Inside 99designs: How to run a successful design contest


We recently provided some advice to help you prepare for a design contest. Today’s post jumps into tips for running the contest itself, so if you still need to complete your design brief be sure to check out part one. Running a design contest includes everything you’ll do between launching your contest and taking ownership […]

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Still using the same website? 6 ways to keep it current


So you’re in mid-April when you realize — despite your ambitious 2014 to-do list — you haven’t made a single update to your website in quite some time. Of course you meant to, but somehow it slipped between the work deadlines and the bills. Fortunately it’s never too late for an upgrade. Here we’ll look […]

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Inside 99designs: How to best prepare for a graphic design contest


The more effort you put into anything in life, the better the results tend to be. Running a graphic design contest on 99designs is no different. When running a design contest you’re essentially taking on the role of Creative Director, so it’s important to be prepared to offer the direction and guidance your designers will […]

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How to collaborate with a designer on 1-to-1 projects


One of the best outcomes of running a contest is finding an awesome designer who you’ll be able to turn to for all of your future projects. We just so happen to have a 1-to-1 projects platform to help you collaborate in just this manner. The results tend to be glorious – especially if you […]

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Top 5 unusual logos, placements, or promos


Design in advertising is a big tent that embraces a wide range of looks, campaigns, and approaches — from the conservative to the bizarre. Catching and holding a viewer’s interest involves not only the creation of a memorable, eye-grabbing design, but also the timing and context in which viewers will be most receptive to its […]

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Create a simple marketing plan in 6 steps


“Plan” is a daunting word. Those four little letters are brimming with process, commitment and responsibility. It’s no wonder, then, that many small businesses go without a plan when it comes to marketing. You may think creating a marketing plan is one of those tasks best left to the pros, and you simply don’t have […]

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Struggling with time management? There’s an app for that.


Until someone invents a 30-hour day, busy professionals will be faced with the challenges of managing their time to maximize their productivity. Fortunately, there are several useful time management apps that have taken up the battle for you. The trick is finding the one that best suits your needs. Here we’ll take a look at […]

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How to create a simple brand style guide

Project Info -CHARLENE

When it comes to branding, consistency is key. From customer service interactions all the way down to Twitter avatars; consistency breeds familiarity. And that means stronger connections to your brand. The easiest way to keep things visually consistent, especially as your business grows, is through a brand style guide. Sure, some style guides can rival […]

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Turning rebranding failures into teachable moments


Let’s face it, rebranding is a big risk. It’s a risk that companies take for one of several reasons — either they are moving in a bold new direction (Verizon quite successfully cut its umbilicus to Ma Bell as it moved into the 21st century), or they are trying to shed a negative association with […]

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Beer label infographic: 3 ingredients for a design that hops off the shelf


The craft brewing industry is booming, and with no signs of slowing down, we decided to help your beer stand out from the colorful crowd. Check out our newest infographic highlighting three key ingredients that brewers (and home-brewing aficionados alike!) should keep in mind when crafting that perfect label.   Design by mnoriega  Cheers!   […]

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