How modern matchmakers mean better business


It’s Valentine’s Day, which means couples everywhere are celebrating their connections with decadent truffles, lavish bouquets and heart-shaped everything. There’s a new phenomenon of connections happening online, with entrepreneur-minded couples celebrating something else: better business. The modern matchmaker Online companies of all types are now playing the role of matchmaker. First, there’s the obvious ones […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Team Swiftly


The countdown to Valentine’s Day is officially on! If you’re stuck on how to tell someone how much they mean to you, why not let a custom design say it for you? Our friends at Swifty are loving all the possibilities, as you can see below. They can help you create a hilarious meme to […]

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What is branding, anyway?

Well-Known World Brand Logotypes

Branding. Coca-Cola does it, of course. Entire countries do it. Wedding planners too. And if you’ve got a logo, you do it. Right? Wait a sec. What is branding, anyway? How is it different from your logo? What about your identity? And how does that all differ from marketing? With so many terms being used […]

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Think boardrooms are boring? Our Melbourne mural will change your mind


Okay, we admit it. We have an office crush. Yep, we’re in love with our new office mural. In late November 2013, the 99designs team in Melbourne moved to a brand-spanking new office in the inner-city suburb of Richmond. With a large open-plan space, it’s housed in a converted four-story warehouse building that can easily […]

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Build a stand-out brand by communicating with color


We’ve long been told that color influences our mental state. This science of color as a result, has been used by many marketers to determine how to best apply color to branding. A color palette is one of the most significant parts of a logo design or branding scheme, and choosing the right one will help you convey […]

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4 business resolutions you can keep


Resolutions — each New Year we make them. But when it comes to optimizing your small or medium-sized business, the hectic demands of day-to-day operations often mean that the most reasoned and well-intentioned resolutions take second stage. And let’s face it, we’re a month into 2014 and we probably abandoned most resolutions altogether. Here we’ll […]

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5 SMB marketing priorities to get ahead in 2014


With January coming to a close, marketers around the world are scurrying to wrap up their plans for the new year. It’s time to forget about those marketing mishaps from last year and focus on the success ahead. So, what should marketers prioritize in 2014? These 5 small business marketing tips should help you to […]

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15 descriptive design words you should know


Designers tend to pride themselves on being “visually oriented” — and rightly so. That need not mean that you can’t describe your wishes, however. Being able to verbally describe your work to a designer throughout the feedback process is an indispensable skill. Here we’ve come up with fifteen very useful, high-level design words that any […]

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Ready to start a new business? These 5 steps will get you on your way!


So you’re ready to take the leap and start your own business. In today’s economic environment, the opportunities for small businesses are abundant, but so are the risks. Here we’ll take a look at five simple tips to start a new business that you can take now and will help reduce those risks and increase […]

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4 design predictions for 2014


Boy, was 2013 a fun year for branding nerds. From art museums to operating systems, we saw some truly bold and risky design moves – some of which paid off, others of which crashed and burned at an epic scale. Looking at the trends that gained traction in 2013 also gives us an idea of […]

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