Designers

30 Sleek Fonts for your Minimalist Design

Random Textures to Use in Your Designs

How to Perfect a T-Shirt Design

Top 15 Design Resources for Every Designer

30+ Mindblowing Vector Illustration tutorials

Top 20 Vector Tutorials for Beginners & Advanced Designers

Self Learning and Improvement Techniques for Designers

25 Creative Advertisements

Illustrator Tutorials Roundup

25 Cool Brochure Designs

50+ Examples Of Photography Logo Design

A Quick-Start Guide to Teaching Yourself Creative Software

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