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Responsive web design – what are we talking about?

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about responsive web design as an answer to the challenges of designing for the ever-widening array of mobile communications devices. This year’s theme of National Small Business Week is “Making it big: Small Biz Success in a Mobile World,” underscoring its growing importance. But what exactly are we... Read More

May 12th By

5 great ways to optimize your landing page

Your landing page is your first point of contact with nearly every potential client, whether they’re accessing your site from their laptop, tablet, or mobile device. And while the Information Age prizes many virtues, patience is not among them. That means you have only seconds to make a compelling impression before your visitor finds a... Read More

May 9th By

Let’s celebrate National Small Business Week!

At 99designs, we’re passionate about helping small businesses succeed. So while National Small Business Week 2014 officially starts next Monday (running from May 12 to 16), we thought we’d kick off the festivities a little early with free designs to help you celebrate. We partnered up with 99designer PinchStudio to create this awesome poster for you... Read More

May 7th By

Copyright vs. trademark: what’s the difference?

There’s no getting around it: when entering the arena of design you’ll need to understand intellectual property law. This is so you can protect your company’s brand identity in an age when images circulate freely around the Internet, as well as understanding what you’re signing at the handover stage of a design contest. While this... Read More

May 1st By

How great design can bring your content to life

Killer content and awesome navigability are great assets to any website. But to make that critical connection with site visitors — and to turn the casual guest into the repeat customer — your site needs compelling, eye-grabbing design. When all the elements come together, the results can be beautiful (and profitable too).  Here we’ll take... Read More

April 28th By

Twitter’s redesign: 3 ways to highlight the new you

Ah, don’t you love the ever-changing world of social media? Just when you’ve figured out how you can best represent your company on Facebook, or how to grow your brand on Pinterest, the tidal wave of change hits the Internet and it feels like you have to start all over again. Earlier this month, social... Read More

April 25th By

Design Roundup: 16 legitimate legal logos

When you have a broad audience, breaking your logo out of the classic, generic arena can be tough. Alongside dental offices and real estate companies, logos for law firms or law-related businesses tend to feature overused, generic images and concepts. One quick Google images search and you’ll see what we mean: Gavel, scale, and initials... Read More

April 23rd By

Fashion designer turned self-published author shares her journey

Donna Vernon was a fashion designer and university professor before finding her true passion: spiritual writing. Upon having this epiphany, she set out to write and publish not one, not two, but FOUR spiritual self-help books — with plans for 11 more! We sat down to chat with Donna about her decision to become a... Read More

April 21st By

Inside 99designs: How to run a successful design contest

We recently provided some advice to help you prepare for a design contest. Today’s post jumps into tips for running the contest itself, so if you still need to complete your design brief be sure to check out part one. Running a design contest includes everything you’ll do between launching your contest and taking ownership... Read More

April 18th By

Still using the same website? 6 ways to keep it current

So you’re in mid-April when you realize — despite your ambitious 2014 to-do list — you haven’t made a single update to your website in quite some time. Of course you meant to, but somehow it slipped between the work deadlines and the bills. Fortunately it’s never too late for an upgrade. Here we’ll look... Read More

April 16th By

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