apparel design for A.N.T.

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apparel design for A.N.T.


We are not a business

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We are not a business. My best firend of 30years is getting married, we are taking him to vegas and we would like to design a crest/logo for the trip.


Bar & Nightclub

Content details


I have no creative ability and need help! I have been charged with designing the "team wear" for our stag party. We have agreed that we would like the design to represent the man, the party and his impending demise...I mean marriage! We would like to use the design as a crest for a hat or for the backside of a polo shirt. We would like to see some of the following elements:

Noorani(groom's last name), soccer, wedding stuff, ball and chain, walking cane, music/music notes,cheese, vodka, calculator, the fresh prince of bel air, champ, A.N.T.,

The items listed above are not required to be in the design but will help personalize to our groom. We are very open to a creative approach and the winning design may not include the above items. We would like to have something to wear as a group that is not going to embarass the groom but catch a few eyes. Intricate crest work would be nice to see. His favortie hockey team is the LA Kings so the design could be similiar to one of their logos and color schemes.

I will be checking regularly and I am more than willing to communicate and work with artists as the site will allow.

Thanks in advance!

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