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One of the biggest benefits of using for both clients and designers is that it creates a tremendous opportunity to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS for future work.

We recently received the following email from one of the designers in the community, pb_design, who wanted to tell us about just one such relationship.

Hi Guys,

Hope you’re all well.

Just want to share a story with you and it’s some positive feedback.

About a year ago I won a design contest on 99designs for a logo and iphone
application icon:

Since then I’ve continued working with the client, Ambient Industries, as
their graphic designer, designing the look of the whole application and the
website. During the evolution of the application it has changed name and
brand, from ‘Groove’ to ‘Flook':

Flook is a location browser, it’s free to download and is currently a
staff pick on the Apple store US. Try it out and let us know what you

I believe this is one of the true benefits of using 99designs. It enables
clients and designers to meet, who otherwise wouldn’t know of each other.
In a number of projects I, and other designers in the community have gone
on to do further work with the clients after the initial contest is
complete. Your site supports this, right across the world, which is

So, here’s a big thank you from me and Ambient Industries! If you hadn’t
hosted the contest, then the partnership in creating the app could never
have happened!

Pete Borlace (pb_design)

Oh and if you have an iphone – check out Flook… it’s pretty cool!



Jason Aiken is the Community Director of 99designs.