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By Zoltan2
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Congratulations to the winner, Spundtom!

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Design brief

Organization name


Description of business

this is about internet user segmentation method (who, when, how, what, etc. is doing) ...
... and its visual representation in 3D
(The application can do 3D representation in red/cyan, active polar shutter etc, but the screnshots are taken in non-3D mode for simplicity)

please see the screenshots

Regarding a question on red/cyan:

This is a 3D technology, where the PC creates 2 versions of the same picture. Viewing it with 3D glasses, it creates the 3D effect.
The 3D glasses is one lens red (left eye) and the other is cyan (right eye).

added a picture on red/cyan glasses

The color preference is "heatmap colors" - added more screenshots on the preferred colors.

Organization industry




icon for the application (of the screenshot were taken) Win, Mac, Andoid, IPhone icon

the icon shall impulsively remind the 3D visualization method of the application

NEWSGMENT.COM is registered to me (not working)

also the icon shall be sufficient for trade mark registration

Further requirements

Target audience of the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of mobile telecom companies, the likes of T-Mobile, Vodafone, AT&T, Sprint, SingTel, NTT DoCoMo.
Their age is 35+
Gender: mainly male, but business women are not rare either, their Education: is extremely high, Masters', Mareting Communication, MBA
Interst: innovative ideas how to monetize on over the top traffic, earn money.
Behavior: high flyer, these are the people travelling on fist class.
Values: they value creativity the most.

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