Buttons and icons wanted for Healthcare Mobile App

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Buttons and icons wanted for Healthcare Mobile App


We have created a mobile application to store your health and wellness information. We need new buttons and icons to make our a

Background information

Organization name

My Wellness Journal

Description of the organization and its target audience

We have created a mobile application to store your health and wellness information in an easy to access format. We are attempting to streamline the consumer portion of e-health records and allow the user to take charge or their health information. Rather than carrying files and sticky notes to the doctor, use our app to keep track of all of your information.


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Content details


We are looking for a full set of icons and buttons for our mobile app and our website. We currently have a placeholders, but they don't do the app justice.

For the website we need icons similar to the app store icon look to call out our features. Looking for the rounded corner square icons that represent each of the features: Calendar, Contacts, Cloud Storage, Sync, Files, Photos, Hospital, Medication, Vaccinations, Multi-Person, Health Records, Print, Email and Notes. The style should be simple outline type icons, not cartoonish. We are debating whether to have just white background with the icon drawn in a dark grayish color and a dark border or doing a color background with the icon drawn in white. Please provide both and provide a color palette that compliments our app colors. (See attached file for images.) The images need to be scalable and look sharp at small scale or as large as 512x512. PSD file with layers please.

For the mobile app we need a number of icons/buttons that are used by the user to promote an action. I am not sure whether an icon or a button with a text is better for each item, but am open to suggestions. They just have to be very user friendly and intuitive. (See attached file for the sample pages where each icon/button will live.) Buttons/Icons that are needed: Add A Contact, Import From Another Contact, Copy From Another Profile, Email, Print, Save and Add New.

In the mobile app we have a section where there are icons that represent the profiles of users. Currently they are all the same color but we would like to expand our options and create 6 icons: Elderly Male, Elderly Female, Adult Male, Adult Female, Child Male, Child Female. I want to stay with the same silhouette look that we currently have, just expand the colors and add the addition of elderly adults.

For the mobile app we are looking for a new standard for our buttons that will include color and font standards. This will allow us to build buttons as needed. Currently we are struggling with the font being able to be easily read on buttons.

For the mobile app we need navigation icons for the bottom navigation tray. Icons include: Home, Profiles, Calendar and Notes.

The attached document will give you a better sense of what I have written above.

Please use your imagination and creativity, but I tend to like things that are simple and clean in design. The core user of the app will be female heads of the household that are in charge of the families medical records and fairly tech savvy. Medical professionals will also be utilizing and promoting the app.

Not looking for just stock icons that you see everywhere. Want icons and buttons that are familiar and easily understood. Want people to walk away feeling like this is a very professional, classy application.

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