5 types of brochure design and what to include in each

Not all marketing activity is as easy to measure as email, SEM and direct mail. Sometimes you need to trust your experience over the security of metrics. One of these difficult-to-measure activities is  a well-designed brochure to help promote your company and its products. Not only is it difficult to prove the value of a... Read More

September 3rd By

The recipe for a perfect logo

While there is no exact formula for the perfect logo, there are certain “ingredients” that can be explored and utilized in the creative process. This article looks at several successful examples and talks about how these “ingredients” are represented within. 1. It reads like a logo Logo Design: Saul Bass Certain logos just simply look like logos.... Read More

September 1st By

Take a peek at the winner of our Deez Nuts Community Contest!

We’ve wrapped up our wildly fun Community Contest for US Presidential Candidate Deez Nuts‘ campaign logo. This mysterious person (who turned out to be a 15-year-old named Brady Olson) gave the country a good laugh when he was reportedly polling at 9% in North Carolina, 8% in Minnesota, and 7% in Iowa, making him one of the top ranked candidates. With such rankings, we... Read More

August 28th By

Introducing August’s Top 9 at 99!

While others may be enjoying a warm, lazy Summer – our 99designs community has been hard at work this month! From spacy website designs to eye-catching skateboards, our designers’ diverse styles never cease to amaze us. Scroll down and place a vote for your favorite design below. The designer with the most votes will get a special prize!

August 24th By

Is a dynamic logo right for your business?

A dynamic logo, as opposed to a static logo, changes form depending on context (think Google’s timely tweaks). While certain aspects of dynamic logos stay constant, designers have a lot of freedom to explore variations of color, shape, and presentation. Dynamic logo for Coalition for Engaged Education  Many companies love dynamic logos for their versatility... Read More

August 18th By

Did you know? We do way more than just logo design

99designs has an ongoing mission of connecting SMB’s with graphic designers from all over the word to kickstart their brands. This often comes in the form of logo design. We want to let you know that we’ve gone way further to help small businesses extend your brand. If you already have a logo, or are looking... Read More

August 14th By

Give your business a face with a mascot design

Whether you’re a well established brand like Cheetohs or a startup trying to get its foot in the door, one thing is for sure – company mascots can make a long-standing impression on consumers if done right. The cereal industry discovered the power of impressionable mascot design long ago. Everyone knows which cereals Tony the Tiger,... Read More

August 11th By

Venus vs. Mars: The marketing edition

Do men and women look at a logo design differently? What’s important to each gender when they are getting ready to start their respective businesses? Understanding gender differences in branding is important when marketing your services. See what our survey results revealed!   Infographic design by Mushla

August 6th By

File types cheat sheet: Know what to use and when to use it

Have you ever been confused about which file types to request for different design projects? Or which file types are best to provide to a printer? We know how it feels. The wrong file type can make something that should be an exciting experience – getting an awesome design for your business – a total nightmare. The last thing you... Read More

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