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Who wore it better? The branding trends of 2013

Another year gone by, another opportunity to examine the branding trends that surfaced — and, more fun, to point out who re-branded gracefully and who botched it. We have picked out 10 salient trends from 2013, ranging from location branding to adaptive design, and put together a series of “who wore it better” comparisons. (Yes,... Read More

December 31st By

What Facebook’s design changes mean for your business

2013 was a year full of changes for Facebook, the world’s largest social networking service. The website is often scrutinized and is under a lot of pressure to create aesthetically sound as well as intuitive new designs whenever a change is made. Fortunately, Facebook is no stranger to change and isn’t afraid of skeptics. Facebook... Read More

December 30th By

Congratulations to the winners of our 12 Days of Design Giveaway!

This holiday version of our logo was created at Swiftly, our new $15 service for quick graphic design tasks. At the beginning of December we kicked off our second annual 12 Days of Design Giveaway, offering nonprofit organizations around the world the chance to receive a free design contest in the category of their choice (a... Read More

December 30th By

10 design tips for more clickable banner ads

Banner ads are one of the most prolific forms of marketing in today’s online world. Companies of all sizes rely on this measurable and effective medium to increase brand awareness and drive sales. So let’s say that you’ve written some killer copy and  bought ad space close to the main content of a highly-trafficked webpage.... Read More

December 23rd By

How to navigate SEO in a sea of changing web design technologies

This article was co-written with Lee Penkman. Lee is a developer for 99designs and contributed the finer details of the technologies described below. You can contact him on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Trying to keep up with search engine optimization (SEO) and how it affects your website can be tricky, especially with constant changes in... Read More

December 20th By

Quick ways to share your logo’s festive flair

Have you made your holiday marketing list? Checked it twice? With Christmas and New Year’s quickly approaching, the holiday season is in full swing. Earlier this month we highlighted three ways to let your business shine, and we’re happy to report there’s still time to do just that. Customizing your logo for the holidays has... Read More

December 18th By

Holiday cards to write home about

‘Tis the season of scrambling to buy the perfect gift for loved ones, purchasing last minute travel tickets, and sending out holiday greeting cards. Though we may not be able to help with the gifts and travel arrangements, we can definitely hook you up with some festive card designs to show off to your friends... Read More

December 13th By

5 ways to give your logo the personality it deserves

Around the turn of the 20th century, the wealthy used personal calling cards as a simple way to establish social connections. The cards were understated and elegant, and were expected to express a great deal with just a name and not much more info. Logos are much the same way. A logo is the company’s... Read More

December 11th By

99nonprofits: How 18 organizations are designing a better world

2013 is coming to an end, and we’re very happy to introduce another round of 99nonprofits beneficiaries. These 18 organizations undertake critical work in communities around the world – and now have brand spanking new logos, websites, flyers and even infographics. Check them out below. Do you know a not-for-profit organization that would love to... Read More

December 9th By

Let your business shine: 3 design tips to celebrate the season

It’s that time of year, and you’re likely busy wrapping up projects before the slower end-of-year holidays – all while trying to juggle the season’s needs for both your business and your family. It can be all too easy to let things like holiday designs slip through the cracks – but don’t worry! We’ve got... Read More

December 3rd By