From unusual accomodations to rarely seen destinations – these 5 travel websites are a must-see


Summer is a time to explore – new places, new cultures, and new ideas. In the spirit of summer, we’ll take a look at five of the most interesting travel sites on the web. Some were chosen because of their content, others because of their design, but all are a must for this season’s summer […]

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Summer doldrums? Discover 5 ways to refresh your brand


Summer is a time when business slows and you get a chance to make some of the changes you’ve been postponing. Maybe it’s time for a full brand reboot, a quick refresher, or just a few tweaks. Whatever the pick-me-up your brand needs, summer can be the perfect time to reposition yourself to meet future […]

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Designing for today’s rolling restaurants: A conversation with Simon Williams of “White Guy Cooks Thai”


We’ve all seen them. Today’s food trucks offer everything from breakfast burritos to gourmet cupcakes. But have you ever thought about what goes into successful design for a restaurant on wheels?  We spoke with Simon Williams — owner and proprietor of “White Guy Cooks Thai,” a successful mobile dining enterprise in Australia — and got […]

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Entrepreneurship meets design: Your June tips from 99U


In honor of our shared number, we’re teaming up with 99U once a month to bring you some of their best articles and insights. This time around we’ve handpicked articles to inspire and help boost your professional momentum. Learn how to attract more visitors to your website, build connections, and find out the many truths about the future […]

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Designing for navigability: 3 big wins… or epic fails


There’s a very simple and overarching principal that governs website navigability: Give visitors a reason to stay, and whatever you do, don’t give them a reason to leave. There are few more surefire ways to alienate visitors to your site than poor navigability. So when designing for ease of use, keep in mind the first-time […]

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Getting the most from your app icon design


We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s the little things that count.” When designing an exciting new app, of course you want to focus on the big things, like functionality and uniqueness. But what about icon design? Seems obvious enough, yet it’s a facet of app design that’s all too often given scant attention in the […]

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Why consistent branding is critical


Your brand is the public face of your business. Whether the primary point of contact between you and the consumer is through brick-and-mortar locations or via the web, maintenance of a consistent brand identity is essential. Conversely, weak or inconsistent branding can be disastrous. Here we’ll review the main benefits and value of consistent branding […]

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Infographic: Is your SMB on the road to mobile success?


Every minute, more and more people around the world are shopping, searching, and conducting business on the go. It’s no surprise then that this year’s National Small Business Week highlighted the theme “Making it big: Small Biz Success in a Mobile World.” But how quickly are small and medium-sized businesses reacting with mobile design, and […]

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Responsive web design – what are we talking about?


There’s been a lot of buzz lately about responsive web design as an answer to the challenges of designing for the ever-widening array of mobile communications devices. This year’s theme of National Small Business Week is “Making it big: Small Biz Success in a Mobile World,” underscoring its growing importance. But what exactly are we […]

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5 great ways to optimize your landing page


Your landing page is your first point of contact with nearly every potential client, whether they’re accessing your site from their laptop, tablet, or mobile device. And while the Information Age prizes many virtues, patience is not among them. That means you have only seconds to make a compelling impression before your visitor finds a […]

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