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Designing for navigability: 3 big wins… or epic fails

There’s a very simple and overarching principal that governs website navigability: Give visitors a reason to stay, and whatever you do, don’t give them a reason to leave. There are few more surefire ways to alienate visitors to your site than poor navigability. So when designing for ease of use, keep in mind the first-time... Read More

June 19th By

Getting the most from your app icon design

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s the little things that count.” When designing an exciting new app, of course you want to focus on the big things, like functionality and uniqueness. But what about icon design? Seems obvious enough, yet it’s a facet of app design that’s all too often given scant attention in the... Read More

June 16th By

The anatomy of an infographic

Everybody loves a pretty picture – but when it comes to showcasing more complex content, how do you keep it short and sweet? Many companies turn to infographics as a way to simplify complicated information. By replacing charts with playful visuals and only showcasing the most important data, you can tell a better story that... Read More

June 11th By

Why consistent branding is critical

Your brand is the public face of your business. Whether the primary point of contact between you and the consumer is through brick-and-mortar locations or via the web, maintenance of a consistent brand identity is essential. Conversely, weak or inconsistent branding can be disastrous. Here we’ll review the main benefits and value of consistent branding... Read More

June 2nd By

Help 99designs donate to relief efforts in the Balkans

Photo from 99designs’ Meetup trip to Serbia  If not for our community of designers in Eastern Europe, 99designs wouldn’t be what it is today. A quick glance at our site reveals just how many talented designers are located in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and the surrounding Balkans. In light of what these individuals bring... Read More

May 22nd By

Former 99er weighs in on building a company from the ground up

Our beloved former 99er, Mikey DeWildt, was working on an exciting project when he came across a roadblock — so many customer support emails to answer and so little time to develop his product! After searching for a solution to the never-ending influx of support emails, he found there was no efficient and effective one. Thus,... Read More

May 21st By

Infographic: Is your SMB on the road to mobile success?

Every minute, more and more people around the world are shopping, searching, and conducting business on the go. It’s no surprise then that this year’s National Small Business Week highlighted the theme “Making it big: Small Biz Success in a Mobile World.” But how quickly are small and medium-sized businesses reacting with mobile design, and... Read More

May 16th By

Meet PinchStudio: designer and small business owner

This week, we’re hoping that hundreds of small businesses around the United States will be posting this awesome illustration by PinchStudio in their real or virtual storefronts: PinchStudio’s poster/social media banner illustration for National Small Business Week Most of the folks who run contests on 99designs are small business owners (and many designers are, too),... Read More

May 15th By

Responsive web design – what are we talking about?

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about responsive web design as an answer to the challenges of designing for the ever-widening array of mobile communications devices. This year’s theme of National Small Business Week is “Making it big: Small Biz Success in a Mobile World,” underscoring its growing importance. But what exactly are we... Read More

May 12th By

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