This trio hopes to make your workouts a whole lot easier with FitMix

Mark, Paul & Julie

If you’ve attended a fitness class, you know that the music played during the class is a crucial element to the quality of your workout. It’s the extra oomph you need to keep at it when your muscles ache and your body wants to stop. Mark, Julie & Paul have devoted their business FitMix to […]

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Designing for today’s rolling restaurants: A conversation with Simon Williams of “White Guy Cooks Thai”


We’ve all seen them. Today’s food trucks offer everything from breakfast burritos to gourmet cupcakes. But have you ever thought about what goes into successful design for a restaurant on wheels?  We spoke with Simon Williams — owner and proprietor of “White Guy Cooks Thai,” a successful mobile dining enterprise in Australia — and got […]

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The X Gene’s Simon Green on disrupting the film industry

IMG_20130319_160325 copy

Simon Green is out to change the Australian film industry, one digital short at a time. After attending film school and realizing his love for big-time movie greats, he knew there was room for disruption in the land down under. Since then, he has worked hard to build his own video agency, in the hopes of […]

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Former 99er weighs in on building a company from the ground up


Our beloved former 99er, Mikey DeWildt, was working on an exciting project when he came across a roadblock — so many customer support emails to answer and so little time to develop his product! After searching for a solution to the never-ending influx of support emails, he found there was no efficient and effective one. Thus, […]

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Fashion designer turned self-published author shares her journey


Donna Vernon was a fashion designer and university professor before finding her true passion: spiritual writing. Upon having this epiphany, she set out to write and publish not one, not two, but FOUR spiritual self-help books — with plans for 11 more! We sat down to chat with Donna about her decision to become a […]

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99nonprofits: How 18 organizations are designing a better world


2013 is coming to an end, and we’re very happy to introduce another round of 99nonprofits beneficiaries. These 18 organizations undertake critical work in communities around the world – and now have brand spanking new logos, websites, flyers and even infographics. Check them out below. Do you know a not-for-profit organization that would love to […]

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Why Not Girl! Get Inspired by Lauren Herpich’s story


Lauren McCabe Herpich was approaching her 30th birthday when she began to reflect on what made her the woman she is today. Upon realizing it was a number of life experiences and adventures — rather than material possessions or job titles — that made her the happiest, she began to search for a community of […]

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Reppin’ Dallas: OutlineTheSky brings hometown pride to t-shirt design


While enjoying an afternoon at Katy Trail Ice House, a Dallas beer garden, 26-year-old Palmer Dean uncovered a gap in the t-shirt market. Looking around he saw people who looked like visitors, wearing undistinguished mainstream brands with distracting logos. Being native to Dallas, Palmer felt he should do something to bring back hometown pride and […]

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KLASSY Toffee talks growing a business – and giving back

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 3.26.44 PM

Dedication, passion and pride: three key ingredients of a great entrepreneur – or, as the case may be, soldier. Nobody knows this sweet combination better than 26 year-old Ryan Klassy from Aurora, Colorado. At the age of 22, Ryan founded KLASSY Toffee during late nights after 10-12 hour workdays on a Colorado Air Force Base. […]

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Today’s WOD: 5 tips to get your CrossFit logo design in peak condition


These days, almost everyone has some kind of workout routine they use to stay (or get) in shape. It can be pretty exciting to find yourself slimming down, building strength, and maximizing endurance. In a very inspiring move, many folks who have walked (or ran, or swam, or biked) this path chose to become fitness […]

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