Wordpress Theme for MEP Martin Ehrenhauser

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Wordpress Theme for MEP Martin Ehrenhauser


Member of European Parliament needs blog design with flickr and twitter integration

Background information


target audience groups: - his voters - political bloggers in Austria and Brussels - other MEPs and their assistants - journalists in Austria and Brussels - NGOs

Brand Name

Martin Ehrenhauser

Brief Summary

Martin Ehrenhauser is a young and independent Member of the European Parliament from Austria. http://www.ehrenhauser.at

Content details


Key design element in the election campaign was a billboard you can find here: http://www.campaigns2009.eu/werbung…ite_1_.jpg please don't use exactly this typo and color but there should be a lot of white with bordeaux red and grey elements used for the website as well. colors: - bg: white - bordeaux red, grey - text: black/grey (maybe some red elements) key elements on the startpage: 1. switch english/german (if you use flags, please use austria for german language and UK for english. or mashup the german/austrian and the uk/usa flags...) 2. header we like the idea of many pics put into a photo collage - be inspired by the header you can find at http://fzh34.w4yserver.at/img/header2.jpg http://www.ehrenhauser.at/images/me2.jpg http://www.ehrenhauser.at/images/me1.jpg and more here: http://fzh34.w4yserver.at/img/smallpics.zip (use these and some sample images we can change later) 3. horizontal navigation Blog, About me, Parliament, Issues, Interactive, Media, Contact we also need a submenu for some of the points 4. left column: blog 5. right column: sidebar a) flickr photostream b) twitter integration c) tagcloud d) some headlines of press releases e) blogroll/links f) newsletter form g) search form 6. footer copyright, imprint your ideas (maybe sitemap...) The blog should be optimized for a resultion of at least 1024x768 (not just 800x600). We need the theme as layered PSD file.

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