Just a handful of the 200,000 reasons we have to celebrate today! [slideshow]


We hosted our 200,000th contest today! It goes without saying that 99designs never could have reached this milestone in five short years without all of the fantastic entrepreneurs, businesses and other organizations around the world who came to us to connect with members of our remarkable design community. (Incidentally, we recently surpassed 200,000 designers in our community – seems to be a lucky number for us these days!)

We send a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you! And we invite you to view our slideshow below for a glimpse into our diverse (and clearly a lot of fun) community of customers and the professional dreams they’ve made a reality. We’re nothing short of inspired by their accomplishments, and think you will be, too.

[slideshow_deploy id=’5531′]

Note: Hover your mouse above each image to hear from the customer featured, and click through at your own pace using the white arrows on the far right and left sides of the screen. Clicking on each image itself will take you directly to the customer’s website.

Of course, we’d like to give a big shout out to our designers, too! Below, in alphabetical order, are the customers who participated in our slideshow celebration along with the user names and links to the profiles of the designers who won their contests. One of the coolest parts of watching 99designs grow is witnessing relationships between our customers and designers blossom and endure – and we can’t wait to witness 200,000 more of them!

Bad Girl’s Bible (Designer: hirschy531)
Battlefield Sports (Designer: mVb)
Becksercise (Designer: YosNy)
ConleyGlobal (Designer: Fidesigns)
Cryogenic Studios (Designer: dedovart)
Dover Brewing Company (Designer Milovanić™)
English Edits (Designer: Valentinoafb)
FirstPoint (Designer: Logosquare)
Flamingo Divers (Designer: junn90)
Freerangestartups (Designer: Neilko73)
Geistreich78 (Designer: eliquid design)
ICE Accelerate (Designer: s@e)
Inbound Authority (Designer: Lumina)
Inspirata (Designer: haa™)
Jeff Miller Consulting (Designer: NataliaBCB)
Me Too (Author Tim Cusack) (Designer: bambungsuwung)
Nabee Socks (Designer: alvalva)
Nameless (Author Joe Conlan) (Designer: PINTADO
Orange Antelopes (Designer: Dito16)
PrivacyProtector (Designer: #pratama)
SF Kids Consignment (Designer: Loveshugah)
Skating Designs by KD (Designer: wernautama)
Snapsterprint (Designer: HD_Art™)
spoonacular (Logo design by: danytzili)
The Universe Wide Web (Author Simon Morley) (Designer: line14)
Trip Debate (Designer: DOnCO)
Twin City Trapeze (Designer: Shazi)
Wash.io (Designer: A d i t y a ©)
WebbROI (Designer: pacifista)
White Guy Cooks Thai (Designer: The gonz)
Work Wiser International (Designer: N.I.C.E.)
Worldadcom (Designer: demiara86)
Zoraab (Designer: Andromeda)


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