4 ways a podcast can increase brand visibility

Podcasting has become one of the most powerful marketing tools available for businesses in every niche. Not only does podcasting give you yet another medium to grow your audience, it can also help you gain credibility and authority in your niche, intimately connect with your listeners, and deliver targeted, on-demand content worldwide. What do all... Read More

October 29th By

The ins and outs of mobile marketing

The power of the mobile marketplace is undeniable, with recent estimates placing the number of users accessing the Internet primarily from their smartphone or tablet at 70%. That number is expected to reach 90% by 2016, as worldwide mobile use grows. The mobile revolution’s impact on design is multifold — inspiring those working on mobile... Read More

October 24th By

Cascading style sheets (CSS) and the shaping of dynamic design

Many of us can remember a time when the typical web page resembled a poster publicizing a high school dance. No banners, no sidebars and certainly no flash. When a designer wanted to grab your attention they used red type on a blue background, which resulted in more migraines than anything else. Thankfully, web design... Read More

October 21st By

Why so many logos get the blues

If you look at some of the most successful logo designs and branding campaigns in the world today, you may get the blues. No, not the deep abiding sadness that makes you want to play the harmonica. But the many shades of blue that seem to find their way into so many logos in the... Read More

October 10th By

Infographic: Increase engagement with a Facebook cover redesign

At 99designs we understand the importance of good design, but businesses often can’t justify it in their budget. We set out to put some numbers behind the importance of good design for social media pages, specifically Facebook covers. The Facebook cover design infographic below presents the findings of our survey to businesses who use social... Read More

October 3rd By

Speaking design: How to communicate with your designer

How many times have we all tried to speak specifically and intelligently but lacked the proper lingo? For example, telling your mechanic that the “thingy” in the engine is broken probably isn’t too helpful. It’s very similar when communicating with designers. The more specific you can be about your requests, the better the chances they... Read More

September 30th By

5 pro-tips for launching your brand internationally

“Think globally.” The phrase has become a banner headline for marketers in the information age. But before you launch your brand internationally there are some key issues to consider. Here we’ll review some of the essentials to remember when taking your brand to the next level. 1. Do Your Homework When considering potential markets, don’t... Read More

September 5th By

Summer doldrums? Discover 5 ways to refresh your brand

Summer is a time when business slows and you get a chance to make some of the changes you’ve been postponing. Maybe it’s time for a full brand reboot, a quick refresher, or just a few tweaks. Whatever the pick-me-up your brand needs, summer can be the perfect time to reposition yourself to meet future... Read More

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