Get CREATIVE - Make Fun Illustrations of Household Items

aaronrg picked a winning design in their button or icon contest. For just $423 they received 41 designs from 11 designers.

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Get CREATIVE - Make Fun Illustrations of Household Items


Got illustration skillz? This contest is to select talent for a much larger job!

Background information


We're building an innovative web based experience for homeowners to learn about energy related topics. So we're shooting for United States based homeowners, likely in their 30's, 40's, 50's and maybe even 60's. The homeowners visiting our site care about energy and money saving, making their homes more comfortable, figuring out remodeling projects and generally just being smart about home energy use.

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Brief Summary

We're a fun web based service that helps homeowners enjoy cozy and energy efficient homes. Our mascot is a cute little dinosaur :) Check us out at This is actually our fourth contest on 99Designs, but we're using a couple of different accounts.

Content details


For the experience we want to create, we need about 80 illustrations of household energy related items like windows, insulation, ducts, refrigerators and the like. For this contest, we'd like to get a few illustrations done to identify someone to work with for the full job. To win, you must also be available to work in December/January on the rest of the job which will be much more valuable then this contest. Specifically the task is: * Produce illustrations of the 6 items listed below (grouped into 2 sets) * The images should each look really nice at 140x90 pixels * They should all have the same overall look/feel * Within each set, pay attention to the key differences. Each image in the set should use consistent ideas, but the distinctions between them should be really, really clear. Ask for clarification if something doesn't make sense. * Use simple, but fun and creative imagery. Remember these are small images, so simplicity is key! The list of items to illustrate: First Set: 1. Old refrigerator with 'side by side' doors (e.g. freezer on left, frige on right) 2. Old refrigerator with the freezer on top 3. Shiny, wonderful and new freezer with freezer on top Second Set: 4. Windows that are highly shaded (think curtains, trees blocking sun, etc) 5. Windows that are somewhat shaded (think simple blinds) 6. Windows that are bare and have no shade

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