Which do you prefer – Yahoo’s official logo or the winning design from our contest?

If you haven’t been basking in the sun on the beach all week, you’ve probably caught all the hullabaloo surrounding Yahoo’s introduction Wednesday of its first new logo in nearly 20 years. After the company launched its “30 days of change” campaign last month, we challenged our community of more than 240,000 graphic designers around the […]

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5 tips for beautiful mobile app design

The perfect mobile app is a delicate marriage between engineering and design, with a great user experience – leading to widespread adoption – being the longed-for progeny. Too awkward a metaphor? Well, basically, making your mobile app beautiful is a key element in compelling users to embrace it. So what do you need to consider […]

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Essential t-shirt design tips, Part 3: Getting your shirt printed

Make A Decision!

In a our first post in this series, we showed you how to create a t-shirt design to represent your brand on the (tech-free!) mobile advertising surface that is other people. Our second post gave you pointers on choosing a garment style, fabric, and ink. Now it’s time for a final tutorial that is truly […]

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99designs acquires Brazilian design marketplace (acquisition #2!) and launches 99designs.com.br

Bem vindo! Para ler nossa notícia em Português, role a tela para baixo por favor! Você fala português? If you said yes, we hope you’ll soon have a chance to connect with the newest member of the 99designs team. That’s him on the left. Brazil Country Manager Dan Strougo (left) and Patrick Llewellyn (right) Today […]

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Essential t-shirt design tips, Part 2: Unleash Your Inner Stylist


Your journey toward becoming a famous t-shirt designer – or just getting a bit of organic recognition for your business – began with our first post in this series, in which we explored the basics of creating a phenomenal design to print on your t-shirt. In a future post, we’ll prep you for the printing process. […]

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Celebrating one year of 99nonprofits!

featured image

It’s been a year since we  launched our 99nonprofits initiative, and we’re happy to say the response from the nonprofit community around the world has been tremendous. More than 300 organizations in 35 countries have applied to 99nonprofits to date, making it clear that design matters! We’re pleased to introduce you to our 18 newest participants, […]

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Essential t-shirt design tips, Part 1: How to come up with a killer design


T-shirts are more than just clothing. Since rising to popularity in the 1960s, t-shirts have been worn by everyone from children to grandmothers, rock stars to office workers. They’re effectively the new billboards – and better than the old kind, because they’re mobile, and they offer the bonus credibility of their wearer’s approval. These morsels […]

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99designs launches Swiftly to provide customers with fast, effortless graphic design fixes


We’ve been keeping a big secret under wraps for months here at 99designs –  and we’re thrilled to finally be able to spill the beans. Meet Swiftly! Swiftly  is a new website and service we’ve created to help customers get small graphic design tasks completed in a snap, and it’s part of our ongoing effort […]

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5 smart ways small business owners can use voice-overs in marketing


When you hear the term “voice-over,” the first thing that comes to mind is likely a rumbling baritone voice kicking off a movie trailer with a phrase like, “In a world where humans are fighting for survival…” But voice-overs have evolved far beyond sensational taglines for Hollywood blockbusters. The incorporation of voice-overs into marketing can […]

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This Week on Supermarket Superstar: When branding, don’t forget your roots [Episode 2 - Global Cuisine]

On the second episode of Supermarket Superstar (which you can watch here), finalists Don Chow and Lisa Barney competed to wow the judges in a global cuisine challenge. Don’s Chinese-Mexican food-truck fusion “chimales” went head to head with Lisa’s hearty Portuguese soup. 99designs’ in-house graphic design pros Kyle Lin (art director) and Matt Basham (visual […]

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