Welcome aboard, Adam!


Just a quick post to welcome aboard our new recruit, Adam Schilling! Adam will be our User Interface Ninja (that’s the technical description). The next few weeks should see some exciting new features that we have been planning.


  • http://www.sonerertim.org Logo Design Service

    Welcome Adam!

    Hope you bring some new ideas :)

  • Paul Annesley

    Looking forward to working with you, Adam!

  • http://infuture.com Art

    Welcome Adam, hope you do the best :D

  • http://www.penflare.com sean

    YEH! :)

  • Defunkt

    Welcome Adam!

    …are you the cause the site running sooooo slow today ? ;)

    bad Adam!

  • LogoRush

    Well adam I know you will be a tremendous help to this site bro! Welcome aboard.

  • http://nlove.org Ahmed Elmasry

    welcome Adam!

  • http://99designs.com/ Adam Schilling

    Haha! Thanks very much everyone!

    I’m very excited to be on-board.

  • Rodney

    Would a more automated guaranteed contest procedure be one of those upcoming features? :D

  • Nonie

    Great to have you around Adam!!

  • http://www.blueskymining.info Frazer

    Great, congratulations on your new appointment!

  • ulahts

    Welcome Adam!

  • Nadia P

    Hello & Welcome Adam :-)

  • http://www.ansysoft.com ansys

    Welcome Adam.

  • erdesign

    Welcome Adam!

  • Manay

    Welcome Adman !

  • Legologo

    GO! ADAM!!

  • http://www.pixelinspired.com Braveheart

    Great, 99designs needs some new UI touch.

  • Mare

    Adam, welcome and may the force be with ya ;)

  • Sparedoor

    Ninj it bro . . .

  • http://www.elements-designs.ca Syed

    Great! See you around Adam!

  • http://www.coroflot.com/bawsky Bawsky

    cooL!!! see you round’…good luck…peace..

  • SDStduio

    Welcome Aboard, Adam!