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4 ways seasonal design offers a calendar of possibilities

It’s no secret that our moods, our clothes and our daily routines often change with the season. And so do consumer purchasing patterns. So now might be the ideal time to look at a few simple ways you can update your website’s design to take advantage of seasonal changes. 1. Tailor the colors Design by... Read More

August 11th By

99designs announces partnership with Eventbrite to offer graphic design support to event organizers

We are thrilled to officially announce our partnership with Eventbrite! Today we’re launching integration that connects event organizers with our pool of talented graphic designers to help them make their event pages stand out through eye-catching banner designs. The partnership is powered by Swiftly, a service of 99designs, and enables event organizers to quickly and easily... Read More

August 4th By

Summer doldrums? Discover 5 ways to refresh your brand

Summer is a time when business slows and you get a chance to make some of the changes you’ve been postponing. Maybe it’s time for a full brand reboot, a quick refresher, or just a few tweaks. Whatever the pick-me-up your brand needs, summer can be the perfect time to reposition yourself to meet future... Read More

July 10th By

Entrepreneurship meets design: Your June tips from 99U

In honor of our shared number, we’re teaming up with 99U once a month to bring you some of their best articles and insights. This time around we’ve handpicked articles to inspire and help boost your professional momentum. Learn how to attract more visitors to your website, build connections, and find out the many truths about the future... Read More

June 26th By

The X Gene’s Simon Green on disrupting the film industry

Simon Green is out to change the Australian film industry, one digital short at a time. After attending film school and realizing his love for big-time movie greats, he knew there was room for disruption in the land down under. Since then, he has worked hard to build his own video agency, in the hopes of... Read More

June 24th By

Designing for navigability: 3 big wins… or epic fails

There’s a very simple and overarching principal that governs website navigability: Give visitors a reason to stay, and whatever you do, don’t give them a reason to leave. There are few more surefire ways to alienate visitors to your site than poor navigability. So when designing for ease of use, keep in mind the first-time... Read More

June 19th By

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