WordPress-ing all the right buttons



Recently we took a peek into the wild world of blogging and what the latest fuss was all about….

One word: Wow!

The biggest thing that stood out to us is that in terms of the popularity stakes, WordPress is absolutely blowing the competition away. If the world of online publishing platforms were a high-school drama, WordPress would be that cute girl or big football captain that every girl and boy looked up to and wanted to be. A quick glance at recent market share figures show that WordPress is leaving other blog engines, such as Tumblr and Joomla far, far behind. Microsoft has made it the platform of choice, as have design marketplaces such as ourselves: the market dominance of WordPress is almost tangible.

So why is WordPress all the rage?

First off, it’s FREE! WordPress is open-source, meaning it has been created by an online community of developers who do it for the love of it. When looking at WordPress, the option of having no initial or ongoing cost is very appealing, especially for first-time bloggers and small businesses who simply want a basic presence on the Internet. With thousands of themes and plug-ins available and with the ability to acquire an affordable, custom designed WordPress theme it’s also a breeze to keep your blog at the top of its game and looking up to date.

WordPress Vs Joomla & Tumblr: Battle of the freebies.

As Joomla and Tumblr are also free, why does WordPress have the edge? In a nutshell; its ease of use, its flexibility and its depth. The simplicity of WordPress is a really appealing feature and a key advantage over other alternatives. It removes the tedious time spent stumbling around trying to deal with coding systems and with its user-friendly interface, allows you to customize, manage and build anything with it – regardless of your coding capabilities.

You may find other blogging platforms such as Tumblr just as, or even easier to use than WordPress (based on your own technical experience), but what makes WordPress superior to its competitors is that its boasts both simplicity and power. With WordPress, you can customize and add almost anything you want. There are thousands of plug-ins to choose from, so you can get your website looking exactly how you dreamed it would. Very little platforms or Content Management Systems (CMS) offer that level of flexibility. Overall, sites like Joomla and Tumblr lack the features and power of WordPress.

The Final Word.

Typing the question “Why WordPress?” into Google shows a tremendous lean towards WordPress being unanimously judged as the preferred blogging platform. Examples such as these go a long way towards proving that within the last three years, WordPress’ popularity and capabilities have evolved (just like the CMS’s evolution) from solely a blogging engine, into a true open source CMS for millions of people.

Almost ten years after its first release, you can see the fruits of WordPress’ success: an ever growth amount of users, a niche market of its own and a solid growth plan. Now that they also host websites on behalf of users and roll every service into a simplistic, easy to understand process, they have effectively destroyed any barriers or roadblocks that prohibited non-technical users from taking advantage of the power of the internet.

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