Rock'n' Roll Leadership

Thomas Geuken picked a winning design in their custom wordpress themes contest. For just $723 they received 36 designs from 6 designers.

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Runner-up design by Justin Wohler
Runner-up design by HPGuevara
Runner-up design by DudeS

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Rock'n' Roll Leadership


Leadership with edge and nerve - bring your business to life

Background information


Target is all business. Small and larger companies who wants to be more future-oriented, edgy & trendy. our entry is ofte HR dep. Our services are keynote speaks, leadership seminars and workshops.

Brand Name


Brief Summary

we are organizational psychologist and futurists. we operate from copenhagen and work mostly in northen europe. we have written a book about rock'n' roll leadership that is going to be published in august - in that regard we need a site to promote the book and the projects that is connected to the book and its idea. therefor the site has to have a combination of 2 attitudes 1- rock'n' roll 2- business. the uniqe, free and lifeful attitude of rock and bussiness attitude of a good energetic leader... we design and implement new and unconventional leadership styles and organization setups.

Content details


the site has to be stylish business (red and black fonts), white background, in spirit of rock'n' roll; future oriented and laboratory feel. The front page has to be image driven (strong visuals)/Little text. for inspiration look at: Front page 7 under pages w/ video presentations/a little text and images Very visual oriented. No cartoons or funny stuff thanx.

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